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Always some classical, a lot of punk, a mixture of anything else weird or funny or mood-of-the-day, plus a lot of very inane commentary. Usually there's something French too.

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5:37am DRI - "Stupid War" - ANMLS ()
5:34am ANMLS - "Instrumental" - (Slovenly)
5:31am Electric Mess - "Disconnected" - The Beast is You (Sound Flat)
3:27am Easystreet/Cherushii - "International Supernatural" - International Supernational (The Tip)
3:25am Johnny Halliday - "Voyage Aux Pays des Vivants" - Johnny Halliday (Cherry)
3:19am Barbarians - "Are You A Boy or Are You a Girl?" - The Barbarians (Rhino)
3:14am Haymarket Orphans - "Who Wants To ..." - Chemtrails for Nirbiru (self-released)
3:10am Metz - "Lost in the Blank City" - Strange Peace (Subpop)
3:06am Dorothy's Melting - "Can't Be Real" - Unwhole (Self=Released)
3:03am Alvvays - "Plimsoul Punks" - Antisocialites (Polyvinyl)
2:55am Smitten - "Café Hell" - Flea Market of the Gods (Not Happy)
2:50am Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile - "Over Everything" - Lotta Sea Live (Matador)
2:46am Karpinski Brothers - "Sad Sad Songs" - Talk is Cheap (Planetary)
2:43am Roy Orbison & Royal Philharmonic - "I Drove All Night" - A Love Song (Monument)
2:28am George Antheil - "Over the Plains" - Symphonies.. (BBC)
2:19am Glenn Kostur - "Gather the Spirits" - The Way of It (Artist Alliance)
2:15am Chris Murphy - "Joan Crawford Dances the Charleston" - Water Under the Bridge (Teahouse)
2:11am Michèle Rosewoman - "Contrast High" - Contrast High (Enja)
2:02am High Voltage - "The Greeting" - Three More Sounds (SP)
1:53am Ross Crean - "The Discovery" - The Great God Pan (Navona)
1:25am Claude Baker - "Piano Concerto from Noon to Starry Night" - Piano Concerto... (NAXOS)
1:05am Morton Gould - "Spirituals for Orchestra" - Contemporary American Masterpieces (RCA)
3:30am Thornetta Davis - "Sunset" - Sunday Morning Music (Sub Pop)
3:22am Carrie Elkin - "Niagara" - The Penny Collector (Elkin Productions)
3:03am Amanda Harberg - "Concerto for Viola and Orchestra" - Viola Concertos (Naxos)
2:54am Paul Knopf - "The Lost Cow" - Enigma of a Day ({Playback)
2:49am Carmen Lundy - "I Got Your Number" - code noir (Afrasia)
2:45am Jan Daley - "When Sunny Gets Blue" - When Sunny.../ (Log)
2:39am Isis Damil - "My Romance" - Higher Standards (Creative Works)
2:31am Jolie Holland & Samantha Parton - "Wildflower Blues" - Wildflower Blues (cinquefoil)
2:27am Amber Lamps - "Discretion" - Plaidypuss (Providence)
2:23am Darto - "Guiding Light" - Human Giving (aagoo)
2:20am Patricia Pettinga - "And We Sing" - Roots Vol. 7 (Poet Fan)
2:17am Mastersons - "Highway" - Transient Lullaby (RedHouse)
2:10am Iron & Wine - "Thomas County Law" - Beast Epic (Sub Pop)
2:05am Teenage Bottle Rocket - "Back & Forth" - Stealing the Covers ..... (Fat Possum)
2:00am Jean Caffeine - "Winterland" - ()
1:54am Flamin' Groovies - "What the Hell's Goin' On" - Fantastic Platic (Snic)
1:51am Rancid - "Buddy" - TroubleMaker (Hellcat)
1:48am Eddie Haskells - "Addicted" - (unpublished)
1:44am CAPTAIN BEEFHEART - "Alice in Blunderland" - ()
1:39am Lord Buckley - "Supermarket" - Way Out... (World Pacific)
1:32am Jimi Hendrix - "Belly Button Window" - The Cry of Love (Reprise)
1:28am The Body - "Go Naked In The Rain" - Psychedelic States, Vol 1 (MO!60s)
1:20am Rolling Stones - "Down Home Girl" - Now! (LONDON)
1:01am Eric Burdon &The Animals - "New York 1963 - America 1968" - Every One Of Us (MGM)
3:26am Motley Crue - "TnT Terror" - Dr. Feelgood (Elektra)
3:22am Motley Crue - "TnT Terror" - ()
3:22am Me First & The Gimme Gimmes - "The Times They Are A-Changin'" - Rake It In (Fat)
3:19am Maia & Williamson - "I Made A Mistake" - Sickk (Leopard Lady)