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Difficult, experimental, avant-garde, industrial, noise, and adventurous music. Every Wednesday night / Thursday morning from midnight to 1 am.

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Thursday, July 9, 2020 - 12:00am to 1:00am

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12:27am Stilluppsteypa - "is this (better than) what i'm used to" - Interferences Are Often Reuqested (Mille Plateaux)
12:21am Amazonia 6891 - "Track 2" - Amazonia 6891 (Black Sweat)
12:16am Hirsche Nicht Aus Sofa - "Gefahrlicher Neuer Negersong" - The Book of Dingenskirchen (DOM)
12:14am Xela - "Lust & Paradise" - The Sublime (Type)
12:12am Planet Y - "Space Station" - Space Station (Public Guilt)
12:09am Harry, Oreste, and Ave Bertoia - "August 15th, 1972" - Sonambients (Important Records)
12:03am Amma Ateria - "Veiela" - Vague Pure Affection (Bimodal Press)
12:53am Alien Chasm Jock - "dab" - plunderphonics (fony)
12:51am John Zorn - "Desperate From Having Been Left Without A Bladder" - The Urmuz Epigrams (Tzadik)
12:46am Jeff Carey - "step Back" - Interrupt-Decay (S/R)
12:45am Aphex Twin - "DISKPREPT4" - Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments Pt2 (Warp Records)
12:38am Crazy Doberman - "free lsd pt. 1" - Free LSD (Radical Documents)
12:35am Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band - "The Dust Blows Forward 'N The Dust Blows Back" - Trout Mask Replica (Reprise)
12:34am Zachary James Watkins - "Radius" - Black Interiors (Ratskin)
12:20am Sigtryggur Berg Sigmursson - "New Music (sounds familiar?)" - O.K. Computer Music (Some)
12:19am Voicehandler - "June 8" - light from another light (Humbler)
12:13am Hvide Sejl, Varg & F. Valentin - "Like Fruit In A Bowl" - "Brazil" (Posh Isolation)
12:09am Erik Bunger - "The Empire Never Ended" - The Empire Never Ended (Infinite Greyscale)
12:03am Varispeed - "fear nowtell into leaf" - Empty Words (Gold Bolus)
12:01am Sushi Dart Scar - "z24" - plunderphonics (fony)
12:48am Bastard Noise - "Earned Extinction" - Bastard Noise/ Spastic Colon split (pinch a loaf)
12:33am Voicehandler - "May 25" - light from another light (Humbler)
12:30am Uncle Woody Sullender - "sallie goodman breakdown" - nothing is certain but death (dead ceo)
12:24am Amps For Christ - "Ancient Tokarians" - Songs From Mt Ion (Thumbprint Press)
12:09am Sult - "Jern" - Svimmelhed (Conrad Sound)
12:05am John Davis - "Idly Sit the Sun" - Visiting the Sun (Bimodal Press)
12:03am Kluster - "Kluster 2" - 1970-1971 (Water)
12:00am Strum Dummy - "borjar" - Strum Dummy (Black Cottage)
12:54am C.3.3. - "The Devil's Own Brigade" - The Ballad of Reading Gaol (Cold Spring)
12:48am Common Eider Kng Eider - "We Sing Over These Bones So That They May Rise Up And Run Away Into The Night" - A Wound of Body (Cyclic Law)
12:42am Sygtryggur Berg Sigmarsson - "New Music (sounds familiar?) (excerpt)" - OK Computer Music (Some)
12:31am Locrian and Christoph Heemann - "Loathe the Light" - Locrian and Christoph Heemann (Handmade Birds)
12:21am Andrew Liles vs. Kommissar Hjuler und Frau - "Mix One : Commendatori" - Andrew Liles Vs. Kommissar Hjuler And Frau (Psych KG)
12:10am Liz Allbee - "Strategies for Failure and Relief from Persistent Positive Symptoms (excerpt)" - Strategies For Failure (Resipiscent)
12:02am Current 93 - "untitled tracks" - Invocations of Almost (The Spheres)
12:52am Eris 136199 - "Hypnagogia I" - Eris 136199 (Buster and Friends)
12:49am John Davis - "Idly Sit the Sun" - Visiting The Sky (Bimodal Press)
12:45am Crazy Doberman - "free lsd pt. 1" - Free LSD (Radical Documents)
12:43am Noveau Classical Project - "Cy" - Currents (Gold Bolus)
12:40am Ornette Coleman - "First Take" - Free Jazz (Rhino World Beat)
12:38am FRKSE - "Lions To Poach" - Denigration Rapture (Iron Lung)
12:35am Black to Comm - "Rameses II" - Seven Horses For Seven Kings (Thrill Jockey)
12:31am John Zorn - "the fire book: two" - The Classic Guide to Strategy: Volume Three (Tzadik)
12:30am -- - "" - ()
12:25am Melford, Myra, Zeena Parkins and Miya Masoaka - "Saturn" - MZM (Infrequent Seams)
12:21am Solo Organ - "Gray Cycler" - Frequency Illusion (Golden Slipper)
12:18am Jeff Carey - "lag" - Interrupt-Decay (S/R)
12:13am Eli Wallace - "Barriers" - Barriers (Eschatology)
12:09am Anton La Vay - "The Satanic Mass" - The Satanic Mass (Murgenstrum)
12:06am Coil - "4-Indolol,3-[2-(Dimethylamino)Ethyl], Phosphate Ester: (Psilocybin)" - Time Machines (Dais)