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Difficult, experimental, avant-garde, industrial, noise, and adventurous music. Every Wednesday night / Thursday morning from midnight to 1 am.

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Thursday, July 29, 2021 - 12:00am to 1:00am

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12:44am Maps and Diagrams - "The Strait of Malacca" - Get Lost (Time Released Sound)
12:41am Randy Greif - "The Hole to Heaven" - Dry Lungs II (Placebo)
12:39am Solo Organ - "Only On Their Minds" - Frequency Illusion (Golden Slipper)
12:37am Steve Hauschildt - "Attractor B" - Nonlin (Ghostly International)
12:36am Frederic Rzewski - "Coming Together" - Storylines Crossing (Starkland)
12:31am Jose Soberanes - "Extracorporal" - Luz (Faint)
12:30am Psychic TV - "Side 2" - Temporary Temple (Temple)
12:26am Tapes and Topographies - "to find your imperfection" - Ubiquitous Clouds (Simulacra)
12:22am Coil - "5-Methoxy-N,N-Dimethyl: (5-MeO-DMT)" - Time Machines (Dais)
12:20am Nurse With Wound - "Livin' fear of James Last" - Who Can I Turn To Stereo (United Diaries)
12:17am Loscil - "Equivalent 2" - Equivalents (Kranky)
12:14am Jeff Carey - "Hypercube pt 3" - Hypercube (cwnil)
12:12am Burning Star Core - "Mes Soldats Stupides (demo)" - Let's Play Wild Like Wildcats Do (Hospital Productions)
12:10am Invalid Sisters - "Side 2" - Invalid Sisters (YOUUOY)
12:08am Emptyset - "Blade" - Blossoms (Thrill Jockey)
12:06am William S. Hugh - "Lovely Corpse" - The Luciferian (William St. Hugh)
12:04am LBB - "Side B" - Popped Music (Iron Lung)
12:02am Sarah Page - "Dose Curves" - Dose Curves (Backward)
12:00am Negativland - "Destroying Anything" - True False (SeeLand)
12:55pm Folly, Hennig, VXZ 375, Hector Zazou, Bazooka - "I Love You S..." - La Perversita (Invisible)
12:53am Celtic Frost - "Into Crypt of Rays" - Morbid Tales (Metal Blade)
12:48am KK Null - "Ultimate Material III, Part 1" - Ultimate Material III (Manifold)
12:44am Gurtzeit/Zarzutzki - "Untitled 3" - Ham Radio (JMY)
12:40am Peter Brotzmann & Keiji Haino - "Houston 09x2013" - Houston 09x2013 (Black Editions)
12:34am Robert Rental & Glenn Wallis - "B1" - Untitled LP (Dark Entries)
12:29am Non - "Fie In The Organism" - Blood & Flame (Mute)
12:25am REO Speedwagen - "Keep The Fire Burning" - Good Trouble (Epic)
12:22am Sunn 0))) - "Novae" - Life Metal (Southern Lord)
12:17am Noumena & Sodium - "2" - Live Collaborations (Gameboy)
12:14am KK Null - "6-8" - Atomik Disorder (Neurot)
12:12am CCCC - "Amplified Crystal Pt. II" - CCCC (Endorphine)
12:07am Nurse With Wound - "It Just Aint So (Not A Cole Porter Song Unsung By Ella)" - Voice Notes Noise (Recommended)
12:04am Lichtenstein Lingery - "Elektra I" - Voice Notes Noise (Recommended)
12:00am - "" - La Perversita (Invisible)
12:49am Ashley Bellouin - "Bourdon" - Ballads (Drawing Room)
12:43am Sarah Davachi - "At Hand" - Let The Night Come On Bells End The Day (Recital)
12:39am Alessandra Eramo - "Roars Bangs Booms" - Roars Bangs Booms (Corvo)
12:28am AGF - "Breathing In Lines" - Source Voice (Line)
12:24am Olga Wojciechowska - "I'm Never Not Thinking About You" - Maps And Mazes (Time Released Sound & Time Sensitive Materials)
12:19am Kate Carr - "Flicker, Flow" - I Had Myself A Nuclear Spring (Rivertones)
12:16am Sarah Angliss - "Camberwell Beauty" - Ealing Feeder (Self Released)
12:12am Annie Gosfield - "Freud" - Burnt Ivory And Loose Wires (Tzadik)
12:09am Mary Ellen Childs - "Spirit Duet" - Wrack (Innova)
12:07am Caroline Devine - "City Of Things" - City Of Things (Self Released)
12:01am Annea Lockwood - "Dusk" - Ground Of Being (Recital)
12:04am Thurston Moore - "Galaxies" - Spirit Counsel (Daydream Library)
12:57am Antonio Russolo - "Corale Serenata" - Musica Futurista (Cramps)
12:55am The Quiet Club - "Free Energy Reciever" - Tesla (Farpoint)
12:51am SØS Gunver Ryberg - "Trispider" - Entangled (Avian)
12:47am NYZ - "Creativalizationstizm Unhinged::1234.. Testing" - ALG 118B (Computer Club)