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Difficult, experimental, avant-garde, industrial, noise, and adventurous music. Every Wednesday night / Thursday morning from midnight to 1 am.

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Thursday, August 13, 2020 - 12:00am to 1:00am

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12:25am REO Speedwagen - "Keep The Fire Burning" - Good Trouble (Epic)
12:22am Sunn 0))) - "Novae" - Life Metal (Southern Lord)
12:17am Noumena & Sodium - "2" - Live Collaborations (Gameboy)
12:14am KK Null - "6-8" - Atomik Disorder (Neurot)
12:12am CCCC - "Amplified Crystal Pt. II" - CCCC (Endorphine)
12:07am Nurse With Wound - "It Just Aint So (Not A Cole Porter Song Unsung By Ella)" - Voice Notes Noise (Recommended)
12:04am Lichtenstein Lingery - "Elektra I" - Voice Notes Noise (Recommended)
12:00am - "" - La Perversita (Invisible)
12:49am Ashley Bellouin - "Bourdon" - Ballads (Drawing Room)
12:43am Sarah Davachi - "At Hand" - Let The Night Come On Bells End The Day (Recital)
12:39am Alessandra Eramo - "Roars Bangs Booms" - Roars Bangs Booms (Corvo)
12:28am AGF - "Breathing In Lines" - Source Voice (Line)
12:24am Olga Wojciechowska - "I'm Never Not Thinking About You" - Maps And Mazes (Time Released Sound & Time Sensitive Materials)
12:19am Kate Carr - "Flicker, Flow" - I Had Myself A Nuclear Spring (Rivertones)
12:16am Sarah Angliss - "Camberwell Beauty" - Ealing Feeder (Self Released)
12:12am Annie Gosfield - "Freud" - Burnt Ivory And Loose Wires (Tzadik)
12:09am Mary Ellen Childs - "Spirit Duet" - Wrack (Innova)
12:07am Caroline Devine - "City Of Things" - City Of Things (Self Released)
12:01am Annea Lockwood - "Dusk" - Ground Of Being (Recital)
12:04am Thurston Moore - "Galaxies" - Spirit Counsel (Daydream Library)
12:57am Antonio Russolo - "Corale Serenata" - Musica Futurista (Cramps)
12:55am The Quiet Club - "Free Energy Reciever" - Tesla (Farpoint)
12:51am SØS Gunver Ryberg - "Trispider" - Entangled (Avian)
12:47am NYZ - "Creativalizationstizm Unhinged::1234.. Testing" - ALG 118B (Computer Club)
12:46am Mr. Incognito - "Wheel Of Fortune" - The Secret Lab (Rat Life)
12:45am Pas Musique - "Inside The Spectrum" - Inside The Spectrum (Alrealon Music)
12:40am Spyweirdos - "e" - Ten Letters (Creative Space)
12:38am Paradon't - "Gonyungk Wadt (Mntrx)" - Thrd Mpct Ep (Disk)
12:34am Palmer Eldritch - "Up With The Quark" - Five Easy Pieces (PAD)
12:31am Ricardo Dillon Wanke - "Gallos Blancos" - Cuts (Three-Four)
12:27am Zov Zov - "The Fire Consumes" - Fata Morgana (Berceuse Heroique ‎)
12:24am Ekoplekz - "Stahlman Gas" - Intrusive Incidentalz Vol 1 (Punch Drunk)
12:22am Supersilent - "13.3" - 13 (Rune Grammofon)
12:19am Ghikas & Walshe - "Al Forno Yeah" - From Good Teeth (Migro)
12:16am Kurt Schwitters - "Zweiter Teil: Largo" - Ursonate (Wergo)
12:14am John J Lafia - "The Moth" - The Acceptable Presence (Light Sounds Dark)
12:10am AUN - "Consumed by Flies" - VII (Denovali)
12:07am Kevin Hufnagel - "Not An Accident" - Kleines Biest (ZerOKilled Music)
12:05am Captain Miki - "Do Pok" - The Solar Anus (Migro)
12:04am DJ Balli - "Skateboard is Not Skateboard" - In Skateboard We Noize! (Sonic Bellegranza)
12:01am Frank Rothkamm - "hcl" - Moers Works (1982-1984) (Moonchrome Vision)
12:55am Nurse With Wound - "Trasference pt 2 (Terminus)" - Arcane Reawakening (Old Europa Cafe)
12:46am Jim O'Rourke - "untitled (remix)" - Changez Retravaillé (Ricerca Sonora)
12:35am Angel Archer - "The Birds Wrap Themselves in Feather Robes, Radiant in the Sunlight" - Angel Archer (Tape Drift)
12:27am Common Eider, King Eider - "Sun .:. Fire" - Égrégore (Cold Spring)
12:15am Camilla Hannan - "live at the Exploratorium (excerpt)" - Tenth Annual Activating The Medium Festival (23five)
12:11am Es - "Ennen Oli Huonommin" - Kesämaan Lapset (Fonal)
12:03am Nurse With Wound - "Trasference pt 1 (Surge)" - Arcane Reawakening (Old Europa Cafe)
12:30am Public Image Ltd. - "Poptones" - Second Edition (Island)
12:01am Talking Heads - "Found a Job" - More Songs About Buildings and Food (Sire)