Leftfield Lance

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Psychedelic guitar freakouts, free jazz blowouts, and anything and everything in off-kilter pop, soul, funk. Tune in and join me out in deep leftfield.


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These times are shown in Pacific time

9:53pm Woolen Men - "Real FX" - S/T (Loglady)
9:51pm Household - "A New Leaf" - Elaines (Dull Knife)
9:48pm France Gall - "Poupee de Cire, Poupee De Son" - Vamps Et Vampire (Ace)
9:44pm Brunettes - "If You Were Alien" - Structure & Cosmetics (Sub Pop)
9:42pm Buddy Holly - "Everyday" - Buddy Holly Lives (MCA)
9:40pm Today'sHits - "Number 4" - Sex Boy (Randy)
9:37pm The Tremoloes - "Here Comes My Baby" - Here Comes My Baby (Epic)
9:30pm Angel Olson - "Iota" - Burn your Fire for No Witness (Jagjaguwar)
9:28pm Lambchop - "The Man Who Loved Beer" - How I Quit Smoking (Merge)
9:24pm Susan Cadogan - "Hurt So Good" - Trojan Reggae Sisters (Trojan)
9:22pm Bettye Swann - "I'd Rather Go Blind" - Complete Recordings (Real Gone)
9:20pm Tarheel Slim & Little Ann - "2 Time Loser" - All Tore Up (Cryptogramaphone)
9:18pm Paul & Richie & the Cryin Shames - "Come On Back" - Joe Meek Freakbeat (Castle)
9:14pm Vicki Anderson - "Stop Throwing Your Love In a Garbage Can" - Message from a Soul Sister (??)
9:12pm Night Sun - "No Pressure" - No Pressure (Burger)
9:09pm The Trinikas - "Remember Me" - Split w/ Sandi and the Matues (Jazzman)
9:08pm Last Poets - "Black Wish" - S/T ()
9:00pm Sun Ra - "Where Pathways Meet" - Lanquidity (Evidence)
3:50pm Bardo Pond - "Before the Moon" - Peace on Venus (Fire)
3:45pm Humousexual - "Oh Camberwell" - Meaning to These Maps (Everard)
3:43pm Television Personalities - "14th Floor" - But Darling, Is It Art? (Seed)
3:41pm Teenage Burritos - "Danya" - Danya (Volar)
3:38pm Kimya Dawson - "The Competition" - Remember That I Love You (K)
3:36pm Dump - "Clarity" - A Plea For Tenderness (Brinkman)
3:34pm Adventures in Stereo - "My Buddy Go" - S/T (Creeping Bent)
3:31pm Bubblegum Lemonade - "This is the New Normal" - Some Like It Pop (Matinee)
3:24pm Blevin Blectum - "Cromis Part one" - Emblem Album (Aagoo)
3:19pm Cutty Ranks - "Limb By Limb" - Rumble in the Jungle (Soul Jazz)
3:16pm DJ/Rupture - "High Resolution" - Mine Sweeper (Tigerbeat6)
3:12pm Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam - "Can You Feel The Beat" - Can You Feel The Beat (Columbia)
3:07pm Twin Hype - "Do It to the Crowd" - S/T (Profile)
3:03pm Jungle Brothers - "I'll House You" - I'll House You (Idlers)
2:57pm Cruel Summer - "White Flag" - S/T (Mt. St. Mtn.)
2:54pm Flesh World - "Lost My Heart in Transit Through the Post" - S/T (La Vida Es un Mus)
2:51pm A Certain Ratio - "Do the Du" - Early (Soul Jazz)
2:49pm Erase Errata - "A Passion for Acting" - S/T (Inconvenient Press)
2:47pm Glaxo Babies - "Police State" - Put Me on the Guest List (Superior Viaduct)
2:42pm Chance Operation - "Winecolor Sick" - S/T (Jeep)
2:37pm Flyin' Spiderz - "City Boy" - Killed By Epitaph (??)
2:34pm Cheap Time - "Kill the Light" - Exit Smiles (In the Red)
2:30pm Ivy Green - "I'm Sure We're Gonna Make It" - S/T (Pogo)
2:28pm Scraper - "Landslide" - S/T (Cut Rate)
2:26pm The Ex - "Human Car" - Singles. Period (Touch & Go)
2:24pm Killjoys - "Naive" - Johnny Won't Get to Heaven (Raw)
2:21pm The Users - "I'm in Love With Today" - Raw Deal (Rawkus)
2:15pm True West - "Hollywood Holiday" - Hollywood Holiday Revisited (Atavistic)
2:11pm Cool Ghouls - "Ballin'" - S/T (Empty Cellar)
2:08pm Slushy - "Pocket" - Candy (Randy)
2:06pm The Chob - "We're Pretty Quick" - I'm a No Count (Teenage Shutdown)
2:04pm The Preachers - "Who Do You Love?" - Pebbles, Vol. 1 (BFD)