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2:39pm Kettenkarussel - "Maybe" - 2018 (Giegling)
2:34pm Disclosure - "White Noise" - Settle (PMR)
2:28pm Gary Wilson - "When You Walk Into My Dreams" - You Think You Really Know Me (Motel)
2:23pm Альянс - "На Заре" - Звуки На Заре (Moroz)
2:18pm Elisa Waut - "Russia" - Elisa Waut (Numero Group)
2:12pm Martha - "Into This" - Love Keeps Kicking (Dirtnap)
2:09pm Pup - "See You At Your Funeral" - Morbid Stuff (Little Dipper)
2:05pm Sebadoh - "Raging River" - Act Surprised (Dangerbird)
2:00pm The Appleseed Cast - "Steps and Numbers" - Low Level Owl: Volume 1 (Deep Elm)
1:55pm Owltian Mia - "Grey" - The Greatest Games Ever Played (Tree)
1:51pm Everyone Asked About You - "Paper Airplane, Paper Hearts" - Everyone Asked About You (Landmark)
1:49pm Julie Doiron - "Will You Still Love Me In December" - Will You Still Love Me? (Tree)
1:46pm Promise Ring - "A Picture Postcard" - The Horse Lattitudes (Jade Tree)
1:42pm Field Medic - "Henna Tattoo" - Fade Into The Dawn (Run For Cover)
1:39pm Cindy - "Move to LA" - Cindy (s/r)
1:35pm Damien Jurado - "Where You Want to Be" - In The Shape of a Storm (Mama Bird)
1:28pm Voices From The Lake - "In Giova" - Voices From The Lake (Prologue)
1:24pm Leon Vynehall - "Christ Air" - Music For The Uninvited (3024)
1:21pm Lauence Guy - "Drum Is A Woman (feat. Steve Spacek)" - Saw You For The First Time (Church)
1:12pm Alien Boy - "If We Don't Speak" - Sleeping Lessons (Tiny Engines)
1:09pm Japanese Breakfast - "Essentially" - Essentially / Head Over Heels (W Records)
1:05pm Cate Le Bon - "Daylight Matters" - Reward (Mexican Summer)
1:00pm Mac DeMarco - "On the Square" - Here Comes the Cowboy (Mac's Record Label)
12:55pm Sanford Clark - "The Fool" - They Call Me Country (Numero Group)
12:52pm Roky Erikson - "Clear Night for Love" - All That May Do My Rhym (Trance Syndicate)
12:49pm Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - "Neverendinglovesong" - DUH! (s/r)
12:47pm John Maus - "Rights For Gays" - Love is Real (Upset! The Rhythm)
12:46pm Childbirth - "Women's Rights" - Women's Rights (Suicide Squeeze)
12:31pm Sunn O))) - "Between Sleipnir's Breaths" - Life Metal (Southern Lord)
12:22pm Tim Hecker - "That World" - Anoyo (Kranky)
12:06pm Vernal Equinox - "Autumn Sunset" - Autumn Sunset (Numero Group)
2:57pm Knola - "Weezer" - To The Rhythm (Skeletal Lightning)
2:54pm Blessed - "Thought" - Salt (s/r)
2:47pm Male Bonding - "Bones" - Endless Now (Sub Pop)
2:43pm Alien Boy - "Somewhere Without Me" - Sleeping Lessons (Tiny Engines)
2:37pm Proem - "Rectangle Snake" - Until Here For Years (n5MD)
2:32pm Karenn - "Milk" - Kind of Green (Voam)
2:28pm Kompromat - "Herztod" - Traum Und Existenz (Citizen)
2:23pm Garum - "Metal Mouth Mob" - Garum (The Trilogy Tapes)
2:17pm Halogen - "U Got That" - U Got That (Pinnacle Collective)
2:10pm Underworld - "Confusion the Waitress" - Second Toughest In The Infants (Wax Trax! Records)
2:03pm impakt - "Virebia" - Random Music Collection Vol. 1 (s/r)
1:59pm Tim Hecker - "Into the Void" - Anoyo (Kranky)
1:52pm Boris - "Ibitsu" - Akama no Uta (Southern Lord)
1:45pm ██████ - "VI" - Old Soul / ██████ (Pike)
1:40pm Brutus - "Fire" - Nest (Sargent House)
1:22pm bvdub - "Us Again in Amber" - Explosions in Slow Motion (n5MD)
1:12pm Liars - "No. 1 Against the Rush" - WIXIW (Mute)
1:09pm Body Type - "Palms" - EP1 + EP2 (Partisan)
1:05pm Nots - "Floating Hand" - 3 (Goner)