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Let's waste some time together. Or not. Eat rocks.

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12:13pm Bridge Collapse - "Wilderness" - Wilderness (Crime On The Moon)
12:10pm Adventures in Stereo - "Baby So Rich" - International (Bobsled)
12:06pm Shirelles - "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow" - Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow (Scepter)
12:00pm Ogres - "Uh Huh" - Third Man Fuzz (Hillsdale)
10:56am Dead Prez - "It;s Bigger Than Hip Hop" - Let's Get Free (Loud)
10:49am Rock and Roll Adventure Kids - "Hotdog" - Hotdog (Bachelor)
10:46am Scully - "No Sense" - No Sense (Firetalk)
10:44am Jackie and the Cedrics - "Soyokaze" - Soyokaze (Hillsdale)
10:42am Dee Dee Sharp - "Baby Cakes" - Gravy (Cameo)
10:39am Percy Sledge - "Cover Me" - Any Day Now (Charly)
10:37am King Khan - "America Goddamn" - America Goddamn (Obey/Khannibalism)
10:28am Los Daddys - "Las Cuerdas de Ayotzinapa" - La Cumbia para el Pueblo (Discos Mas)
10:26am Wilmoth Houdini - "The Devil Behind Me - Leggo" - Calypso Classics FromTrinidad (Arhoolie)
10:23am Vernon Dalhart - "The Bureau Drawer" - The First Singing Cowboy On Record (Mark 56)
10:19am Monkees - "Tapioca Tundra" - Valleri (RCA Victor)
10:16am Klaatu - "Sub-Rosa Subway" - Klaatu (Capitol)
10:11am Styx - "Blue Collar Man (Long Nights)" - Pieces of Eight (A & M)
10:07am Blatz - "Berkeley Is My Baby (And I Wanna Kill It)" - Shit Split (Lookout!)
10:04am Minutemen - "If Reagan Played Disco" - Ballot Result (SST)
9:52am Ronald Reagan - "Operation Coffee Cup" - Reagan Speaks Out On Socialized Medicine (American Medical Association)
9:48am Killer Mike - "Reagan" - R.A.P. Music (Williams Street)
9:33am Carpenters - "Calling Occupants on Interplanetary Craft" - Interpretations (A&M)
9:30am Creedence Clearwater Revival - "It Came out Of The Sky" - Willy And The Poor Boys (Fantasy)
9:27am Thane Russel + Three - "Security" - The Perfumed Garden II (Psycho)
9:24am Prisoners - "Melanie" - Thee Milkshakes vs. The Prisoners (Media Burn)
9:23am The Knights Of Trash - "Tell Me Tell Me" - Tell Me (Static)
9:21am Evaporators - "Brainwashed" - Welcome To My Castle (Nardwuar)
9:16am Mr. Wrong - "Schadenfreude" - Babes In Boyland (Water Wing)
9:15am Younger Lovers - "The Boy From Leeds (Next Summer In England)" - Rock Flawless (Bachelor)
9:12am Delta 5 - "Colour" - Singles and Sessions 1979-81 (Kill Rock Stars)
9:10am Otzi - "Gong Show" - Gong Show (Long Way To Go)
9:08am Shopping - "Wind Up" - Why Choose (Fat Cat)
9:04am Mane - "Bloodstone" - Alpha Female (Digital Regress)
9:00am Joy Division - "Disorder" - Unknown Pleasures (Facotry)
9:00am Bottle Tree - "Open Secret" - Open Secret (International Anthem)
10:57am Thomas Carnacki - "Venus Verheug Me Erop" - Where my Love, My Eyes Are Gone, The Rains are Coming (Alethiometer)
10:54am Erik Nervous - "Left Leg" - Innovation In Product Catlog (Discontinuous Innovation)
10:52am Midnite Snaxxx - "I Was a Jerk" - Chew On This (Pelican Pow Wow)
10:50am Buggerall - "Learning How To Smile" - Very Small World (Very Small Records)
10:48am Sweet Baby - "Pathetic" - It's A Girl (Ruby)
10:47am Coast Office - "Come Over" - Coast Office EP (S/R)
10:44am Nectarines - "Out Of My World" - Nectarines (Porch Party)
10:41am Girlpool - "It Gets More Blue" - Powerplant (Anti-)
10:34am Otzi - "Gong Show" - Gong Show (Long Way To Go)
10:32am Helena Hauff - "PPS" - A Tape (Dark Entries)
10:28am Crass - "Walls" - Stations of The Crass (Crass)
10:26am Mozart - "Miserable Adult" - Nasty (Iron Lung)
10:25am Filth - "Hate" - Live The Chaos (Lookout)
10:17am S.M. Dorsey High School Jazz Workshop - "Frankenstein" - School Me! Volume One (Stage Band Research)
10:11am Edikanfo - "Gbente" - The Pace Setters (E.G. Records)