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Friday, March 22, 2019 - 6:00am to 9:00am

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6:45am Ruby Karinto - "fox's wedding" - Ruby Karinto (Hozac)
6:00am Talking Heads - "New Feeling" - The Name Of This Band Is Talking Heads (Sire)
8:53am Razz - "Time Frames" - Time Frames (Emotional Response)
8:51am The Burning Peppermints - "Mary Margaret" - Glittervomit (High Dive)
8:45am ANMLS - "Mierda" - ANMLS (Slovenly)
8:35am James Brown - "Get Up, Get Into It, Get Involved" - Live at the Apollo (Polydor)
8:25am Idris Ackamoor & the Pyramids - "Soliloquy for Michael Brown" - An Angel Fell (Strut)
8:20am Almas Fronterizas - "Rosa Tropical" - Rosa Tropical EP (s/r)
8:13am Czarface & MF Doom - "Forever People" - Czarface Meets Metal Face (Silver Age)
8:10am ChanHays - "Behave" - The Creepy EP (Droppin Science)
8:06am serpentwithfeet - "invoice" - soil (Secretly Canadian)
8:01am Amen Dunes - "Miki Dora" - Freedom (Sacred Bones)
7:55am Shark Toys - "No Escape" - Labyrinths (In the Red)
7:53am The World - "I Fell In Love With A Slumlord" - First World Record (Upset the Rhythm)
7:45am Joy Division - "Colony" - Closer (Qwest)
7:30am Khruangbin - "Maria Tambien" - Con Todo El Mundo (Dead Oceans)
7:28am Foreign Cinema - "Rainfall" - Monochromatic (Vibraphone)
7:23am The Acharis - "Idle Bells" - Lost In The Vortex (Exhibition)
7:20am Shilpa Ray - "Morning Terrors Nights of Dread" - Door Girl (Northern Spy)
7:16am Intensive Care - "Contemplation" - Everything Has Its Price (Lungs)
7:09am Glass Traps - "Obron" - Glass Traps (s/r)
7:05am Cough Syrup Kids - "Small Pox" - Cough Syrup Kids (Rotted Tooth)
7:03am Bad Bad - "Dead End" - Bad Bad (S-S)
7:01am Scary Women - "Rail Fence" - Scary Women (s/r)
6:00am James Brown - "The Payback" - The Payback (Polydor)
8:57am Neon - "Neon" - Typical Girls Vol. 4 (Emotional Response)
8:47am The Raw Christs - "Born out of time" - Born Out Of Time (Sonics)
8:44am Intensive Care - "Silence" - Everything Has Its Price (Lungs)
8:42am Kitten Forever - "Chores" - Semi-Permanent (Rat Queen)
8:38am Imarhan - "Tumasti" - Temet (City Slang)
8:33am Kohinoorgasm - "Azaadi Is Freedom Is Fate" - Titalee (s/r)
8:30am Lojii - "Colour" - Lofeye (Youngbloods)
8:27am Nilüfer Yanya - "Golden Cage" - Baby Luv (ATO)
8:23am Lee Morgan Quintet - "Come Sunday" - Bebop Lives! (Contemporary)
8:20am Young Fathers - "In My View" - Cocoa Sugar (Ninja Tune)
8:17am Black Milk - "Could It Be" - FEVER (Vinyl Digital)
8:10am Elaquent - "Celebrate Life!" - Celebrate Life! (Urbnet)
8:07am Havana Maestros - "Get Ur Freak On" - Americuba (Rhino)
8:05am Los Leones de la Cumbia - "San Juan" - San Juan / Movimiento de Cumbia (Discos Mas)
7:58am Control Test - "No Me Digas Nada / Sin Sentimientos" - Verdadero Criminal (Lungs)
7:53am Eternal Summers - "Famous Last Words" - Everyday It Feels Like I’m Dying... (Nevado Music)
7:52am Mean Jeans - "Jingles Collection" - Selsun Blue (Fat Wreck)
7:50am Composite - "Paper Fantasies" - Artemisia (s/r)
7:44am Moira Scar - "Psychic Vampires (These Last Dreams)" - Wound World Part 1 EP (Near Dark)
7:40am Del & Amp Live - "Sit Ya Ass Down" - Gate 13 (IOT)
7:32am Idris Ackamoor & the Pyramids - "We Be All Africans" - We Be All Africans (IK7)
7:27am DJ Taye - "Gimme Some Mo" - Still Trippin (Hyperdub)
7:24am Czarface & MF Doom - "Forever People" - Czarface Meets Metal Face (Silver Age)
7:21am The Garden - "Banana Peel" - Mirror Might Steal Your Charm (Epitaph)
7:20am The Cavemen - "Lust For Evil" - Nuke Earth (Slovenly)