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10:06am Bottle Tree - "Open Secret" - Open Secret (International Anthem)
10:04am DJ Quest - "Quest Represent" - Turntables By The Bay Vol. 1 (Hip Hop Slam)
9:58am Public Enemy - "Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos" - It Takes A Nation Of Millions Ro Hold Us Back (Def Jam)
9:52am Rogues - "I Don't Need You" - Highs In The Mid Sixties: Vol 8 The South (AIP)
9:50am Los Yeti's - "No Me Digas Adios" - Los Yeti's (anon)
9:48am Gene Autry - "Red River Valley" - Cowboy Hall Of Fame (Republic Records)
9:44am Billy Bragg - "The Red Flag" - The Internationale (Utility)
9:41am Phil Ochs - "I'm Not Marching Anymore (Electric Version)" - Chords of Fame (A&M)
9:37am Cold Beat - "62 Moons" - Chaos By Invitation (Crime On The Moon)
9:30am Delia Derbyshire Appreciation Society - "Blue Filter" - Delia Derbyshire Appreciation Society (Six Degrees)
9:27am Beach Boys - "Gettin' Hungry" - Smiley Smile (Brother Records)
9:20am Banana - "Banana A" - Live (Leave Recordings)
9:16am Bernard Wright - "Bread Sandwiches" - Clean Sweep (Arista)
9:14am Percy Sledge - "Baby Help Me" - Any Day Now (Charly)
9:08am Captain Ska - "Liar Liar GE2017" - Liar Liar GE2017 (Captain's Records)
9:04am Oddisee - "NNGE" - The Iceberg (Mello Music Group)
9:00am Old Dirty Bastard - "Shimmy Shimmy Ya" - Return to the 36 Chambers (Elektra)
11:58am Marvelettes - "Please, Mr. Postman" - Please, Mr. Postman (Motown)
11:52am Charlie 'ungry - "Time To Go" - Who Is My Killer (Hozac)
11:50am Heavy Times - "Bad Brother" - Black Sunglasses (Hozac)
11:46am Black Tambourine - "Black Car" - By Tomorrow (Slumberland)
11:44am Cruel Summer - "Crazy" - Around You, Around Me (Grabbing Clouds)
11:41am Courtney Love - "Hey! Antoinette" - Hey! Antoinette (Fell Good All Over)
11:39am Delmonas - "Dangerous Charms" - Dangerous Charms (Empire)
11:37am Bo Diddley - "You Can't Judge A Book By The Cover" - I Can Tell (Chess)
11:33am Bats - "Shake Shake, Slop Slop" - Shake Shake, Slop Slop (Polydor)
11:25am Medicine Moon - "Blue Juice" - Medicine Moon (Pesanta)
11:23am Lancastrians - "Never Gonna Go Home" - Never Gonna Go Home (Capitol)
11:20am Jeff Beck - "Hi Ho Silver Lining" - Hi Ho Sliver Lining (Columbia)
11:17am Tullycraft - "Superboy & Supergirl" - True Blue (Harriet)
11:15am Cause Co-Motion - "Who's Gonna Care?" - Who's Gonna Care? (S/R)
11:13am Oh OK - "Brother" - Lilting (DB Recs)
11:12am Oh OK - "Lilting" - Lilting (DB Recs)
11:10am World - "It Take 2" - Managerial Material (It Takes Two)
11:05am Witch Jail - "Slimewave, USA" - Slimewave, USA (Too Much Rock)
11:02am Hasil Adkins - "Big Red Satellite" - Big Red Satellite (Norton)
10:59am Cramps - "She Said" - Googoo Muck (IRS)
10:56am Scully - "No Sense" - No Sense (Firetalk)
10:55am Cub - "Your Bed" - Volcano (Mint)
10:51am Mr T Experience - "More Than Toast" - Gun Crazy (Lookout)
10:49am Wesley Willis Fiasco - "Bus Pass" - Wesley Willis Fiasco/Sublime (Suburban Legends)
10:45am LL Cool J - "Dangerous" - Free 4 (B)
10:39am Gil Scott Heron - "Superman (Ain't No Such Thing)" - Superman (Arista)
10:36am George Perkins - "I Wants To Be Free" - I Wants To Be Free (Cryin' In The Streets)
10:33am Senior Service - "Depth Charge" - Depth Charge (Damaged Goods)
10:31am Thee Commons - "La Fiesta" - La Fiesta (Steadybeat)
10:27am The Razor's Edge - "Let's Call It A Day Girl" - Let's Call It A Day Girl (Pow!)
10:25am Shermans - "Springtime Sunshine" - Benno Presents... volume 1 (Benno)
10:21am BendingBus - "And With Each Step A Wider And Deeper Dream" - And With Each Step A Wider And Deeper Dream (Hi-Fi Yeah!)
10:15am Wallpaper - "Evrytm We Do It" - Evrytm We Do It (Eenie Meenie)