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Live in the KALX studio, local musicians of varied styles perform at the beginning of the show (9 pm to approximately 10:30 pm). Then at around 10:30 pm there will be a live broadcast from a local club and/or rerun of a previously taped live performance from a local venue.

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Saturday, April 27, 2019 - 9:00pm to 11:59pm

Recently Played

These times are shown in Pacific time

10:16pm Kamikaze Palm Tree - "Toucans Nose" - KALX Live! (KALX)
10:02pm New Circle - "3/10/18" - KALX Live! (KALX)
9:41pm The Band Ice Cream - "Sick Over U" - KALX Live! (KALX)
9:37pm The Band Ice Cream - "Surfer Girl" - KALX Live! (KALX)
9:34pm The Band Ice Cream - "Wild" - KALX Live! (KALX)
9:29pm The Band Ice Cream - "Line #9" - KALX Live! (KALX)
9:26pm The Band Ice Cream - "Back, Tonight" - KALX Live! (KALX)
9:24pm The Band Ice Cream - "Pistol" - KALX Live! (KALX)
9:21pm The Band Ice Cream - "Roses In The Morning" - KALX Live! (KALX)
9:17pm The Band Ice Cream - "When You Are Not Around" - KALX Live! (KALX)
9:13pm The Band Ice Cream - "Your Guy" - KALX Live! (KALX)
9:09pm The Band Ice Cream - "Numbskull" - KALX Live! (KALX)
9:05pm The Band Ice Cream - "In the Band" - KALX Live! (KALX)
9:02pm The Band Ice Cream - "Softboy Rock" - KALX Live! (KALX)
11:30pm Blanche Devereaux - "11/30/03" - KALX Live! (KALX)
11:00pm Chron - "9/9/17" - KALX Live! (KALX)
10:15pm Dreamdate - "7/30/05" - KALX Live! (KALX)
10:10pm Tino Drima - "Angels" - KALX Live! (KALX)
10:04pm Tino Drima - "San Francisco General Hospital" - KALX Live! (KALX)
10:00pm Tino Drima - "On The Rocks" - KALX Live! (KALX)
9:55pm Tino Drima - "Get Me Off This Rock" - KALX Live! (KALX)
9:50pm Tino Drima - "Bummer" - KALX Live! (KALX)
9:45pm Tino Drima - "I Wanna Be Your Mantra" - KALX Live! (KALX)
9:40pm Tino Drima - "Rough" - KALX Live! (KALX)
1:29am KCDC - "Archive 2014-0823" - KALX (KALX Live)
12:57am Felson - "Archive 214-1108" - KALX (KALX Live!)
12:56am -- - "--" - -- (--)
12:32am Charlie Parr - "Archive 2016-0707" - KALX (KALX LIVE!)
12:04am Tom Vanden Avond - "Archive 2013-1005" - KALX (KALX)
11:39pm Tippy Canoe and The Paddlemen - "Archive 2008-0222" - KALX (KALX)
11:36pm Fast Heart Mart - "So Many Problems" - KALX (KALX Live!)
11:24pm Carolyn Mark - "2 Days Smug and Sober" - The Pros and Cons of Collaberation (Mint)
11:14pm Secret Emchy Society - "Interview" - -- (--)
10:42pm The Muddy Roses - "Archive 2018-0811" - KALX (KALX Live!)
10:40pm -- - "--" - -- (--)
10:37pm Secret Emchy Society - "Songs Are All We're Left With" - Live on Meatypaws (KALX Live!)
10:33pm Secret Emchy Society - "Done and Gone" - Live on Meatypaws (KALX Live!)
10:28pm Secret Emchy Society - "Grackle" - Live on Meatypaws (KALX Live!)
10:24pm Secret Emchy Society - "Hell Is A Hard Place" - Live on Meatypaws (KALX Live!)
10:20pm Secret Emchy Society - "Jagged Edges" - Live on Meatypaws (KALX Live!)
10:16pm Secret Emchy Society - "Everything Was Fine" - Live on Meatypaws (KALX Live!)
10:11pm Secret Emchy Society - "2 Feet and a Dream (KALX Vers)" - Live on Meatypaws (KALX Live!)
10:04pm Secret Emchy Society - "The Faith" - Mark's Yard (The Campfire Covers) (s/r)
9:59pm Secret Emchy Society - "Santa Cruz" - Live on Meatypaws (KALX Live!)
9:54pm Secret Emchy Society - "Go Get Lost" - Live on Meatypaws (KALX Live!)
9:47pm Secret Emchy Society - "Bears" - Live on Meatypaws (KALX Live!)
9:44pm Secret Emchy Society - "I'm Not Drunk" - Live on Meatypaws (KALX Live!)
9:40pm Secret Emchy Society - "Poncho's Lament" - Live on Meatypaws (KALX Live!)
9:38pm Secret Emchy Society - "Delia" - Live on Meatypaws (KALX Live!)
9:35pm Secret Emchy Society - "Whiskey Bent" - Live on Meatypaws (KALX Live!)