Hurricane Lorraine

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A hint of funk and a healthy dose of punk rock nostalgia.

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11:57am Bomb the Music Industry! - "Hurricane Waves" - Vacation (Ernest Jenning/Really)
11:53am Better Half Dozen - "I'm Gonna Leave You" - Louisisana Punk From The 60's (Era)
11:50am Fred Hughes - "Don't Let It Happen To Us" - Let's Boogaloo (Record Kicks)
11:47am Clydie King - "If You Were A Man" - Leepers, Sleepers, and Creepers (Kent)
11:46am Majestics - "Riding By" - Las Vegas Grind (Trip)
11:39am Prince - "I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man" - Sign O' The Times (Paisley Park)
11:37am Total Control - "Safety Net" - Typical System (Iron Lung)
11:33am Young Guv - "Crushing Sensation" - Ripe 4 Luv (Slumberland)
11:31am Girlpool - "Before The World Was Big" - Before The World Was Big (Wichita)
11:26am Paul Horn - "Count Your Change" - Jockey Short Cuts (Columbia)
11:26am Shivery Shakes - "Recurring Dreams" - Three Waves and a Shake (Austin Town Hall & Punctum)
11:24am Bill Coday - "I'm Back To Collect" - Lost Soul (CBS)
11:21am John E Sharpe - "Monkey Shine" - Let's Dig Them Up (No Tyme)
11:19am Metropolitans - "Screaming Part 1" - Memorial Album (Mr Manicotti)
11:15am Smugglers - "Your Mom's the Devil" - In The Hall of Fame (PopLlama)
11:08am Huff Stuff Magazine - "Yesterday's News" - Huff Stuff Magazine (Dead Beat)
11:05am Al Michael - "Till The End of the Day" - Louisiana Punk (Era)
11:04am Scream - "Solidarity" - Scream (Dischord)
11:01am Institute - "No Billowing Wind" - Catharsis (Sacred Bones)
10:59am Royal Headache - "Psychotic Episode" - Royal Headache (What's Your Rupture?)
10:57am First City - "Shotgun" - Everything Is A Mess (Transgressive)
10:51am Juke Joint Pimps - "Lets Do The Hippie Dance" - Boogie Pimps (Voodoo Rhythm)
10:48am Guy Morris - "Hot Pants Party" - Let's Boogaloo (Record Kicks)
10:46am Francience Thomas - "I'll Be There" - Keb Darge's Legendary Deep Funk Vol 3 (Barely Breaking Even)
10:41am Junior Walker - "Hip City" - Junior Walker and the All Stars Live (Soul)
10:35am Champion Jack Dupree - "Shim Sham Shimm" - Lookey-Dookey (Honk It)
10:32am Pretty Flowers - "My Alchemist" - My Alchemist (Clear As Mud)
10:30am Woolen Men - "No Deal" - Rain Shapes (Loglady)
10:27am Wimp Facto 14 - "Jittery and Wobbling" - Ankle Deep (Harriet)
10:24am Jackson C Frank - "Blues Ran The Game" - The Complete Recordings (Ba Da Bing)
10:22am Green Day - "Words I Might Have Ate" - Kerplunk! (Lookout)
10:19am Sweet Baby - "Year After Year" - It's A Girl! (Ruby)
10:17am Rosebuds - "10AM" - Pop On Top! (Bomp!)
10:16am Pinhead Gunpowder - "MPLS Song" - Jump Salty (Lookout)
10:11am Crimpshrine - "Tomorrow" - Sleep, What's That? (Lookout)
10:07am Nuisance - "Eureka (I Found It)" - Sunny Side Down (Lookout)
10:05am Mr. T Experience - "Love American Style" - Love American Style (Lookout)
10:02am Sincron - "Pe Linga Plopii Fara Sot" - Surfeit Behind The Iron Curtain (Archive Int'l Productions)
9:59am Joe Hicks - "Home Sweet Home" - I'm Just Like You: Sly's Stone Flower 1969-70 (Light In The Attic)
9:53am Bo Dallis - "Handa Wanda" - Madri Gras In New Orleans (Mardi Gras)
9:49am Ibeyi - "River" - France Rocks (Bureau Export)
9:45am Grimes - "Genesis" - Visions (4AD)
9:41am Compound - "Torture The Best" - Turn Of The Grindstone (KO City Studios)
9:34am Protex - "Don't Ring Me Up" - Good Vibrations (Anagram)
9:32am Sheer Mag - "Point Breeze" - What You Want (Wilsuns)
9:28am Newtown Neurotics - "Agony" - Beggars Can Be Choosers (Razor)
9:24am Big Boys - "Hollywood Swinging" - Big Boys (IRS)
9:22am Screaming Jay Hawkins - "Frenzy" - Frenzy (Edsel)
9:19am Pralins - "Jumpin' Run" - German Measels (Ugly Things)
9:17am Executives - "Bad Reputation" - Kicks (ADCO)