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10:27am Nots - "In Glass" - 3 (Goner)
10:21am Fontaines DC - "Dublin City Sky" - Dogrel (Partisan)
10:17am The Filaments - "Ask No Favours" - Look to the Skies (Pirates Press)
10:10am Syramip - "The Boots Are Made For Walkin'" - Skinhead Moonstomp (Sunspot)
10:08am James Brown - "It's A Man's Man's Man's World" - Classic (Spectrum Music)
10:05am Protomartyr - "Hot Wheel City" - No Passion at All Technique (Domino)
10:02am End Time - "Upon Sight" - End Time (Fullyintercoastal)
9:58am The Versatiles - "Push It In" - Tighten Up Vol. 2 (Trojan)
9:55am Buzzcocks - "Time's Up" - Spiral Scratch (Mute)
9:51am The Complicators - "Wake Up" - The Complicators (Pirates Press)
9:47am The Old Firm Casuals - "Casual Rock-N-Roll" - Holger Danske (Pirates Press)
9:42am Arthur & the Spooners - "The Jinx" - All Spooned Up (Steeltown)
9:40am Chron Gen - "Nowhere to Run" - Misadventure (Razor)
9:34am Rude Pride - "Wrong Way" - Be True To Yourself (S of the S)
9:32am Charger - "Crackdown" - Charger (Pirates Press)
9:26am Argy Bargy - "Now or Never" - Drink, Drugs and Football Thugs (Step-1 Music)
9:23am Slade - "Them Kinda Monkeys Can't Swing" - Slade In Flame (WB)
9:20am The Briefs - "Terrible Vibes" - Platinum Rats (Burger)
9:18am Giuda - "No Place To Hide" - E.V.A (Burger)
9:13am Amyl & The Sniffers - "Angel" - Amyl & The Sniffers (ATO)
9:11am Girls At Our Best! - "Getting Nowhere Fast" - Pleasure (Cherry Red)
9:07am Bow Wow Wow - "Mile High Club" - I Want Candy (RCA)
9:03am Attila the Stockbroker - "Radio Rap!" - Radio Rap! (Cherry Red)
3:18am Surplus 1980 Collectiv Ensembl with G.W. Sok - "Gutter" - Forget All This (Music a la Coque)
3:11am Grade 2 - "Hearts of Gold" - Break The Routine (Pirates Press)
3:08am Ghosts of Dance - "Black Sheep" - Walking Through Gardens (Dark Entries)
3:05am The Oppressed - "5-4-3-2-1" - 5-4-3-2-1 EP (Bronco Bullfrog)
2:58am The Rough Kutz - "Horror Ska" - Another Week Another War (RK)
2:55am Amyl & The Sniffers - "Angel" - Amyl & The Sniffers (ATO)
2:52am The Mystery Lights - "Watching the News Gives Me The Blues" - Too Much Tension (Wick)
2:49am The Templars - "News of the Night" - Dans Les Catacombs Du Studio de L'acre 1993 - 1995 (Vulture Rock)
2:43am Shacke One - "Bosse der Panke" - Stecks Schmiers & Suffs (Nordachse)
2:39am Chai - "This Is Chai" - Punk (Burger)
2:36am Bluekilla - "Jailhouse" - Bluekilla (1992) (Bluekilla)
2:32am Lee Fields & The Expressions - "It Rains Love" - It Rains Love (Big Crown)
2:25am The Aggrolites - "Pound For Pound" - Reggae Now! (Pirates Press)
2:23am The Redskins - "The Power is Yours" - Neither Washington Nor Moscow (London Music Stream)
2:21am Charger - "All Kings Must Die" - Charger (Pirates Press)
2:16am Blaggers ITA - "When The Gun Is Cocked" - United Colors of Blaggers ITA (Words of Wisdom)
2:06am Master Rappers - "Poverty (William Waters III)" - Poverty 12" (ROTA)
2:00am Skull Force - "Spiritually Incorrect" - Greedy Dig Presents Anarcho-Techno, Vol. 2 (Greedy Dig)
1:55am The Old Firm Casuals - "Zombies" - Holger Danske (Pirates Press)
1:51am Control - "Keep The Home Fires Burning" - Hooligan Rock 'n' Roll (Step-1 Music)
1:46am The Cranberries - "Crazy Heart" - In The End (BMG)
1:41am Daily Terror - "Hinterlist" - Aufrecht (Sanctuary)
1:38am End Time - "Empty Spaces" - End Time (Fullyintercoastal)
1:34am Bleu Nuit - "Boule de Cristal" - Le Jardin des Memoires (Michel)
1:25am Au Pairs - "It's Obvious" - Stepping Out Of Line: The Anthology (Sanctuary )
1:22am The Pleasers - "The Kids Are Alright" - The Kids Are Alright 7" (Arista)
1:19am Fontaines DC - "Sha Sha Sha" - Dogrel (Partisan)