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4:16am Culture Shock - "Stonehendge" - Everything (Bluurg)
4:12am Die Buben Im Pelz & Freundinnen - "Renn Renn Renn" - Konkord (Konkord)
4:08am Christian Death - "Spiritual Cramp" - Only Theatre of Pain (Frontier)
4:03am Dead Clones - "Strange Face" - Dead Clones (S/R)
4:00am X - "Sex and Dying In High Society" - Los Angeles (Slash)
3:57am Jim Carroll Band - "Catholic Boy" - Catholic Boy (Atco)
3:55am Civil War Rust - "Teenage Mustache" - Help Wanted (Def Cow)
3:52am Waterfly Spigot - "Indigo Sky" - Eventually (S/R)
3:44am Animal Collective - "Hocus Pocus" - Painting With (Domino)
3:30am Acid Mothers Templeq - "Eleking The Clay" - The Melting Paraiso UFO (Aliens)
3:20am Gong - "You Can't Kill Me" - Opium For The People (Atom)
3:16am Bob Dylan - "Brand New Leopard-Skin Pill Box Hat" - The Cutting Edge 1965-1966 (Columbia)
3:10am The Earth Tones - "Goin Back" - St. Charles (S/R)
3:07am What Cheer Brigade - "Saiyan Ae Saiyan" - We Blow .. You Suck! (S/R)
3:00am 801 - "Diamond Head" - 801 Live (Polydor)
2:55am The Dining Rooms - "Do Hipsters Love Sun (Ra)?" - Do Hipster Love Sun (Ra)? ()
2:53am Little May - "Chemicals" - For The Company (Capitol)
2:47am The Mothers Of Invention - "Trouble Comin' Every Day" - Freak Out! (Verve)
2:44am Los Dudes - "Pink Bikini" - Hipster Retirement Home (Neighborhood Records)
2:37am Rahsaan Roland Kirk - "Freaks For The Festival" - The Case of The 3 Sided Dream In Audio Color (Atlantic)
2:32am Phish - "The Horse" - Rift (Elecktra)
2:29am Jeremy Baum - "Funky Monkey" - The Eel (Flying Yak)
2:24am David Bowie - "Cracked Actor" - Alladin Sane (RCA)
2:22am Iggy Pop - "The Horse Song" - Zombie Birdhouse (Animal)
2:18am Echo & The Bunnymen - "Never Stop" - If The Shoe Fits...Hear It (Warner Bros.)
2:11am Wax Idols - "Glisten" - American Tragic (Collect)
2:04am Ornette Coleman - "Kaleidoscope" - This Is Our Music (Atlantic)
2:03am The Lounge Lizards - "Harlem Nocturne" - First Edition (Editions EG)
1:59am Archie Shepp - "Invocation To Mr. Parker" - Attica Blues (Impulse!)
1:49am Doug Carn - "Fatherhood" - My Spirit (Doodlin')
1:42am Phoebe Snow - "The Middle Of The Night" - Never Letting Go (Columbia)
1:37am Left Outsides - "Deep Rivers Move In Silence: Shallow Brooks are Noisy" - The Shape of Things To Com (Xemu)
1:34am Sopwith Camel - "Postcard From Jamaica" - Heavy Mix (Pickwick)
1:31am Barry Melton - "Pueblo Pool" - We Are Like The Ocean (Music Is Medicine)
1:29am The Goody Box - "Blow Up" - Gold State Psychedelia (Big Beat)
1:22am Spirit - "1984" - 7" (ODE)
1:19am The Ventures - "Moon Journey" - Runnin' Strong (Pickwick)
1:16am The Jim Carroll Band - "Nothing Is True" - Catholic Boy (ATCO)
1:10am Robert Fripp - "Dislocated" - The League of Gentlemen (Polydor)
1:01am John Giorno Band - "It's A Mistake To Think You're Special" - Like A Girl I Want To Keep Your Coming (Giorno Poetry Systems)
12:58am Space Lady - "Across The Universe" - Split (Castle Face)
12:51am Laurie Anderson - "Sharkey's Day" - Mister Heartbreak (Warner Bros.)
12:47am The Hot Mom's - "Classic Start" - Temptress (S/R)
12:40am Tim Buckley - "Move With Me" - Days Of Wine & Vinyl (Warner Bros)
12:38am Big Brother & The Holding Company - "All Is Loneliness" - Big Brother (Columbia)
12:34am Armand Schaubroeck - "Fading Out" - A lot of People Would Like To See Armand Schaubroeck...Dead (Mirror)
12:28am Gil Scott Heron - "Who'll Pay Reparations On My Soul?" - Black & Proud - The Soul of The Black Panther Era (Trikont)
12:21am Chocolate Watchband - "Psychedelic Trip" - 7" (Sundazed)
12:19am Raxola - "Wait For The War" - Everything is Shit: Punk In Brussels 1977-1979 (Sub Rosa)
12:13am The Gotobeds - "Rollin' Benny" - Poor People Are Revolting ()