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Rockin' the joint with punk, r&b, garage, rockabilly, soul & jazz.

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Friday, March 22, 2019 - 12:30pm to 3:00pm

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12:53pm zephyrs - "there's something about you" - planet beat (big beat)
12:51pm bobby sheen - "dr. love" - on the soul side (kent)
12:47pm barbara dane - "it isn't nice" - hot jazz, cool blues and hard-hitting songs (smithsonian folkways)
12:42pm wau y los arrrghs - "maldita" - el mananero (slovenly)
12:40pm electric mess - "no one gets out alive" - the beast is you (sound flat)
12:38pm juliette seizure and the tremor-dolls - "be my fred cole" - seizure salad (off the hip)
12:35pm countdown 5 - "shaka shaka na na" - complete recordings 1965-1969 (gear fab)
12:32pm soleil - "theme of soleil" - my name is soleil (victor)
2:57pm lindsay beaver - "you hurt me" - tough as love (alligator)
2:51pm redd kross - "linda blair '84" - teen babes from monsanto (merge)
2:48pm death - "freakin' out" - for the whole world to see (drag city)
2:45pm nikki hill - "just can't trust you" - feline roots (deep fryed)
2:42pm general crook - "gimme some" - funk 7 (goldmine soul supply)
2:39pm charles bradley - "stay away" - black velvet (dunham)
2:37pm little margie - "yes it's you" - toast of the coast (ace)
2:34pm little esther phillips - "i'm a bad bad girl" - midnight at the barrelhouse (jsp)
2:30pm sick thoughts - "headache" - sick thoughts (goner)
2:27pm nervous eaters - "on the avenue" - eaterville (penniman)
2:24pm luis and the wildfires - "wild in the head" - brain jail (norton)
2:22pm ray campi - "my screamin' screamin' mimi" - the domino records story (ace)
2:19pm whateverglades - "what'd i ever do to you" - knock knock (no egrets)
2:17pm ginny carter - "seven lonely days" - get with the beat (ryko)
2:14pm carl perkins - "drink up and go home" - drink up and go home (avi)
2:09pm toy love - "sheep" - cuts (flying nun)
2:06pm bittersweets - "anything from you" - second thoughts (wizzard in vinyl)
2:03pm bad sports - "don't deserve love" - constant stimulation (dirtnap)
2:00pm jags - "back of my hand (i've got your number)" - d.i.y. starry eyes (rhino)
1:57pm eric carmen - "that's rock n roll" - eric carmen (arista)
1:54pm tawney reed - "you can't take it away" - the breakaways : that's how it goes (castle Face)
1:51pm brooks o'dell - "you better make up your mind" - kent's cellar of soul (kent)
1:43pm mary's kids - "lost" - destroy (bootleg booze)
1:41pm carbonas - "(your love is) inside out" - your moral superior (goner)
1:39pm long john hunter - "ride with me baby" - ooh wee pretty baby (norton)
1:37pm lloyd price - "i'm glad, glad" - lawdy (specialty)
1:26pm love sculpture - "sabre dance" - forms and feelings (emi Records)
2:56pm hillstomp - "angels" - monster receiver (fluff and gravy)
2:50pm usha uthup - "one two cha cha cha" - in flight (deram)
2:44pm dils - "red rockers" - made in canada (rogelletti)
2:41pm brutalists - "you got it" - the brutalists (cleopatra)
2:38pm members - "soho a go go" - at the chelsea nightclub (virgin)
2:35pm graham parker and the rumour - "problem child" - stick to me (mercury)
2:32pm jr. thomas and the volcanos - "phony ones" - rockstone (colemine)
2:30pm ken boothe - "ain't no sunshine" - best of ken boothe (trojan)
2:25pm sick thoughts - "dark outside" - sick thoughts (goner)
2:22pm sonny vincent - "jelly roll agenda" - bizarro hymns (still unbeatable)
2:20pm tico and the triumphs - "motorcycle" - paul simon and art garfunkel : two teenagers (jasmine)
2:18pm liverpool scene - "bat poem" - the amazing adventures of... (esoteric Records)
2:15pm jan and dean - "batman" - the complete liberty singles (collectors choice)
2:13pm burt ward - "boy wonder i love you" - the boy wonder recording sessions (burt ward)
2:10pm sparks - "something for the girl with everything" - propaganda (island)