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12:36pm Sudan Archives - "Pay Attention" - Sink (Stones Throw)
3:19am Sun Ra & His Astro Infinity Arkestra - "Extension Out (Complete Take)" - Pathways to Unknown Worlds (Modern Harmonic)
3:14am Hippie Sabatoge - "Push Gets To Shovin" - The Sunny Album (S/R)
3:09am The Brankas - "Lil Weirdo" - My Parkour Body Is the Paint and the World is My Canvas. I Don't See (Snafu Family)
3:05am Amon Duul II - "Archangel Thunderbird" - Yeti (Revisted) (Revisited)
3:02am Jeff Beck - "Thelonious" - Blow By Blow (Epic)
1:55am Henry Cow - "Teenbeat Reprise" - Legend (East Side Digital)
1:50am Eve Fowler - "Miss Furr and Miss Skein" - Words Doing As They Want To do (Radical Documents)
1:48am James Brown - "Out of Sight" - Sings Out of Sight (Smash)
1:44am JJ Fad - "You're Goin Down" - Fly Girls! (Soul Jazz)
1:41am Chill Rob G - "Wild Pitch" - 80s Underground Rap (Rhino)
1:35am The Adicts - "Viva La Revolution" - Punk and Disorderly 3 (Anagram)
1:32am Dirty Denim - "Meant To Be" - 7" (S/R)
1:26am Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper - "Jesus at McDonalds" - Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper (RBI)
1:22am Roosevelt Barnes & The Playboys - "How Long Must This Goe On?" - The Heartbroken Man (Rooster Blues)
1:20am The Coasters - "Three Cool Cats" - Feline Groovy (Ace)
1:15am Silver Machine - "Turbulence" - Standing on the Bare Ground (Alternative Tentacles)
1:13am Satan's Pilgrims - "El Toro" - Project: Echo (K-1996) (Echo)
1:10am Jack Coleman - "The Early Poems of Volcom Ent'mt" - No Big Deal (Volcom)
1:08am Children of The Sun - "The Misunderstood" - Nuggets II (Rhino)
1:05am Jerry Solomon - "Sail Everyone" - Virginity For All! Private Press 45s 66-69 (Modern Harmonic)
12:33am Mexican Institute of Sound - "Jalale" - Soy Sauce (Nacional)
12:26am EPMD - "So Wat Cha Sayin" - Unfinished Business (Fresh)
12:21am Ambitious Lovers - "Ponta de lanca africano umbabarauma" - Ambitious Lovers (Elektra)
12:17am Ram Narayan & Suresh Talwalkar - "Tabla Solo" - Master of the Sarangi (Nonesuch)
12:12am Lumerians - "Space Curse" - Call of the Void (Fuzz Club)
12:07am Open Hand - "Time to Talk" - Punk Goes Acoustic (Fearless Records)
12:05am Fifty Foot Hose - "Red The Sign Post" - Bad Trips (Modern Harmonic)
12:00am Minimal Man - "Showtime" - Minimal Man (Safari)
3:22am Jack DeJonette - "Journey to the Twin Planet" - Music With 58 Musicians, Volume 1 (ECM)
3:17am Soultru & Progeny - "Creature" - Soultru & Progeny (Fake Four Inc.)
3:15am John Lee Hooker - "Bottle Up and Go" - It Serve You Right to Suffer (Impulse)
3:12am Urbano De Casto - "Revolucao de Angola" - Angola 70's 1974-1978 (Buda Musique)
3:08am Inner Circle - "Forward Jah Jah Children" - Creation Rockers 6 (Trojan)
3:00am Vivian Yabby U Jackson - "Prophets" - Beward Dub (Groove Music)
2:54am Patrick Cowley - "Primitive World" - Mind Warp (Megatone Records)
2:50am Marley Carroll - "Starlings" - Fight Patterns (Loci)
2:50am Kliiam Shakespeare - "1976 Heron" - A Town Called Elsewhere (S/R)
2:46am Garth Knox and the Saltarello Trio - "Yomyael" - Leonard (Tzadik)
2:44am John Lurie - "The Lamposts Are Mine" - It's A Crammed, Crammed World! 2 (Cram)
2:36am Carolyn Hester - "Fiercest Freedom Fighter" - Warriors of The Rainbow (Outpost Records)
2:33am The Fugs - "I Couldn't Get High" - Fugs (ESP Disk)
2:30am Bongwater - "Mr. Soul" - The Bridge (No. 6 Records)
2:27am Lemon Pipers - "Green Tambourine" - 7" (Bhuddah)
2:24am The Chances - "It's Only Time" - now hear this: garage & beat from the norman petty vaults (Big Beat)
2:18am Lightning Hopkins - "Rosie Mae" - California Mudslide (and Earthquake) (Modern Harmonic)
2:02am Tuluum Shimmering - "Dancing in The First Sky" - Dancing in The Seven Skies (S/R)
1:57am Iron Butterfly - "Soul Experience" - Ball (Atco)
1:52am Fifty Foot Hose - "Rose" - Cauldron (Modern Harmonic)
1:49am Frijid Pink - "Tell Me Why" - Frijid Pink (Parrot)