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Let's waste some time together. Or not. Eat rocks.

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8:43am Kirks - "(I'm) Nothing Like You" - Get Out (Cup of Knowledge Records)
8:41am Johnny Illband - "Post Office" - Post Office (Dusty Medical)
8:36am Beat Happening - "Nancy Sin" - Nancy Sin (K Records)
8:33am Nancy Sinatra - "Sugar Town" - Summer Wine (Reprise)
8:32am Everly Brothers - "Wake Up Little Susie" - Wake Up Little Susie (Cadence)
8:29am Nick Lowe and Dave Edmunds - "When Will I Be Loved" - Sing the Everly Brothers (Columbia)
8:25am Rodrigo Amarante - "Wood and Graphite" - James Came By Today (Easy Sound)
8:20am Diana Rutherford - "Missing You" - Missing You (Xterminator)
8:16am Bevel Emboss - "City of Amsterdam" - I Like Movies (BMRD Entertainments)
8:14am Pirate Party - "No Fur on A Whale" - Sounds & Songs of the Sea (Flatter)
8:10am Nuisance - "Dragon Fly" - Brouhaha (Piggly Wiggly Records)
8:05am Amebix - "Belief" - Who's The Enemy (Spiderleg)
8:00am Radio Shock - "Trapper Keeper" - Trapper Keeper (Decoherence)
7:56am Helen Love - "Joey Ramone" - Joey Ramone (Damaged Goods)
7:54am Milky Wimpshake - "My Heart Beats Faster Than Techno" - Love Songs For Punk Rockers (Slampt)
7:52am Lunchbox - "Ordinary Day" - Don't So Creepy (Motor Way)
7:48am Kids on A Crime Spree - "We're So Good" - We're So Good (S/R)
7:47am Jumprope - "Yesteryear" - No Happy Songs E.P. (Twee Kitten Records)
7:42am Los Discos Duro - "Muchachada" - Te Le Creo (Discos Mas)
7:39am Tiffany - "I Think We're Alone" - I Think We're Alone Now (MCA/Chess)
7:33am Zongo Junction - "The Van That Got Away (Seafloor Remix)" - The Van That Got Away (Primary)
7:27am Sewer Trout - "President of the Anarchists Club" - Sex Trout (Lookout)
7:24am Kent 3 - "Estrogen Cruiser" - Coin of the Realm (Empty Records)
7:21am Glenn Eric Band - "Fire Of Love" - Hollywood & Vine (Elephant 6)
7:13am Firewood - "Komfort" - It Must be 12" to be Named 7" (Robber Baron Records)
7:11am Car - "Knows When" - Knows When (Empty Pool Records)
7:07am Northern Picture Library - "Norfolk Windmills" - Paris (Sarah)
7:00am Mogwai - "Tell Everybody That I Love Them" - Tell Everybody That I Love Them (Sub Pop)
6:54am Nation of Ulysses - "The Sound of Young America" - The Sound of Young America (DisKord)
6:51am Observers - "Lead Pill" - Lead Pill (Super-Secret Records)
6:49am Electric Eels - "Jaguar Ride" - Jaguar Ride (Hozac)
6:47am Porcelain Boys - "If You Were Real" - If You Were Real (THD Records)
6:45am Knew - "World War Ay Ay Ay Alright" - What's Hip (Long Walk) (Little Snappy Numbers)
6:39am Josef K - "Pictures (of Cindy)" - Chance Meeting (Postcard Records)
6:37am Woody and the Splinters - "Play A Part" - I Wanna Put My Rock Inside You (VTR)
6:34am Mr. T Experience - "King Dork" - King Dork/Out of Sight Out of Mind (G-Force Records)
6:32am Plan A Project - "Plan A." - Use Your Head (13 Roacho)
6:26am Mallard - "Shreds" - Shreds/Glass Dream R.I.P.s (Mt. St. Mt.)
6:19am Sea Scouts - "Destroy Your Local McDonalds" - Word As A Weapon (Zum)
6:16am JWYANZA - "Pain Dub" - Pain (T R Records)
6:13am Martin Creed - "Words" - S/T (Smart Guy)
6:11am Odd Numbers - "The Easy Life" - The Easy Life (Detour Records)
6:07am Dancer - "Bitchin' Heat" - Bitchin' Heat (Grazer)
6:05am Bizarros - "Lady Doubonette" - Lady Doubonette (Gorilla Records)
11:57pm Monty Python - "Four Yorkshiremen" - The Final Rip Off (Virgin)
11:53pm Tommy Blake - "Shake Around" - Sun Rockabilly vol. 1 (Sun/AVI)
11:50pm Carl Smith - "Loose Talk" - The Essential Carl Smith 1950-1956 (Columbia)
11:48pm Maddox Brothers and Rose - "(Pay Me) Alimony" - 1946-1951 Volume 2 (Arhoolie)
11:46pm Hank Snow - "Ridin' Home" - Heart Break Trail (RCA Victor)
11:43pm Stompin' Tom Connors - "Canada Day, Up Canada Way" - Souveniers (EMI Canada)