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7:55am Southern Culture on the skids - "Firefly" - Dirt track date (Geffen)
7:52am Connie Smith - "Long Black Limosine" - Back in baby's arms (RCA)
7:50am Moe Bandy - "Please taker home" - Here I Am Drunk Again (Columbia)
7:44am Coco Hames - "If you aint mine" - Coco Hames (Merge)
7:42am Brenda Lee - "The Games people play" - Memphis portrait (Decca)
7:37am Flying Burrito Brothers - "Sweet desert childhood" - Flying again (Columbia)
7:35am Rosanne Cash - "Particle and wave" - She Remembers Everything (Blue note)
7:27am Leon Mccauliff - "Water baby boogie" - Mister western swing (Starday)
7:25am Buck Owens - "Las Vegas lament" - The Buc Owens Show (Hilltop)
7:21am Cracker - "Almond Groves" - Bakersfield (429 records)
7:14am Merle Haggard - "They're tearing the labor camps down" - Let me tell you about a song (Capitol Records)
7:10am Zoe Speaks - "Lay down" - WIngs (Redbird)
7:07am Bobbie Gentry - "I saw an Angel die" - Ode to Billie Joe (Capitol)
6:59am The Supremes - "Ode to Bille Joe" - Refections (Motown / Pgd)
6:55am Ike and Tina - "Born Free" - Let me touch your mind (UA)
6:53am Les Mc Cann - "The Price You Gotta Pay" - Newport 72 (Cobblestone)
6:50am Peggy Scott and JoJo Benson - "Til the Morning Comes" - Soul Shake (Get back)
6:43am Jack moves - "Money clouds" - Free money (Ever loving)
6:39am Rio Mira - "Agua" - Marimba del Pacifico (Aya)
6:34am Joyce Kwon - "Dream of home" - Dream of home (P Sfalry)
6:31am Sonogram - "the knack and how to get it" - Cubists (Simulcra)
6:20am Don the tiger - "Cantas al Aral meguante" - Matanzas (Crammed disco)
6:18am Les Halles - "Final horizon" - Zephyr (Not not fun)
6:15am Sarah Davachi - "Gilded" - Gave in rest (Ba da bing)
6:06am Aphex Twin - "Abundance" - Collapse EP (Warp)
6:00am Tim Hecker - "Death Valley" - Konoyo (Kranky)
8:58am Sophie Tucker - "Take a look at yourself" - Bigger and better than ever (Wing)
8:54am Napalm Death - "Puritanical punishment beating" - Smear campaign (Century media)
8:50am Sacred Reich - "American Way" - Still ignorant (Metal blade)
8:48am RTX - "Dude love" - Western Xterminator (Drag city)
8:46am Donner party - "Lost in Hoboken" - Pitch 11 (Pitch a tent)
8:42am Death valley girls - "Before I die" - Darkness rains (Suicide squeeze)
8:37am Mudhoney - "Night and fog" - Digital garbage (Subpop)
8:35am Deaf wish - "Lithium Zion" - LIthium Zion (Subpop)
8:28am Niel Young - "Keep on rockin' in the free world" - Freedom (Reprise)
8:25am Free cake for every creature - "In your car" - The bluest star (Double double whammy)
8:22am Dodos - "Center of" - Certainty waves (Polyvinyl)
8:18am Men at work - "It's a mistake" - Cargo (Columbia)
8:15am Griderman - "Go tell the women" - Grinderman (Mute)
8:08am Blur - "Parklife" - Parklife (Food)
8:05am Fugazi - "Repeater" - Repeater (Dischord)
8:01am New Model Army - "Green and grey" - Thunder and consolation (EMI)
7:54am Grimble Grumble - "Railroad" - Leaves leader (Pehr)
7:51am Cat power - "You get" - Wanderer (Domino)
7:47am Mitski - "Me and my husband" - Be the Cowboy (Dead oceans)
7:42am Madelyn Peyroux - "To love you all over again" - Bare bones (Rounder)
7:32am Herbie Hancock - "Chameleon" - Head hunters (Columbia)
7:27am Ralph White and Steve Marsh - "Snake bird messenger" - Distinguished Gentlemen (Self Sabatoge)
7:25am Spade cooley - "I've taken all I'm going to take" - S/T (Spade)
7:23am Ray Price - "Remember me" - Sings heart songs (Columbia)