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Difficult, experimental, avant-garde, industrial, noise, and adventurous music. Every Wednesday night / Thursday morning from midnight to 1 am.

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Thursday, May 6, 2021 - 12:00am to 1:00am

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12:42am Swimming In Bengal - "Walking Alone" - Vol. 1 (Lather)
12:40am Dispirit - "Bitumen Amnii" - Rehersal At Oboroten (S/R)
12:35am Merzbow - "Track 5" - Zophorus (Blossoming Noise)
12:31am The Residents - "Beyond the Valley of a Day in the Life" - The Beatles Play The Residents and The Residents Play The Beatles (Ralph Records)
12:25am Christian Marclay - "His Master's Voice" - Records (Atavistic)
12:20am Al Qaeda - "--" - AQECRMXCLLB (Love Torture)
12:15am Stephen O'Mailey & Atsuo - "Untitled" - Uroborus Circuit (Inoxia)
12:12am Prurient - "Calf" - Shipwrecker's Diary (Ground Fault)
12:10am pretentious as - "6EQUJS" - Chytridiomiosis (S/R)
12:05am Swans - "Money Is Flesh" - Greed (PVC)
12:00am Pyramids - "Ghost" - Pyramids (Hydra Head)
11:59pm Svartvit - "Pseudo-solidarity" - Auto-da-Fe (S/R)
12:54am Pan Sonic - "Lahetys/Transmission" - Katodivaihe/Cathodephase (Blast first Petit)
12:50am Swirlies - "Sea Wolf Edit" - Strictly East Coast Sneaky Flute Music (--)
12:47am The Botanist - "Gorechid" - The Suicide Tree (--)
12:41am Cluster - "Georgel" - Cluster II (Brain)
12:39am Worms - "Cananova" - Acne (S/R)
12:32am Velvet Glacier - "If We Don't, Remember Me" - If We Don't, Remember Me (S/R)
12:30am Aiden Baker & Tim Hecker - "Phantom on a Pedestal" - Fantasma Parastasie (Alien 8)
12:24am Isis - "Hym (Thomas Koner)" - Oceanic: Remixes/Reinterpretations (Hydra Head)
12:19am Seefeel - "Ashdecon" - CH-VOX (Rephlex)
12:15am Vonny Julpine - "Fakota Danning" - Vonny Julpine 7" (S/R)
12:08am Verklarte Kristallnacht - "Gary Lucas" - Live at Berlin Jazzfest 11/4/1989 (Bootleg) (N/A)
12:04am VVV - "Incredible Criminals" - Endless Wonder (Saturn Strip)
12:56am Father Murphy - "Bones Got Dry" - Pain Is On Our Side Now (Aagoo)
12:44am Monos - "Promotion (excerpt)" - Promotion (Twenty Hertz)
12:35am Miriam de Waard - "Voor Elise" - Voor Elise (Staalplaat)
12:30am Sigillum S - "Two Miniskirted Scorpions Digitally Mating on a Platform" - Studs and Divinity (Monochrome ision)
12:27am Stilluppsteypa - "Important Anti-Art Dances" - split w/ Melt-Banana (Something Weird)
12:16am Hildur Gudnadottir, BJ Nilsen, and Stilluppsteypa - "The Direction Was Foggy Or Cloudy" - Second Childhood (Quecksilber)
12:02am Nurse With Wound and Graham Bowers - "...and never will be again (excerpt)" - Rupture (United Dirter)
12:53am Big City Orchestra - "Raga" - Cockamame (S/R)
12:46am Hollywood Dream Trip - "Summary and Concluding Remarks (excerpt)" - Would You Like To Know More? (Streamline)
12:41am Mirror - "Calmahain" - An Uncommon Nature (Anomalous)
12:36am Asmus Tietchens - "Volkstest" - Formen Letzter Hausmusik (United Dairies)
12:33am Taiga Remains - "Sup Pralad" - Works For Casette (Helen Scarsdale Agency)
12:25am Blood Wedding - "Seventh Walk in the Fictional Woods (excerpt)" - A Survey of Locked Modes (Future Audio Graphics)
12:21am Andrew Chalk - "Introduction" - Ferial Confine: The Full Use of Nothing (Siren)
12:09am Jim Haynes - "track 1" - The Shudder of Velocity (Noisendo)
12:03am Monolyth & Cobalt - "Polar" - Polarlicht (Time Released Sound)
12:45am Organum - "Renunciate" - Submission (Complacency)
12:40am Anla Courtis - "20,000 Volts" - The Torrid (Porter)
12:36am The Hub - "Borrowing and Stealing" - Boundary Layer (Tzadik)
12:31am Ambarchi, O'Malley, Dunn - "Circumstances of Faith" - Shade Themes from Kairos (Drag City)
12:27am Sanhedrin - "Donoyouni" - Sukino Godaburyu Ichieichi (Trailights)
12:23am Loscil - "Motoc" - Plume (Kranky)
12:18am Gordon Mumma - "Hornpipe" - Live-Electronic Music (Tzadik)
12:15am Charles Amirikhanian - "Mahogany Ballpark" - Lexical Music (Arch Hill/Fyling Nunm)
12:13am Rovo - "Larva" - Imago (Incidental)
12:11am Oval - "3 #001" - Dok (Thrill Jockey)