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Difficult, experimental, avant-garde, industrial, noise, and adventurous music. Every Wednesday night / Thursday morning from midnight to 1 am.

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Thursday, June 24, 2021 - 12:00am to 1:00am

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12:46am Mr. Incognito - "Wheel Of Fortune" - The Secret Lab (Rat Life)
12:45am Pas Musique - "Inside The Spectrum" - Inside The Spectrum (Alrealon Music)
12:40am Spyweirdos - "e" - Ten Letters (Creative Space)
12:38am Paradon't - "Gonyungk Wadt (Mntrx)" - Thrd Mpct Ep (Disk)
12:34am Palmer Eldritch - "Up With The Quark" - Five Easy Pieces (PAD)
12:31am Ricardo Dillon Wanke - "Gallos Blancos" - Cuts (Three-Four)
12:27am Zov Zov - "The Fire Consumes" - Fata Morgana (Berceuse Heroique ‎)
12:24am Ekoplekz - "Stahlman Gas" - Intrusive Incidentalz Vol 1 (Punch Drunk)
12:22am Supersilent - "13.3" - 13 (Rune Grammofon)
12:19am Ghikas & Walshe - "Al Forno Yeah" - From Good Teeth (Migro)
12:16am Kurt Schwitters - "Zweiter Teil: Largo" - Ursonate (Wergo)
12:14am John J Lafia - "The Moth" - The Acceptable Presence (Light Sounds Dark)
12:10am AUN - "Consumed by Flies" - VII (Denovali)
12:07am Kevin Hufnagel - "Not An Accident" - Kleines Biest (ZerOKilled Music)
12:05am Captain Miki - "Do Pok" - The Solar Anus (Migro)
12:04am DJ Balli - "Skateboard is Not Skateboard" - In Skateboard We Noize! (Sonic Bellegranza)
12:01am Frank Rothkamm - "hcl" - Moers Works (1982-1984) (Moonchrome Vision)
12:55am Nurse With Wound - "Trasference pt 2 (Terminus)" - Arcane Reawakening (Old Europa Cafe)
12:46am Jim O'Rourke - "untitled (remix)" - Changez Retravaillé (Ricerca Sonora)
12:35am Angel Archer - "The Birds Wrap Themselves in Feather Robes, Radiant in the Sunlight" - Angel Archer (Tape Drift)
12:27am Common Eider, King Eider - "Sun .:. Fire" - Égrégore (Cold Spring)
12:15am Camilla Hannan - "live at the Exploratorium (excerpt)" - Tenth Annual Activating The Medium Festival (23five)
12:11am Es - "Ennen Oli Huonommin" - Kesämaan Lapset (Fonal)
12:03am Nurse With Wound - "Trasference pt 1 (Surge)" - Arcane Reawakening (Old Europa Cafe)
12:30am Public Image Ltd. - "Poptones" - Second Edition (Island)
12:01am Talking Heads - "Found a Job" - More Songs About Buildings and Food (Sire)
12:56am Amnesia Scanner - "AS Symmetrical" - Another Life (Pan)
12:55am - - "" - ()
12:51am Body Without Organs - "I am in hell" - Isis and Thoth (Dark Entries)
12:44am Blanck Mass - "Death Drop" - Animated Violence Mild (Sacred Bones)
12:42am A. G. Cook - "Money on a Gold Plate" - Money on a Gold Plate - Single (PC Music)
12:37am 33EMYBW - "Induce" - Arthropods (SVBKVLT)
12:32am Pan Daijing - "Nerve Matter" - Lack (Pan)
12:28am These Hidden Hands - "These Moments Dismantled feat. Lucrecia Dalt" - These Moments Dismantled (Hidden Hundred)
12:24am Klein - "Listen and See as They Take" - Lifetime (Ijn Inc.)
12:22am - - "" - ()
12:19am Urochromes - "Night Bully" - Night Bully EP (Wharf Cat)
12:16am Lingua Ignota - "Day of Tears and Murning" - Caligula (Profound Lore)
12:13am Pan Daijing - "Eat" - Lack (Pan)
12:06am Ramleh - "Spear Flower" - Hole in the Heart (Broken Flag)
12:01am Kerridge - "Waiting For love 1" - Waiting For Love (Downwards)
12:56am Kim Cascone - "Cathode Flower" - Cathode Flower (Mille Plateaux)
12:54am Soundwalk Collective - "Nadqan" - Transmission (Dischi Fantom)
12:53am Gopi Krishna - "Kathak Dance" - Kathak Dance Music (Odeon)
12:52am Paul Dresher - "Mirrors" - Casa Vecchia (Starkland)
12:50am Zazou / Bikaye / CY1 - "Dju Ya Feza (Original Demo)" - Noir Et Blanc (Crammed Discs)
12:46am Julien Sauser & Lucas Tamarit - "False" - Rechlat (Self Released)
12:25am Master Musicians Of Bukake - "Cave Of Light: The Prima Materia ~ The Circle Is Binding ~ The Circular Ruins" - Far West + Further West Quad Cult LP (Important Records)
12:22am Hear In Now - "Last Night's Vacation" - Not Living In Fear (International Anthem)
12:19am The Azuma Kabuki Musicians - "Ninin Wankyu" - Kauki (Columbia)