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10:44am Steve King - "Satan Is Her Name" - Gunsmoke Volume 1 & 2 (Sta-o-Lee)
10:41am Guantanamo Baywatch - "Raunch Stomp" - Darling... It's Too Late (Suicide Squeeze)
10:38am Sonics - "Santa Claus" - Ultimate (Valet)
10:35am Sugarpie Desanto - "I Want To Know" - I Want To Know (Veltone)
10:32am Excitements - "Ha Ha Ha" - Sometimes Too Much Ain't Enough (Penniman)
10:28am Sammy Davis Jr. - "Candyman" - Now (MGM)
10:20am Open Mike Eagle - "Microfiche" - What Happens When I Try To Relax (Auto Reverse)
10:16am Real Sounds Of Africa - "Soccer Fan" - Soccer Fan (Cherry Red Records)
10:11am Francis Bebey - "The Coffee Cola Song" - African Electronic Music 1975-1982 (Born Bad)
10:09am Wend Carlos - "Air On A G String" - Switched on Bach (Columbia)
10:03am Beast - "Staren" - Ens (Thrill Jockey)
9:55am Bill Baird - "Illuminated Night" - Nightly Never Ending (Super Deluxe)
9:53am Frank Sidebottom - "Christmas Is Really Fantastic" - ABDE... (Cherry Records)
9:50am Nobunny - "I Am A Girlfriend" - Love Visions (1234 Go!)
9:48am Carbonas - "Satisfy Me" - Your Moral Superior (Goner)
9:46am Thee Stash - "Selling Jeans In The USA" - Should I Suck Or Should I Blow? (Get Hip)
9:38am Pulp - "I Want You" - Freaks (Fire)
9:33am Perhapsy - "William Timothy" - Kingdom Starlight Bliss (Porch Party)
9:31am Magnetic Fields - "Andrew In Drag" - Love At The Bottom of The Sea (Merge)
9:28am Arthur Russel - "A Little Lost" - The World of Arthur Russell (Soul Jazz Records)
9:22am Talkies - "Safe To Say" - Kowtow (Yippee Ki Yay)
9:19am Prisoners - "Melanie" - Revenge of the Prisoners (Pink Dust)
9:16am Celestial Hysteria - "New Song aka Going Home" - Golden State Psychedelia (Big Beat)
9:14am REM - "There She Goes" - Raio Free Europe (IRS)
9:10am Monkees - "Jesus Christ" - Christmas Party (Rhino)
9:07am Crass - "Assylum" - Feeding The 5000 (Crass)
9:00am Honeycombs - "Have I The Right" - The Honeycombs (PRT Records)
8:59pm Free Loan Investments - "Hard To Smiles" - You Will Understand (Boof)
8:51pm Cub - "The Day We Met" - Pep (Mint)
8:48pm Sam & Dave - "Said I Wasn't Gonna Tell Nobody" - Said I Wasn't Gonna Tell Nobody (Stax)
8:45pm Ural Thomas and the Pain - "Pain Is the Name Of Your Game" - Pain Is The Name Of Your Game (Pres Records)
8:42pm Loved-Ones - "Lickin' Stick" - Lickin' Stick (Hightone)
8:40pm J J Jackson - "Boogaloo Baby" - It's All Right (Calla)
8:33pm Firewood - "Rococo" - It must be 12"to be named 7" (Robber Baron Records)
8:31pm Bagpipe Operation - "Melody Lane" - Mt. Lavaty (Harriet Records)
8:29pm Tiger Trap - "Supercrush" - Supercrush (King's Road Records)
8:26pm Pinkz - "Something About You" - Something About You (Gearhead)
8:24pm Millie Small - "My Boy Lollipop" - My Boy Lollipop (Fontana)
8:22pm Flirtations - "Nothing But A Heartache" - Nothing But A Heartache (Deram)
8:14pm Bats - "Shake Shake, Slop Slop" - Shake Shake, Slop Slop (Polydor)
8:12pm Lords - "Poison Ivy" - Poor Boy (Columbia)
8:09pm Hi-Fives - "Secret Sodas" - Dishwasher (702 Records)
8:05pm Fevers - "I Wanna Do It" - I Wanna Do It (Lip Stick)
8:02pm Troublemakers - "That's Funny All Right" - That's Funny All Right (Swingline)
7:55pm Preening - "Fascist Flecks" - Nice Dice (Fine Concepts)
7:51pm New Order - "Ceremony" - Ceremony (Factory)
7:48pm Happy Supply - "Health Place" - Happy Supply (Dutch Courage)
7:45pm English Singles - "Ordinary Girls" - Ordinary Girls (Slumberland)
7:42pm Television Personalities - "Where's Bill Grundy Now?" - Where's Bill Grundy Now? (King's Road Records)
7:28pm Jawbreaker - "With Or Without U-2" - Jawbox/Jawbreaker (Selfless)