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Always some classical, a lot of punk, a mixture of anything else weird or funny or mood-of-the-day, plus a lot of very inane commentary. Usually there's something French too.

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3:14am Tift Merrit - "Neighborhood" - bramble rose (Lost Highway)
3:09am Joe Rut - "8AM 5th of July" - Stole Tools & Stereos (Self-released)
3:05am Drive-By Truckers - "Surrender Under Protest" - American Band (ATO)
3:01am Southern Culture on the Skids - "Downward Mobility" - The Electric Pinecones (Kudzu)
2:56am Handmade Moments - "Invisible Things" - Handmade Moments (Trout)
2:52am Lily Holbrook - "Cowboys & Indians" - Eaverything Was Beautiful... (Back Porch)
2:49am Elizabeth Walters - "Changing" - Studio Demo CD (Self-released)
2:40am Paul Knopf - "Protest Parade" - Outcat Comes Back (Outcat)
2:28am Rova OrkestRova - "The Double Negative" - No Favorites (New Word)
2:10am Mose Allison - "Back Country Suite" - Back Country Suite (Prestige)
1:56am Leonard Cohen - "Death of a Ladie's Man" - Death of a Ladie's Man (Warner)
1:52am Leonard Cohen - "Jazz Police" - I'm Your Man (Columbia)
1:48am Leonard Cohen - "True Love Leaves No Traces" - Death of a Ladie's Man (Warner)
1:43am Jacques Michel - "SOS On Va Couler" - Chansons Victoires (Oration)
1:39am Marie-Micèle Desrosiers - "Suzanne" - C'est Ici Que Je Veux Vivre (Audiogram)
1:34am Leonard Cohen - "Un Canadien Errant" - Recent Songs (Hummingbird)
1:26am Jennifier Kreisberg - "The Muse" - Halluci-Nation (Radicalized)
1:21am Northern Cree - "Lovin' the Dance" - Breaking Boundaries (Canyon)
1:16am Magic Tramps - "Loose Change" - Magic Tramps (Moonlight Dust)
1:12am Kashtin - "Apu Tshekuan" - Kashtin (Groupe Concept Musique)
1:03am Willie Dunn - "Ballad of Crowfoot" - Akwesasne Notes (Indigo)
3:32am Life Stinks - "I'm A Weed" - You'll Never Make It (ss)
3:30am Mr. T Experience - "At Gilman Street" - Big Black Bugs Bleed Blue Blood (Rough Trade)
3:25am Injunuity - "Chickesaw Anthem" - Fight for Survival (Canyon)
3:22am Nikki James - "Still Burn (Detroit 1967)" - the album (Fat Girl)
3:18am Tift Merritt - "Neighborhood" - Bramble Rose (Lost Highway)
3:12am The Goat Family - "Drunk Tank" - The devil Can Eat My Dust (self-released)
3:03am Dan Knowles - "Arias 1-6" - 1934, Brand New Operaa (Family Claw)
2:54am Emmy the Great - "Swimming Pool Feat" - Second Love (Bella Union)
2:50am Romanowski - "Sol Cumbia" - The Return of Steady Rocking Romanowski and Friends (self-released)
2:45am San Kazakgascar - "Sticky Kitchen" - Twice Baked Coma (Lather 050)
2:35am Borden, Ferrera, Godin, et al. - "Internet Gospel 2" - Frkwys (Rvng Int'l)
2:26am Empirical - "Stay on Cours" - Connection (Cuneiform)
2:20am Paul Knopf - "Protest Parade" - Outcat Comes Back (Outcat)
2:14am Isis Damil - "Higher Standard" - Higher Standard (B. K.'s Keyboard)
2:10am Gregory Porter - "Take Me to the Alley" - Take Me to the Water (Blue Note)
2:01am Stone - "L'Antiquité" - Toujours Chic (Ace)
1:56am Le Couleur - "Voyage Amoureux" - Voyage Love (Lisbon Lux)
1:53am Del Barber - "Mon Chandail de Hockey" - The Puck Stops Here (True North)
1:50am Marie-Michèle Desrosiers - "L'Âme à la Tendresse" - C'est Ici Que Je Veux Vivre (Audiogram)
1:42am Tapes & Topographics - "Kent State" - Soft Decibels (Simulacra)
1:34am J-M Jarré, Edw Snowden - "Exit" - Heart of Noise (Music Altar)
1:20am Couloir - "Serene for Cello, Harp. & Celesta" - Maxwell Muhly (Maxwell)
1:00am Karel Husa - "Recollections" - Recollections (New World)
7:14pm - "Wait For Me" - At play with The Playmates (Collectibles)
6:56pm John G. Bilotta - "Song of the Hermit Thrush" - Crimson & Lace (Navona)
6:53pm John Cale - "Library of Force" - Music for a New Society (Double-Six)
6:50pm Royal Teens - "Was It A Dream" - Let's Rock (Mighty Power)
6:48pm Earl Grant - "The End" - Singin' and Swingin' (Decca)
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