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Always some classical, a lot of punk, a mixture of anything else weird or funny or mood-of-the-day, plus a lot of very inane commentary. Usually there's something French too.

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7:48pm Snooky Pryor - "Mighty Love Time" - Snooky Pryor (Today)
7:45pm Snooky Pryor - "Mr. Charlie's Mule" - Snooky Pryor (Today)
7:35pm Entertnmt Calendar - "" - ()
7:28pm Mark Gilman - "Special Delivery" - Moment by Moment (Wurumalu)
7:22pm Professor Longhair - "It's My Fault Darling" - Crawfish Fiesta (Alligator)
7:16pm Paul Knopf - "Protest Parade" - Outcat Comes Back (Playback)
7:10pm Chef Menteur - "Faroe" - "III" (Sunrise Ocean Rider)
7:05pm Breezy Wheels - "Don't Let Nobody Drive Yer Car" - Unusual Thing (MaHatMa)
6:57pm Algiers - "Blood" - Algiers (Matador)
6:54pm Aquaduct - "Petrified Forest" - Wild Knights (Aquaduct Music)
6:52pm Kill Matilda - "Sanctuary" - Songs of Survival (Independent)
6:48pm The Nomads - "Don't tread on Me" - Outburst (Homestead)
6:45pm The Nomads - "Rat Fink" - Outburst (Homestead)
6:35pm Sly - "Little Sister" - Sly's Stone Flower (Light in the Attic)
6:30pm Sam the Sham - "I Couldn't Spell ..." - Pharaoization (Rhino)
6:25pm Last Words - "Can't Stop Lovin' You" - Last Words (HSM)
6:20pm Standells - "Barracuda" - Best of (Rhino)
6:15pm Tom Robinson - "Duncannon" - North by NW (Panic)
6:10pm The Creation - "Try & Stop Me" - Our Music is Red (Edsel)
6:00pm strauss - "Blue Danube" - Phila. Symphony.. (RCA)
3:28am Kalin Twins - "Moody" - When (Jasmine)
3:25am Marty Wilde - "Danny" - Born to Rock & Roll (Universal)
3:22am Brazilian Johnsons - "Stranger in a Strange Place" - Howdy Duty (self-released)
3:18am Lumiñaros, The - "Mobylette" - I've Got Trouble In Mind (self-released)
3:14am Drawin g Virtual Gardens - "No supporter will stop us from running" - Six Weeks Were Too Long to Wait (Time-Release)
3:12am Celtic Mouth Music - "Puirt-a-beal" - Celtic Mouth Music (Elipsis Arts)
3:08am Aphex Twins - "hat5e" - Computer Created A. I. (Warp)
2:55am Paul Knopf - "Five" - Enigma Of A Day (Playback)
2:46am Scrawl - "I Feel Your Pain" - He's Drunk (Rough Trade)
2:40am Flesh Lights - "Middle-Aged Youth" - Free Yourself (12XU)
2:34am Tom Brossaeu - "The Wholesome Pillar" - Perfect Abandon (Crossbill)
2:26am Marie-Michèle Desrosiers - "L'Âm de La Tendresse" - C'est Ici Que Je Veux Vivre (Audiogram)
2:22am Dorothy's Melting - "Inside" - Sweet Sea of Sun (Not Happy)
2:15am Jacco Gardner - "Before the Dawn" - Hypnophobia (Polyvinyl)
2:06am Chastity Belt - "Drone" - Time to Go Home (Hardly Art)
2:00am Smitten - "Smitten" - Smitten (Not Happy)
3:29am Handel - "Overture to If Pastor Fido" - Handel Overtures (Archiv)
3:25am Olivia Jean - "Mistakes" - Bathtub Love (Third Man)
3:23am Vijay Iyer Trio - "Starlings" - Break Stuff (ECM)
3:21am Debussy/R. Sinder - "Beau Soir" - Belle Nuit (Navona)
3:18am Robert Wyatt - "Shipbuilding" - Different Every Time (Domino)
3:15am Pegi Young - "Lonely Women Make Good Lovers" - Lonely in a Crowded Room (New West)
3:00am Dave Brubeck - "Balcony Rock" - Jazz Goes To College (Columbia)
2:56am Paul Yonemura - "Monterey Peninsula" - Reunion Trios (Girod)
2:53am VL Trio - "Juntos" - New Season (Round Whirled)
2:48am Verckys & l'Orchestre Vévé - "Nakobola Yo Denise" - Congolese Funk...1967-70 (Analog Africa)
2:40am Herb Alpert - "Zoo Train" - In The Mood (Shout)
2:37am J P Harris - "Home is Where the Hurt Is" - Home is Where... (Island Music)
2:34am Charlie Parker - "Just Friends" - Midnight Jazz (Verve)
2:29am Paul Knopf Trio - "Enigma of a Day" - Enigma of a Day (Playback)