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Difficult, experimental, avant-garde, industrial, noise, and adventurous music. Every Wednesday night / Thursday morning from midnight to 1 am.

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Thursday, June 24, 2021 - 12:00am to 1:00am

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12:05am Kryssi Battalene - "Blazing Star" - Wound: A guitar-Centric Compilation (Carbon)
12:01am Sam Ashley & Werner Durand - "Love Among the Immortals" - I'd Rather Be Lucky Than Good (Unseen Worlds)
12:58pm Suishou No Fune - "Into The Light" - Suishou No Fune (Japanoise Records)
12:57pm Papivores - "The Prisoner's Dream" - Death & Spring (Hands In The Dark)
12:56am Om Kasoum - "A4" - Hassibak Lizzamane (Sono Cairo)
12:51am Louis & Bebe Barron - "Love At The Swimming Hole" - Forbidden Planet (Small Planet)
12:49am Young Echo - "Baron" - Young Echo (Young Echo)
12:48am Lotfollah Majid - "Shur" - Traditional Persian Music (Ahange-Rooz)
12:44am Varuna - "Enteia's Daydream" - Metamorph (amenthia recordings ‎)
12:42am Hossein Khaje Amir - "side B" - بيات ترك / شور (الیمپیک (Olympic))
12:37am Internazionale - "Locals of the Internet" - Standards of Beauty (Janushoved)
12:35am Saliha - "Said Lassied" - Danses et Chats Bedouins de Tunisie (Le Chant du Monde)
12:32am Hear In Now - "Last Night's Vacation" - Not Living in Four (International Anthem)
12:20am Tape Projects - "Tape Projects" - Tape Projects (Tape Projects)
12:17am Sculpture - "Artificial Artificial The Flowers" - Nearest Neighbour (Tapebox)
12:14am Soliman Gamil - "Village & Town" - Ankh (Touch and Go)
12:11am Decimus - "Side B" - Decimus 3 (Kelippah)
12:09am Jilala de Tangier - "Darba Del Haremmi" - Moroccan Trance Music (Sub Rosa)
12:05am Peder Manerfelt - "How Was your Day? (Numb)" - ()
12:01am Nasser Rastegar-Nejad - "Nooruz dar ghorbst" - The Persian Santur (Nonesuch Explorer Series)
2:47am Jim Helms - "Porque de Moras?" - Bossa Nova (Crown)
2:42am The Stan Getz Quartet - "Where Do You Go?" - Getz at the Gate (Verve)
2:35am Aymee Nuviola - "Somos Cubanos" - A Journey Through Cuban Music (Sony Music)
2:27am Chucho Valdez - "Begin to Be good" - Chucho's steps (Spirit Music)
2:22am Earth Wind & Fire - "Runnin" - All 'N All (Columbia)
2:17am Earth, Wind & Fire - "Fan The Fire" - Earth, Wind & Fire (S/T)
2:08am James Brown - "Stone To the Bone" - The Payback (Polydor)
2:00am James Brown - "People Get Up and Drive Your Funky Soul" - Motherlode (PolyGram)
1:53am Whispers - "This Kind of Lovin'" - This Kind of Lovin' (Solar)
1:48am Whispers - "Try and Make it Better" - Headlights (Solar)
1:43am Brothers Johnson - "Strawberry Letter 23" - Right On Time (AM)
1:38am Brothers Johnson - "Land of Ladies" - Look Out for #1 (Quincy Jones)
12:51am Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. - "Dark Star Blues" - Reverse of Rebirth In Universe (Riot Season)
12:48am Sun Ra - "It's After The End of The World" - Sun Ra In Space is the Place (Sutro Park)
12:42am John Zorn - "Katsumi Shigeru" - The Classic Guide to Strategy Volumes One & Two (Tzadik)
12:37am Animal Collective - "Blue Noses" - Meeting of the Waters (Domino)
12:33am Sun Ra - "The Embassy of the Living God" - Crystal Spears (Modern Harmonic)
12:30am -- - "" - ()
12:27am Cecil Taylor - "Garden I" - Garden Part 2 (Hat Hut)
12:25am Body Without Organs - "The Vanishing Pentagram" - Isis And Thoth (Dark Entries)
12:19am Bubbha Thomas & the Lightmen - "Free As You Want to Be" - Complete Works: Free As You Want to Be (Now-Again)
12:15am John Oswald - "The Speed of Space" - Grayfolded (Swell/Artifact)
12:09am Ornette Coleman - "Three Ways To One" - Colors (Harmolodic/Verve)
12:04am Crazy Doberman - "free lsd pt. 1" - Free LSD (Radical Documents)
12:00am Andrew Liles - "reversing through time" - Fast Forward Through Time (Illusion Four) (United Dairies)
12:56am Tomoyoshi Date and Stijin Huwels - "hocku" - hocku-ekki-tou (Home Normal)
12:18am Tomoyoshi Date and Stijin Huwels - "Tough Love" - hocku-ekki-tou (Home Normal)
12:00am Tomoyoshi Date and Stijin Huwels - "ekki" - hocku-ekki-tou (Home Normal)
12:57am -- - "" - ()
12:48am Thomas Carnacki - "Fur and Fuzz It" - The Museum of Lost Species (Alethiometer)