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7:10am Dzang - "Another Lover" - XLO (Dzang)
7:05am Once And Future Band - "Destroy Me" - Brain (Mouth)
7:01am Spider Heart - "Dirt" - Dirt (S/R)
6:53am Negative Lovers - "Last Sex" - Faster Lovers (Picture In My Ear)
6:49am unknown artist - "Jet Jaguar Song" - Godzilla vs Megalon (Toho)
6:44am Iron Kobra - "Mothra" - Gems from The vault (S/R)
6:40am Straight Jack Cat - "Passing" - EP2 (S/R)
6:36am Blue Oyster Cult - "Godzilla" - Spectres (Columbia)
6:32am Ice Balloons - "The Night's Slave" - Ice Ballons (IB)
6:25am Arkaningelle - "World Government" - World Government (Unidade76)
6:23am Alborosie - "Poliza Atili Bandalero Remix" - Poliiza (S/R)
6:19am Alborosie - "Steppin Out" - Steppin Out (VP)
6:14am Dubblestandart - "With Music We Communicate" - Woman In Dub ()
6:05am E Gone - "The Drug Behind The Drug" - All The Suns Of The Earth (Sunrise Ocean Bender)
6:02am Monty Python - "Radio Quiz Game" - The Worst of Monty Python (Buddah)
3:18am Stereolab & Nurse With Wound - "Tripin' With The Birds" - Simple Headphone Mind (Duophonic)
3:12am Barton Horvath - "And So To Bed" - Hear How You Can Feel Fit All Day (Carlton)
3:07am Michael Gendreau - "Drowning" - Split (S/R)
3:03am 303 Committee - "Gemini Stare" - Conquest (Inam)
2:53am Chris Chafe - "Sun Shot" - Sound Symposium Harbour Symphony July 14, 2012 (S/R)
2:50am Octacilio Melgaco - "Vierten Satz" - Konzertstuck fur rasputin -Sieben Satze fur Orgel, Schlagzeug und Percussion (S/R)
2:49am Uumans - "What's The Diffence Between Good And Interesting?" - Flipping Out (Shinkoyo)
2:42am Trumpet Trumpet Synthesizer - "Oh Baby (extract)" - Weird Ear Radio Sampler 2012-2014 (Weird Ear)
2:35am Roy Eugene Davis - "Side 1" - How To Experience Your God Nature Through Meditation (New Life)
2:30am Father Murphy - "Let The Wrong Rise With You/They Will All Fail You" - Pain Is On Our Side Now (Aagoo)
2:27am Mayday! Mayday! - "Richmond Emergency" - Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! (PDQ Computer Company)
2:21am Seitz Versus Gendreau - "Things Lost That Will Never Be Found" - Seitz Versus Gendreau (Misanthropic Agenda)
2:19am Wasnt Wisnt - "Moss Phlox" - Steel Cut (S/R)
2:11am 10th Letter - "Earth Where Are`You" - Cosmic Compositions Avant Garde Series Vol. 3 [Sun Ra] (Cosmic Compositions)
2:04am Mark Turner Quartet - "The Edenist" - Lathe Of Heaven (ECM)
1:57am Modell Doo - "Coombs" - Orbit Utopia (Modell Musik)
1:53am E Gone - "Blind Tribe" - All The Suns Of The Earth (Sunrise Ocean Bender)
1:45am Defekt - "Vicious Totem" - Cults From Beyond (Raumklang)
1:39am Umberto - "Someone Chasing Someone Through A House" - Prophecy Of The Black Widow (Burka For Everybody)
1:34am White Suns - "Fossil Record" - Totem (The Flenser)
1:29am Ice Balloons - "The Night's Slave" - Ice Balloons (IB)
1:23am Alex Carlin Band - "Adsky Bodun" - Are You Better Than My Girlfriend? (S/R)
1:17am Spider Heart - "Fire" - Dirt (S/R)
1:05am Earth - "Even Hell Has Its Heros" - Primitive And Deadly (Southern Lord)
1:02am Barton Horvath - "Waking Up" - Hear How You Can Feel Fit All Day (Carlton)
8:52am Miles Davis - "Walkin'" - Cookin' At the Plugged Nickel (Columbia Jazz)
8:42am Nelson Olmsted - "The Pit and the Pendulum" - Tales Of Terror (Vanguard)
8:34am C.C.C.C - "Go to The Other Side" - Love And Noise (Endorphine Factory)
8:25am Father Murphy - "Let The Wrong Rise With You/They Will All Fail You" - Pain Is On Our Side Now (Aagoo)
8:22am -- - "--" - -- (--)
8:16am Prostate - "The Church Or The World" - Rip Vip (Phage Tapes)
8:12am Kumquat - "There's A Struggle Goin' On" - Teleprompting (Tangy Citrus)
8:09am Carne de Monstro - "Isolada" - Isolada (S/R)
8:05am The Bombay Royale - "Tere Bina" - The Island Of Dr. Electrico (Hope Street)
8:01am Angkanang Kunchai - "Teoy Salap Pamaa" - The Sound Of Siam vol. 2 (Soundway)