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10:20pm Talkies - "Astray" - Kowtow (Yippee Ki Yay)
10:10pm Abdel Aziz El Mubarak - "Ah'Laa Jarah" - Abdel Aziz El Mubarak (Globe Style)
10:09pm Kev Brown - "Change Takes Place" - Homework (Redefinition)
10:05pm Ernie & The Top Notes feat. Raymond Winnfield - "Things Could Be Better" - Peanut Butter Wolf's Jukebox 45s (Stones Throw)
10:00pm Booker T and the MGs - "Time Is Tight" - Score (Mojo)
9:57pm Hank Locklin - "Love or Spite" - Hank Locklin (Camden)
9:54pm Phil Ochs - "I Kill Therefore I Am" - Rehearsals for Retirement (A&M)
9:52pm Bruce Stringbeanand the S Street Band - "Born To Add" - Born To Add (Sesame Street)
9:44pm Marketts - "Saturn" - Out Of Limits (Warner Brothers)
9:43pm Teutonics - "Ich Liebe Dich" - Tittys On A Tiger (Repeat)
9:39pm Pandoras - "You Don't Satisfy" - Hot Generation (Voxx)
9:36pm Jean Shepard - "Tomorrow I'll Be Gone" - The First Lady Of Country (Cowgirlboy)
9:34pm Excitements - "Sometimes Too Much Ain't Enough" - Sometimes Too Much Ain't Enough (Penniman)
9:30pm Dennis Landry - "Miss Hard To Get" - Southern Funkin' (BGP)
11:55am Pulp - "Disco 2000" - Different Class (Island)
11:52am Beach Boys - "Kokomo" - Cocktail Soundtrack (Elektra)
11:47am Potatohead People - "Morning Sun" - Nick & Astro's Guide To The Galaxy (Bastard Jazz)
11:45am Eddie Ray - "You Got Me" - The Prix Label (Numero Group)
11:40am Small Faces - "Whatcha Gonna Do About It" - Whatcha Gonna Do About It (Decca)
11:38am JJ Jackson - "Boogaloo Baby" - It's All Right (Calla)
11:35am Wendy Rene - "Bar-B-Q" - After Laughter Come Tears (Light In The Attic)
11:33am Blueprint - "Don't Look Back" - Two-Headed Monster (Weightless)
11:28am Tribeca - "Charlie Hustle" - Charlie Hustle (Major League)
11:21am Ruby Karinto - "No Manchester" - Ruby Karinto (Hozac)
11:17am Colourbox - "The Official Colourbox World Cup Theme" - The Official Colourbox World Cup Theme (4AD)
11:15am Fat Les - "Vindaloo" - Vindaloo (England)
11:11am Amon Duul II - "Archangel Thunderbird" - Yeti (Revisited)
11:08am Vibravoid - "Melodies of the Stars" - Vibrations from the Cosmic Void (Stoned Karma)
11:03am Kelly Stoltz - "Static Electricity" - Natural Causes (Banana& Louie)
10:58am Pandoras - "Stop Pretending" - Hey! It's The Pandoras (Burger)
10:55am Delmonas - "I Want You" - Dangerous Charms (Big Beat)
10:53am Discords - "Second To No One" - Medway Power House Vol. 1 (Hangman)
10:51am Hi-Fives - "Just Say No" - Good Thyme Jhambhoorie (Planet Pimp)
10:49am Teutonics - "Hofbrau" - Titties On A Tiger (Repent)
10:46am Lords - "Poor Man" - Poor Man (Columbia)
10:43am Guards - "Hullabaloo" - Electrick Loosers #2 (Praekraut)
10:40am Die Deutsche Fußball Nationalmannschaft für die Fußball-Weltmeisterschaft 1974 - "Fussball ist unser Leben" - Fussball ist unser Leben (Polydor)
10:35am Oscar The Grouch - "I Love Trash" - Sesame Street Gold (CTW)
10:31am Fleshies - "Yeah, I'm Starting Shit" - Kill The Dreamer's Dream (Alternative Tentacles)
10:29am Razz - "What's Your Name?" - Time Frames (Emotional Response)
10:25am Jaill - "Thank Us Later" - That's How We Burn (Sub Pop)
10:22am Pavement - "Summer Babe" - Summer Babe (Drag City)
10:17am Supreme Dicks - "A Sweet Song" - Breathing Not Breathing (Jagjaguwar)
10:15am Enlgand World Cup Squad - "This Time We'll Get It Right" - This Time We'll Get It Right (England)
10:08am Wrong Words - "Summer's Gone" - Wrong Words (Trouble In Mind)
10:05am Liquids - "Zilch" - Heart Beats True (Digital Regress)
10:03am Peechees - "The Fascist Lawn" - Do The Math (Kill Rock Stars)
10:01am Lithics - "Edible Door" - Mating Surfacs (Kill Rock Stars)
9:59am Shopping - "Straight Lines" - Why Choose (Fatcat)
9:55am Swell Maps - "Let's Build A Car" - Train Out Of It (Mute)