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Let's waste some time together. Or not. Eat rocks.

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10:57pm Traditional Fools - "The River" - I Got A Baby (Chocolate Covered)
10:54pm Primate Five - "She Cleans House" - She Cleans House (Rat City)
10:51pm Optic Nerve - "Ain't That A Man" - Ain't That A Man (Cryptovision Records)
10:50pm Cocktails - "Let It Come Down" - Friday (Grazer)
10:47pm Dancer - "Do Ya Blame Me" - My Car Drives Fast (Guitars & Bongos)
10:44pm Redd Kross - "Lady In The Front Row" - Lady In The Front Row (Quicksilver Recording)
10:36pm Juke - "The Reproduction of Existential Angst" - Don't Hate Us Because We're Beautiful (Lookout Records)
10:33pm Screaming Custard - "Tracy" - Tracy (Pauls Mums Front Room Records)
10:31pm Fuzzy Was She - "Frick It!" - Frick The Cat (Abaton)
10:26pm Cat Party - "A Thousand Shades of Grey" - A Thousand Shades of Grey (Yellow Number Five)
10:25pm Silver - "Do You Wanna Dance?" - Do You Wanna Dance? (Pop Con)
10:17pm Gap Dream - "Chill Spot" - Chill Spot (Burger Records)
10:14pm David Bowie - "Ashes to Ashes" - Ashes to Ashes (RCA)
10:09pm Population - "Ontology" - White Crosses (Hozac)
10:06pm Joy Division - "These Days" - Love WIll Tear Us Apart (Factory)
10:02pm Lenz - "Frozen Touch" - Frozen Touch (Volar)
9:56pm Green Day - "1,000 Hours" - 1,000 Hours (Lookout Records)
9:55pm Skanking Pickle - "Losin Again" - Hi My Name Is Erik Yee... (Dillettante)
9:52pm Strength Through Joy - "Sheila (from Chicago)" - Sheila (From Chicago) (Gang Records)
9:48pm The Beat - "Stand Down Margaret (Dub)" - Stand Down Margaret (Go-Feet)
9:42pm Jahbreaker - "Kiss The Bongload" - When It Pains It Roars, Mon (Silver Sprocket)
9:37pm Slushy - "Pocket" - Candy (Randy Records)
9:34pm Heavenly - "Wrap My Arms Around Him" - Our Love Is Heavenly (Sarah)
9:31pm Television Personalities - "Where's Bill Grundy Now?" - Where's Bill Grundy Now? (Rough Trade)
9:29pm Fine Steps - "All Day Long" - All Day Long (Volar)
9:27pm Cub - "The Day We Met" - Pep (Mint Records)
9:25pm Bagpipe Operation - "My Face" - Mt. Lavaty (Harriet Records)
9:22pm Nar - "What?!" - The Belgian Gambit (Generic Label)
9:17pm Shannon - "Give Me Tonight" - Give Me Tonight (Mirage)
9:13pm The Staples Singers - "After Sex" - After Sex (Curtom)
9:07pm Zong Junction - "The Van That Got Away" - The Van That Got Away (Primary)
9:03pm Newcleus - "Jam On It" - Jam On It (Sunnyview)