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12:47pm Mild High Club - "Windowpane" - Timeline (Circle Star)
12:45pm Jimmy Smith and Wes Montgomery - "Jimmy and Wes" - Jimmy and Wes The Dynamic Duo (MGM)
12:41pm The Shirelles - "Let's Stay Together" - Shirelles (Dynaflex)
12:37pm Celestial Hysteria - "New Song aka Going Home" - Golden State Psychedlia (Big Beat)
12:35pm Barry Adamson - "Flight" - Back to the Cat (Central Control)
12:32pm Grace Jones - "Party Girl" - Inside Story (Manhattan)
12:29pm Tommy Guerrero - "At The Circle's Edge" - Perpetual (Too Good)
12:24pm Lower Dens - "To Die in L.A." - Escape From Evil (Ribbon)
12:20pm Pure Bathing Culture - "Palest Pearl" - Pray For Rain (Partisan)
12:18pm Tommy Guerrero - "Thoughts of Tomorrow" - Perpetual (Too Good)
12:15pm Jimmy Smith and Wes Montgomery - "Baby It's Cold Outside" - Jimmy and Wes The Dynamic Duo (Verve)
12:11pm The Village Soul Choir - "What Happened to the Vows We Made" - The Village Soul Choir on Sesame Street (Abbott Records)
12:07pm Lee Dorsey - "Little Baby" - New Orleans Funk (Soul Jazz)
12:03pm Sun Ra - "The Beginning" - A Space Odessey (Fantastic Voyage)
2:57pm Wolf Eyes - "Twister Nightfall" - I Am a Problem: Mind in Pieces (Third Man Records)
2:53pm The Goody Box - "Blow Up" - Golden State Psychedelia (Ace)
2:53pm David Bowie - "Heroes" - Heroes (RCA)
2:45pm David Bowie - "Interview" - Let's Talk (EMI)
2:42pm David Bowie - "Loving the Alien" - Tonight (EMI)
2:38pm Bronze - "Under" - In Stone (Burka For Everybody)
2:27pm David Bowie and Pat Metheny - "This is Not America" - This is not America 12" (EMI)
2:23pm Jennylee - "Long Lonely Winter" - right on! (Rough Trade)
2:17pm Pigeondust - "Knife In a Pocket" - Moon, Wisdom, & Slackness (Cold Busted)
2:13pm David Bowie - "Changes" - Changes (RCA)
2:10pm Jook - "Bish Bash Bosh" - Rule (Sing Sing)
2:07pm Los Mockers - "I Wanna Go" - Los Nuggetz (Rock Beat)
2:05pm David Bowie - "Where Have All The Good Times Gone" - Pinups (RCA)
2:03pm Motorhead - "Dance" - Ace of Spades (Castle)
2:00pm Uriah Heep - "Tears in My Eyes" - Look At Yourself (Mercury)
2:00pm Glass Animals - "Hazey" - Zaba (Wolftone)
1:58pm Ty Segall - "Cat Black" - Ty Rex (Goner)
1:56pm David Bowie - "Interview" - Let's Talk (EMI America)
1:54pm David Bowie - "Kooks" - Hunky Dory (RCA Victor)
1:51pm Courtney Barnett - "Boxing Day Blues (Revisited)" - Boxing Day Blues (Revisited) (Third Man Records)
1:47pm Fanny - "Come and Hold Me" - Fanny (Reprise)
1:42pm Wax Idols - "At Any Moment" - America Tragic (Collect)
1:37pm David Bowie - "I Can't Give Everything Away" - Blackstar (Columbia)
1:35pm David Bowie - "Interview" - Let's Talk (EMI)
1:30pm Allen Toussaint - "Night People" - Motion (Warner Brothers)
1:23pm Parliament - "Wants to Get Funked Up" - Mothership Connection (Casablanca)
1:20pm Pigeondust - "Lives In the Clouds" - Moon, Wisdom and Slackness (Cold Busted)
1:13pm Blowfly - "The Alphabet Song" - Rappin, Dancin' and Laughing (Weird World)
1:10pm Titus Turner - "Hold Your Loving" - R & B Hipshakers (Vampi Soul)
1:08pm Brett Smiley - "Va va voom" - Velvet Tinmine (RPM)
1:05pm Mott The Hoople - "Crash Street Kidds" - Mott The Hoople (Columbia)
1:01pm David Bowie - "All The Young Dudes" - The David Bowie 1969.1974 (Virgin)
12:57pm David Bowie - "Interview" - Let's Talk (EMI)
12:53pm Kevin Ayers - "Song for Insane Times" - Joy of a Toy (BGD Records)
12:47pm Mantles - "Hate to See You Go" - All Odds End (Slumberland)
12:45pm Pigeondust - "Knowledge" - Moon, Wisdom, & Slackness (Cold Busted)