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12:41pm Eric Bachman - "Jaded Lover, Shady Drifter" - No Recover (Merge)
12:20pm Kankyo Ongaku - "Haruomi Hosono - Original BGM" - Japanese Environmental, Ambient & New Age Music 1980-1990 (Light in the Attic)
12:15pm Eerie Wanda - "Big Blue Bird" - Pet Town (Joyful Noise)
12:11pm Youth Lagoon - "17" - The Year of Hibernation (Fat Possum)
12:04pm Battles - "Wall Street (Gui Boratto Remix)" - Dross Glop (Warp)
12:02pm Sneaks - "A Lil Close" - Highway Hypnosis (Merge)
2:57pm Tim Hecker - "In Death Valley" - Konoyo (Kranky)
2:48pm Nguuni Lovers Lovers - "Cheza Ngoma" - Cheza Ngoma (Dream Beach Records)
2:45pm Feeling Kreyol - "Las Pale" - Las Pale (Astérie)
2:22pm Boris - "Flood III" - Flood (Midi Creative)
2:11pm Danga Bloom - "Fallin' (The Seeds)" - Danga Bloom (s/r)
2:07pm Oakland Elementary School Arkestra - "Excuse Me, Ms. Steigerwald" - The Saga of Padani (modern harmonic)
2:02pm Neat Beats - "Graffiti On a Tuesday Night" - Cosmic Surgery (Hop Skip Jump)
1:58pm Cat Stevens - "Was Dog a Doughnut" - Izitso (A&M)
1:51pm The Stitches - "Nowhere" - 8 x 12 (Vinyl Dog)
1:49pm Mike Krol - "Power Chords" - Power Chords (Merge)
1:45pm Ovlov - "Tru Punk" - Tru (Exploding in Sound)
1:42pm Suis La Lune - "Wishes & Hopes" - Riala (Topshelf)
1:38pm awakebutstillinbed - "life" - what people call low self-esteem (tiny engines)
1:31pm Antarctigo Vespucci - "Another Good Thing" - Love In The Time of Email (Polyvinyl)
1:29pm Active Bird Community - "Sweaty Lake" - Amends (Barsuk)
1:26pm Lala Lala - "I Get Cut" - The Lamb (Hardly Art)
1:22pm Molly Burch - "To The Boys" - First Flower (Captured Tracks)
1:19pm Iron & Wine - "What Hurts Worse" - Weed Garden (Sub Pop)
1:04pm The Microphones - "I Want Wind to Blow / The Glow Pt. 2" - The Glow Pt. 2 (K)
12:59pm Woods - "Silence is Golden" - How To Survive In + In the Woods (Shrimper)
12:57pm Deerhunter - "Futurism" - Why Hasn't Everything Already Disappeared? (4AD)
12:49pm Ross From Friends - "Don't Wake Dad" - Family Portrait (Brainfeeder)
12:39pm A.A.L (Against All Logic) - "Rave On U" - 2012-2017 (Other People)
12:31pm Deeper - "Trust" - Deeper (Fire Talk)
12:27pm Choir Boy - "Angel Dog" - Passive with Desire (Dais)
12:22pm Grave Babies - "Pain Cycle" - Crusher (Hardly Art)
12:18pm Trust - "F.T.F." - TRST (Arts & Crafts)
12:07pm Cloud Nothings - "Dissolution" - Last Building Burning (Carpark)
2:59pm Enjoy - "Small Car Big Wheels" - Small Car Big Wheels (Burger)
2:52pm Ovlov - "The Best of You" - Tru (Exploding in Sound)
2:51pm Stove - "Animortal" - 's Favorite Friend (Exploding in Sound)
2:44pm Emma Ruth Rundle - "Darkhorse" - On Dark Horses (Sargnt House)
2:42pm Lala Lala - "Copycat" - The Lamb (Hardly Art)
2:34pm Ssion - "At Least The Sky Is Blue" - O (Dero Arcade)
2:31pm Jerry Paper - "Did I Buy It?" - Like A Baby (Stones Throw)
2:26pm Part Time - "I Can Treat You Better" - Spell #6 (Burger)
2:23pm Michael Rault - "Sleeping & Smiling" - It's a New Day Tonight (Wick)
2:15pm Dorian Concept - "J Buyers" - The Nature of Imitation (Brainfeeder)
2:13pm Fit of Body - "Heavens No. 1" - Black Box No Cops (2MR)
2:04pm Peggy Gou - "It Makes you Forget" - Once (Ninja Tune)
1:59pm Deeper - "Pavement" - Deeper (Fire Talk)
1:55pm Moaning - "Close" - Moaning (Sub Pop)
1:50pm Preoccupations - "Disarray" - New Material (Jagjaguwar)
1:47pm Glass Traps - "Cold Cut" - Glass Traps (s/r)