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Tuesday, July 5, 2022 - 8:00pm to 10:00pm

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1:30am Thelonius Monk - "I'm Confessin' That I Love You" - Solo Monk (Columbia)
1:26am Stan Freberg - "The Great Pretender" - The Best of Stan Freberg (Capitol)
1:17am Scott Robinson - "Morning Star" - Tenormore (Arbors)
1:11am Ukandanz - "Yene Hassab" - Yeketelale (Buda Musique)
1:08am L'imperatrice - "Matahari" - Matahari (Microqlima)
1:04am The Black Tones - "Mama! There's a Spider in my Room" - Cobain & Cornbread (S/r)
12:58am Berlin Taxi - "Last Night" - Contract (S/r)
12:53am Wayna Wallace Latin Jazz Quintet - "El Arroyo" - The Rhythm of Invention (Patios)
12:42am Buddy Miles - "Working Hard Every Day" - Neak Attack (Atlantic)
12:38am Teaspoon & The Waves - "Oh Yeh Soweto" - South African Funk Experience (Nascente)
12:33am Plern Promdan - "Wan Maha Sanook" - Sounds of Siam (Soundway)
12:25am Splash - "Soweto" - Zulu Hits (Celluloid)
12:21am Jack Nitzsche - "Old Town" - The Lonely Surfer (Reprise)
12:15am Stefano Torossi - "Running Fast" - Unusual Sounds ()
12:11am Osamu Kitajima - "Breath Of Night" - Masterful Samurai (Headfirst)
12:04am Kitaro - "Never Let You Go" - Silver Cloud (Sound Design)
12:00am Osamu Kitajima - "Masterless Samurai" - Masterful Samurai (Headfirst)
5:54am Quincy Jones - "What Good is a Song" - I Heard That!! (A&M)
5:49am joao gilberto - "Amor Certinho" - The Legendary Joao Gilberto (World Pacific)
5:43am Billy Harper - "Dance, Eternal Spirits, Dance!" - Black Saint (Irec)
5:37am Rufus Harley - "Malika" - ecreation of the Gods (Ankh)
5:33am Dr. John - "Mos Scocious" - Dr. John Anthology (Rhino)
5:30am Dr. John - "Cold Cold Cold" - Dr. John Anthology (Rhino)
5:26am Dr. John - "Kingdom of Izzness" - Locked Down (Nonesuch)
5:22am Leche - "El Samurai" - El Samurai (Steady Beat)
5:15am What God has Joined Together - "Chief Commander Ebeneezer Obey" - The African Variations (Ryko)
5:11am Stefano Torossi - "Running Fast" - Unusual Sounds (Kemado)
5:08am Khyrkhaas - "Rich Pituncha" - Songs of Our Elders (Seven Star)
5:04am Altai Kai - "Golden Lake" - Altai Kabai (S/R)
4:59am Chickenman - "Flying Saucer" - The Best of Chickenman (Atco)
4:52am Charles Mingus - "Free Cell Block F" - Changes Two (Atlantic)
4:48am Wes Montgomery - "Oh You Crazy Moon" - California Dreaming (Verve)
4:40am Wes Montgomery - "Scarborough Fair" - Wes Montgomery Greatest Hits (A&M)
4:32am Wayne Alpern - "Mercy Mercy Mercy" - Skeleton (Henri Elkan Music)
4:25am Mikole E Kaar - "Philanthropy" - Turning East (S/R)
4:20am Stan Freberg - "The Yellow Rose of Texas" - The Best of Stan Freberg (Capitol)
4:18am Stan Freberg - "St. George and the Dragonet" - The Best of Stan Freberg (Capitol)
4:15am Aggrolites - "Western Taipan" - Reggae Now! (Pirates Press)
4:10am Shafiq Husayn - "DMT" - The Loop (Nature Sounds)
4:05am Nas - "Purple" - The Lost Tapes (Columbia)
3:59am Nas - "Nastradamus" - Nastradamus (Columbia)
3:55am Noreaga - "Dope Stories" - Dope Stories (Dreamworks)
3:51am Bad Sounds - "Evil Powers" - Get Better (Insanity)
3:43am Minus 8 - "The Sweetest Sounds" - The Sweetest Sounds EP (Inflamable)
3:39am Bibio - "Patchouli May" - Ribbons (Warp)
3:35am Minutemen - "The Price of Paradise" - 3-Way Tie (SST)
3:32am Nord Express - "Cover" - Central (This is Slumberland)