Jesse Luscious

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What you hear is only most of what you get; requests, mostly of the rockin' kind, are incredibly welcome. It's opinion scattered among caffeinated punk, hip-hop, ska, country, rap, rockabilly and practically anything else thrown at the listeners like so much rotten, yet strange, fruit. Run-on sentences are a way of life!

Recently Played

These times are shown in Pacific time

3:13am Clash - "English Civil War" - Give 'Em Enough Rope (Epic)
3:08am Clash - "The Call Up" - Sandinista (Epic)
3:04am Janie Jones & The Lash - "House of the Ju-Ju Queen" - House of the Ju-Ju Queen/Sex Machine (Big Beat)
2:56am Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros - "Cool'N'Out" - Global a Go-Go (Hellcat)
2:51am Clash - "Ghetto Defendant" - Combat Rock (Epic)
2:46am Big Audio Dynamite - "Sightsee M.C.!" - No. 10, Upping St. (Columbia)
2:40am Futura 2000 Featuring The Clash - "The Escapades of Futura 2000" - Futura 2000 and his Escapades (Celluloid)
2:29am Pogues with Joe Strummer - "Brand New Cadillac/Fiesta" - Live In London (Rhino)
2:26am 101ers - "5 Star R'n'R" - Elgin Avenue Breakdown Revisited (Astralwerks)
2:23am 101ers - "Keys To Your Heart" - Elgin Avenue Breakdown (Andalucia)
2:20am Clash - "1-2 Crush On You" - Super Black Market Clash (Epic)
2:18am Clash - "White Riot" - White Riot/1977 (CBS)
2:11am Ellen Foley - "M.P.H." - Spirit of St. Louis (Cleveland International)
2:06am Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros - "All In A Day" - Streetcore (Hellcat)
2:03am Joe Strummer - "Ambush At Mystery Rock" - Straight To Hell OST (Enigma)
1:59am Clash - "Radio Clash" - Super Black Market Clash (Epic)
1:55am Clash - "Death Or Glory" - London Calling (Legacy)
1:54am Joe Strummer - "King of the Road" - Golden Bullets (S/R)
1:47am Pogues with Joe Strummer - "Dirty Old Town" - Live in London (Rhino)
1:38am Clash - "Justice Tonight/Kick It Over" - Super Black Market Clash (Epic)
1:35am Johnny Cash and Joe Strummer - "Redemption Song" - Unearthed (American)
1:31am Joe Strummer - "Filibustero" - Walker OST (Astralwerks)
1:23am Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros - "Techno D-Day" - Rock Art And The X-Ray Style (Hellcat)
1:18am Mikey Dread and The Clash - "Rockers Galore... UK Tour" - Bankrobber/Rockers Galore... UK Tour (Epic)
1:12am Clash - "Police and Thieves" - The Clash (Epic)
1:08am Clash - "Overpowered by Funk" - Combat Rock (Epic)
1:03am Joe Strummer - "Love Kills" - Sid & Nancy OST (MCA)
12:54am Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros - "Junco Partner (Live)" - Give 'Em The Boot 4 (Hellcat)
12:49am Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros - "Burnin' Streets" - Streetcore (Hellcat)
12:46am Pogues with Joe Strummer - "Turkish Song Of The Damned" - Live In London (Rhino)
12:41am Pogues with Joe Strummer - "Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah" - Live In London (Rhino)
12:39am Joe Strummer - "It's A Rockin' World" - Chef Aid: The South Park Album (Comedy Central)
12:37am 101ers - "Letsgetabitarockin" - Elgin Avenue Breakdown (Andalucia)
12:33am Clash - "Clash City Rockers" - Clash on Broadway 1 (Epic)
12:24am Clash - "Magnificent Seven" - Clash on Broadway 3 (Epic)
12:19am Joe Strummer - "Baby O'Boogie" - Island Hopping (CBS)
12:12am Big Audio Dynamite - "A Party" - This Is Big Audio Dynamite (Columbia)
12:07am Carbon/Silicon - "The Whole Truth" - The Last Post (Carbon/Silicon)
12:05am Clash - "Tommy Gun" - Hits Back (Sony)
12:00am Clash - "Rock the Casbah" - Live at Shea Stadium (Legacy)
8:56am Lars Fredericksen And The Bastards - "Wine And Roses" - Lars Fredericksen And The Bastards (Hellcat)
8:51am Neutrals - "Half Shut Knife" - Kebab Disco (Emotional Response)
8:50am Darkbuster - "Skinhead" - A Weakness For Spirits (I Scream)
8:47am Sham 69 - "Ulster" - I Don't Wanna (Step Forward)
8:40am Amebix - "Axeman" - Arise! (Alternative Tentacles)
8:36am Poison Girls - "Reality Attack" - Hex (Water Wing)
8:31am Bad Breeding - "Tortured Reality" - Exiled (Iron Lung)
8:30am Dad Brains - "Dadditude" - Dadditude (Pirates Press)
8:28am Cyberplasm - "Dopamine Machinery" - The Psychic Hologram (Iron Lung)
8:19am Losin' Streaks - "(This Man Will Self-Destruct In) T-Minus" - This Band Will Self-Destruct In T-Minus (Slovenly)