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Rockin' the joint with punk, r&b, garage, rockabilly, soul & jazz.

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Friday, June 28, 2019 - 12:30pm to 3:00pm

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12:22pm jackie trent - "send her away" - where are you now my love (castle )
12:20pm millie small - "sweet william" - my boy lollipop (universal)
12:18pm joy lovejoy - "in orbit" - wigan casino (spectrum)
12:15pm the 50 kaitenz - "surfin' girl" - no bikkuri! (warner music japan)
12:12pm the visitors - "let's have some fun" - the visitors (citadel)
12:10pm the rivieras - "let's have a party" - california sun (norton)
12:08pm tommy martin - "hootchie coochie" - you better believe it (panic)
12:05pm the cadets - "let's rock and roll" - stranded in the jungle (ace)
12:02pm red prysock - "what's the word? thunderbird!" - the best of red prysock (avi)
2:57pm the jackets - "floating alice" - queen of the pill (voodoo rhythm)
2:54pm the lovemasters - "mr. white" - pusherman of love (sir aquarius)
2:52pm johnny "guitar" watson - "the bear" - dj andy smith's jam up twist (bgp)
2:49pm lifters - "plane" - are you ready for the good life? (uh huh)
2:47pm target 13 - "rodney on the roq" - rodney on the roq voll. 2 (posh boy)
2:44pm the fleshtones - "remember the ramones" - bite of my soul (yep roc)
2:42pm the darts - "break your mind" - i like you but not like that (alternatie tentacles)
2:39pm the kinks - "i need you" - kingdom (rhino)
2:36pm carl perkins - "pink pedal pushers" - restless : the columbia recordings (columbia)
2:34pm ike turner - "box top" - 1958-1959 (flyright)
2:29pm bat - "love song" - bat music for bat people (cleopatra)
2:26pm the damned - "anti-pope" - machine gun etiquette (emergo)
2:24pm dead men walking - "damned damned damned" - easy piracy (slimstyle)
2:22pm pearl harbor and the explosions - "black slacks" - pearl harbor and the explosions (blixa sounds)
2:16pm dewey phillips - "excerpt from 1952 radio broadcast" - red hot & blue (memphis archives)
2:14pm billy boy arnold - "rockinitis" - crying and pleading (charly)
2:12pm daddy long legs - "glad rag ball" - lowdown ways (yep roc)
2:06pm gerard depardieu - "la p'tite agathe" - bingo : french punk exploitation 1978-1981 (born bad)
2:04pm les sans culottes - "allo allo (hello i love you)" - fixation orale (aero)
2:01pm les breastfeeders - "funny funiculaire" - les matins de grands soirs (blow the fuse)
1:59pm operation s - "the day the world turned day glo" - operation s (broken rekids)
1:57pm donna blue - "1-2-3 (une, deux, trois)" - 1-2-3 (une, deux, trois) (snowstar)
1:55pm petula clark - "si tu prenais le temps (a sign of the times)" - en vogue (castle)
1:52pm corinne marchand - "la belle putain" - la cinema de michel legrand - nouvelle vague (universal)
1:49pm meow meow and thomas lauderdale - "sans toi" - hotel amour (heinz)
1:42pm lolita no. 18 - "saraba, seishun no setsuna" - i won't give up (benten)
1:39pm toy dolls - "dig that groove baby" - dig that groove baby (volume)
1:37pm the heiz - "sixteen reasons" - pronounced de heiz (squid pro quo)
1:34pm ronnie frost - "new york city (twist)" - johnny rivers/ronnie frost (guest star)
1:32pm "june bug" bailey - "louisiana twist" - shreveport stomp (ace)
1:30pm the flintstones - "bedrock twitch" - hanna-barbera's pic-a-nic basket vol. 3 (rhino)
1:28pm margarita sierra - "cha cha twist" - chicas : spanish female singers 1962-1974 (vampi soul)
1:25pm freddy king & lulu reed - "do the president twist" - boy-girl-boy (king Creative)
1:15pm blanch carter - "halos are for angels" - up all night (charly)
1:12pm twin temple - "sex magick" - bring you their signature sound...satanic doo-wop (s/r)
1:08pm zukunasi - "little change" - sing zukunasi (zuku74)
1:05pm the jelly beans - "baby be mine" - sun records curated by record store day vol. 6 (org)
1:00pm protex - "a place in your heart" - strange obsessions (sing sing)
12:58pm the number ones - "i wish i was lonely" - the number ones (deranged)
12:56pm french boutik - "loin de moi" - l'ame de paris (heavy soul)
12:53pm de cylinders - "i wanna get married" - i wanna get married (sing sing)