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Always some classical, a lot of punk, a mixture of anything else weird or funny or mood-of-the-day, plus a lot of very inane commentary. Usually there's something French too.

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Friday, August 23, 2019 - 1:00am to 3:30am

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5:58am Jak Scott - "My True Love" - the legendary (big beat)
5:55am Jan & Dean - "Heart and Soul" - Anthology (Kitty Hawk)
5:52am String - "Fabian" - ()
5:52am Fabian - "String Along" - 16 Greatest Hits (trip)
5:45am Hour of Darkness - "Social Distortion" - Mommy's Little zmonster (13th Floor)
5:35am Simon Stokes & Hammerlock - "I See Feds" - The Wagons Roll at Mignight (cmgr)
5:30am Buzzcocks - "Fiction Romance" - Another music in a Dfferent Kitchen (Domino Recording Co)
5:20am VKTMS - "White Trash Wonder" - VKTMS (Broken Rekids)
5:15am Svoboda - "Marusya" - Ukraine Do America (Russendiskp)
5:10am Applesauce tears - "Snowbal Fight With 2 Girls" - Woolly (Blck Cottage)
5:05am The Animals - "Don't Cry for Me Down" - Animalization (mgm)
5:00am The Beavers - "Love Me Baby" - (7-inch, "The Beaver Beat") (Sundazed)
4:55am Chin Chin - "Revolution" - Stop ! Your Crying (Farmer)
4:50am The Creation - "Try and Stop Me" - Our Music Is Red (Edsel)
4:40am Rolling Stones - "Down Hom Girl" - The Rolling Stones, Now! (London)
4:36am Ray Whitaker & Bea Jay - "Rok & Roll Your Bones" - )unknown) (tape) ((unknown))
4:31am Paul Knopf - "The Lost Cow" - Enigma of A Day (Payback)
4:26am Tyrone Mr Supefantastic - "Bojangles" - Long Road (Can Do)
4:20am Karl Berger - "Where Will We GoFrom Here?" - In A Moment (Tzadik)
4:14am NOUVEAU CLASSICAL PROJECT - "Cy by David Bird" - Currents (Gold Bolus)
4:09am (Lou Guru) - "" - ()
4:05am Better Oblivion Community enter - "Didn't Know What I as In For" - Better Oblivion ommunity Center (DeadOceans)
3:53am Theofanidis & Pogossian - "On the Edge of the Infinite" - TheComposer's Voice - Music from Bowling Green (Albany)
3:44am Menuck & Doria - "D the Police Embrace?" - "are SING SINCK, SING" (constellation)
3:30am Richard Thompson - "Paul at Home in Dayton OH" - The Mask in the Mirror (navona)
3:27am victoria vox - "tugboat" - colorfull heart (obus)
3:19am arcangelo corelli - "concerto grosso no. 3" - gulihall string ensemble.... (musical heritage)
3:12am karel husa - "reflections, symphony no. 2, moderate (with commentary)" - the composer's voice (albany)
3:04am sf symphony - "concerto for orchstra & percusion - allegro" - american mavericks (sfsMedia)
2:57am the acharis - "lost in the vortex" - lost in the vortex (exbtn)
2:53am smitten - "take you for a ride" - flea market of the gods (not happy)
2:50am Marie-michèle Desrosiers - "entre la jeunesse et la sagesse" - cest ici que je veux vivre (audioram)
2:40am thunderpussy - "young & pure" - thi=underpussy (stardog)
2:35am ophelias - "nightsigns" - almost (joyful noise)
2:33am tommy and the commies - "straight jacket" - here comes tommie... (slovenly)
2:28am illuminat hotties - "cuff" - kiss yr frenemies (tiger bomb)
2:23am James Williamson& the pink hearts - "judith christ" - behind the stage (leopard lady)
2:20am rodriguez - "rich folks hoax" - cold fact (sussex)
2:16am sillies - "county fair" - america's most wanton (nebula)
2:13am the pandoras - "it's getting harder all the time" - hey! it's the pandoras (burger)
2:10am ratchets - "" - first light (pirates press)
2:03am broncho - "big city boys" - bad behavior (park the van)
1:57am robbie fulks - "i just lived a country song" - wild! wild! wild! (bloodshot)
1:53am dixie chicks - "give it up or let me go" - wide open spaces (monument)
1:44am american aquarium - "'til the final curtain falls" - things change (new west)
1:39am John Prine - "the lonesome friends of science" - The Tree of Forgiveness (oh boy)
1:35am roseanne cash - "my least favorite life" - she remembers everything (blue note)
1:30am johnny irion - "palm springs" - driving friend (rte8)
1:25am alison krauss - "you oughtta be here with me" - king of the road, roger miller tribute (bmgg)
1:23am robin luke - "bad boy" - susie darlin' (bcd)