Leftfield Lance

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Psychedelic guitar freakouts, free jazz blowouts, and anything and everything in off-kilter pop, soul, funk. Tune in and join me out in deep leftfield.


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These times are shown in Pacific time

10:17pm Jay Reatard - "It's So Useless" - Hammer I Miss You (Goner)
10:15pm The Fastbacks - "Someone Else's Room" - Seattle Syndrome (Engram)
10:12pm Dancer - "Bitchin' Heat" - Bitchin' Heat (Grazer)
10:08pm Sonic Avenues - "In Your Head" - Mistakes (Dirtnap)
10:05pm The Spelling Mistakes - "Feels So Good" - Feels So Good (S/T)
10:02pm The Scavengers - "Mysterex" - S/T (Real Groovy)
9:57pm The Mopes - "You Look Like a Gorilla" - Lowdown, Two-Bit Sidewinder (Lookout!)
9:53pm Insect Surfers - "Space Park Drive" - Infra Green (Marlin)
9:51pm Larry & the Loafers - "Let's Go to the Beach" - What A Way To Die (Satan)
9:49pm The Elite - "One Potato" - Madness Invasion Vol. 2 (GMG)
9:46pm The Robins - "Riot in Cell Block #9" - 50 Coastin' Classics (Rhino)
9:43pm The Bobbettes - "I Shot Mr. Lee" - 20 Original Winners (Roulette)
9:36pm Ti Paris - "Cochon St. Antoine" - Haiti Direct (Strut)
9:32pm Ikembe Shakedown - "The Beast" - Stone by Stone (Ubiquity)
9:29pm Handsome Boy Modeling School - "Holy Calamity" - So...How's Your Girl? (Tommy Boy)
9:25pm Prince Paul - "Weapon World" - A Prince Among Theives (Tommy Boy)
9:22pm De La Soul - "Ego Trippin' (Part Two)" - Ego Trippin' (Part Two) (Tommy Boy)
9:16pm Doris Allen - "A Shell of a Woman" - A Fine Time! (Sundazed)
9:12pm Curtis Harding - "Heaven's on the Other Side" - Soul Power (Burger)
9:09pm Swamp Dogg - "Everything You'll Ever Need" - Total Destruction of Your Mind (Charly)
9:04pm Walter Bishop Jr.'s Fourth Cycle - "Summertime" - Keeper of My Soul (Black Jazz)
9:00pm Bohannon - "The Pimp Walk" - Stop and Go (Dakar)
11:55pm The Bad Plus - "Introduction" - The Rite of Spring (Sony Masterworks)
11:48pm The Dream Syndicate - "Days of Wine and Roses" - Days of Wine and Roses (Rhino)
11:43pm EMA - "Satellites" - The Future's Void (Matador)
11:35pm In C (Excerpt) - "Bang on a Can" - Terry Riley In C (Cantaloupe)
11:31pm Penguin Cafe Orchestra - "Telephone and Rubber Band" - Concert Program (Zopf)
11:28pm Local Funeral - "I Wanna Be You" - The Local Anesthetic (Smooch)
11:26pm Spahn Ranch - "Lo & Behold" - Thickly Settled (Insight)
11:22pm Guitar Wolf - "Missile Me" - Missile Me (Bag of Hammers)
11:20pm Chainsaw - "What Goes On" - Bloodstains Across Belgium (Atomium)
11:17pm Eater - "Waiting for the Man" - Punk Lost & Found (Shanachie)
11:14pm Rebel Set - "Ghost Writer" - How to Make a Monster (Silver Hornet)
11:11pm Thee Oh Sees - "Camera (Queer Sound)" - Drop (Castle Face)
11:06pm Sonic's Rendezvous Band - "City Slang" - Split w/ Destroy All Monsters (Revenge)
11:04pm Endless Bummer - "Such a Drag" - Ripper Current (In the Red)
10:58pm 'O' Level - "Everybody's on Revolver Tonight" - Pseudo Punk (Munster)
10:55pm Scott & Charlene's Wedding - "Footscray Station" - Para Vista Social Club (Critical Heights)
10:52pm Cub - "Magic 8 Ball" - Box of Hair (Lookout!)
10:50pm Horrible/Adorable - "37th St." - Amy Understands (S/R)
10:47pm The Particles - "Apricot's Dream" - Can't Stop It (Chapter)
10:45pm Jr. Chemists - "Bizzy Worms" - Arizona Disease (Subterranean)
10:40pm King Kong - "The Man" - Old Man on the Bridge (Homestead)
10:36pm Parquet Courts - "Sunbathing Animal" - Sunbathing Animal (What's Your Rupture?)
10:34pm Protomartyr - "Ain't So Simple" - Under Color of Official Light (Hardly Art)
10:31pm Pang - "Young Professionals" - Young Professionals (Grazer)
10:28pm Shopping - "In Other Words" - Consumer Complaints (Milk)
10:22pm Toy Love - "Rebel" - Cuts (Flying Nun)
10:18pm Teenage Filmstars - "(There's a) Cloud Over Liverpool" - (There's a) Cloud Over Liverpool (Munster)
10:16pm The Plommons - "Last Train to Liverpool" - Girls in the Garage, Vol. 3 (Romulan)