Leftfield Lance

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Psychedelic guitar freakouts, free jazz blowouts, and anything and everything in off-kilter pop, soul, funk. Tune in and join me out in deep leftfield.


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10:15pm Breakout - "Poet Laureate" - Say Hello (On-High)
10:12pm The Untold Fables - "Rockhead" - Every Mother's Nightmare (Dionysus)
10:11pm Bad Banana - "Stand Next To Me" - Bad Banana (Merge)
10:05pm Louder Than Death - "Born in 77" - Stop Und Fick Dich! (In the Red)
10:03pm Vice Squad - "Nothing" - Avon Calling (Heartbeat)
10:01pm The Kids - "I Don't Care" - 30th anniversary issue (Sonik's Chicken Shrimp)
9:58pm Chi-Pig - "Ring Around the Collar" - Miami (Chi-Pig)
9:54pm The Victims - "I Understand" - Murder Punk, Vol. 2 (Murder Punk Inc.)
9:51pm The Chats - "Smoko" - Get This In Ya!! (Burger / Damaged Goods)
9:45pm Mission of Burma - "Max Ernst" - Signals, Calls, and Marches (Ace of Hearts)
9:42pm Os Replicantes - "Nicotina" - Os Replicantes (Nada Nada Discos)
9:40pm Radio Alarm Clocks - "Confidentially Renee" - Wake Me When It's Over (After Hours)
9:38pm Nurses - "I Can Explain" - :30 Over DC (2 13 61)
9:36pm Blues Lawyer - "It's Not Up to You" - Something Different (Mt St Mtn)
9:32pm Prolapse - "Doorstop Rhythmic Bloc (concise version)" - Doorstop Rhythmic Bloc (Cherry Red)
9:28pm Guaxe - "Pupilxs" - Guaxe (Oar)
9:21pm Carla dal Forno - "So Much Better" - Look Up Sharp (Kallista)
9:18pm Common Holly - "Joshua Snakes" - When I Say to You Black Lightning (Basrsuk)
9:13pm Felt - "All the People I Like are Those That Are Dead" - Forever Breathes the Lonely Word (Creation)
9:11pm Skiftande Enheter - "Snubblar Genom Drommar" - Snubblar Genom Drommar (S/R)
9:09pm Madison Electric - "Heavy Petal" - Indie Aid Abroad: Help for Timor (??)
9:07pm A Certain Smile - "Cherry Bomb" - Bae (Jig-Saw)
9:01pm Ex Void - "Only One" - Only One (Prefect)
11:54pm Jessica Pavone String Ensemble - "By and Large" - Brick and Mortar (Birdwatcher)
11:50pm Angel Bat Dawid - "We Are Stars" - The Oracle (Intergalactic Mantra)
11:43pm Andrew Cyrille - "Nuba 1" - Nuba (Black Saint)
11:36pm Whit Dickey / Tao Quartets - "Seventh Sun" - Peace Planet (Aum Fidelity)
11:31pm Apollas - "Seven Days" - Go Girl! (Rhino)
11:27pm The Politicians - "Psycha-Soula-Funkadelic" - Featuring McKinley Jackson (Hot Wax)
11:24pm Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra - "Song for David" - Voices and Choices (Ubiquity)
11:18pm Houseguests - "My Mind Set Me Free, Pts 1 & 2" - Vital Juices (Sta-Tite)
11:12pm Jaimie Branch - "Simple Silver Surfer" - Fly or Die II: Bird Dogs of Paradise (International Anthem)
11:06pm Johnny Pate - "Mellow Wind" - Outrageous (Dusty Groove)
11:02pm Derya Yildirium & Grup Simsek - "Kurk" - Kar Yagar (Bongoe Joe)
10:59pm Maledictus Sound - "Kriminal Theme" - Orchestral Party Act 2 (St. Germain des Pres)
10:57pm Czarface - "The Gift That Keeps On" - The Odd Czar Against Us (Silver Age)
10:51pm Bertrand Burgalat - "Kim" - The Genius of ... (EFA)
10:45pm C.C.T.V. - "Paranoia" - 4-Trak 7" Diameter Record (Lumpy)
10:41pm Human Eye - "Rare Little Creature" - Rare Little Creature (Disordered)
10:39pm The Spits - "Tonight" - IV (Recess)
10:36pm Disco Junk - "Outta Melbourne" - Underage Punk (Hozac)
10:34pm Teengenerate - "Midnight to Six Man" - Smash Hits! (Estrus)
10:32pm Crimson Shadows - "Garbage Truck" - Raw Cuts, Vol. 5 (Satellite)
10:30pm Coloured Balls - "Won't You Make Up Your Mind" - Won't You Make Up Your Mind (Just Add Water)
10:25pm Gene Chandler - "You Threw a Lucky Punch" - Just Be True (Collectables)
10:22pm Mary Wells - "You Beat Me To the Punch" - Greatest Hits (Motown)
10:17pm Baritone Madness - "Moanin'" - Baritone Madness (Chronograph)
10:14pm Rev. Harvey Gates - "Price of Love" - The Time for Peace is Now: Gospel Music About Us (Luaka Bop)
10:09pm Frank Lowe - "Chu's Blues" - Fresh (Arista)
10:02pm The Expresso's - "Wandering" - You're Not From Around Here (Numero Group)