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Monday, October 3, 2022 - 9:00am to 12:00pm

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7:47am Prettiest Eyes - "Nekrodisco" - Vol. 3 (Castle Face)
7:44am Crack Cloud - "Image Craft" - Anchoring Point (Good Person)
7:40am Omni - "Courtesy Call" - Networker (Sub Pop)
7:29am Y La Bamba - "Rio Sueltos" - Entre Los Dos (Tender Loving Empire)
7:25am Odd Okoddo - "Adhiambo" - Auma (Pingipung)
7:22am Nesrin Sipahi & 3 Hurel - "Keci Vurdum Cayira" - Bir Mevsim Daha Gecti (Diskotur)
7:16am Iftin Band - "Sirmaqabe" - Mogadisco (Analog Africa)
7:06am Depeche Mode - "Lie To Me" - Some Great Reward (Mute)
7:03am Black Marble - "Never Tell" - Bigger Than Life (Sacred Bones)
6:58am Chromatics - "Light As A Feather" - Closer To Grey (Italians Do It Better)
6:50am Smoke Bellow - "Mary 3000" - Isolation 3000 (Ehse)
6:43am Cindy Lee - "Don't Let Me Down" - Model Express (CCQSK)
6:39am Charlie Megira - "Tomorrow's Gone" - You're Not From Around Here (Numero Group)
6:35am Flavor Crystals - "Adult Contempt" - Three (MPLS Ltd.)
6:30am Julia Shapiro - "Empty Cup" - Perfect Vision (Hardly Art)
6:18am Tangerine Dream - "3 A.M. At The Border Of The Marsh From Okefenokee" - Stratosfear (Virgin)
6:11am Tambor - "Waves" - Chapitre 1 (Moderna)
6:07am Maps And Diagrams - "Below Sea Level" - Get Lost (Time Released Sound)
6:02am Tapes And Topographies - "Beside You I Was Petrified" - Ubiquitous Clouds (Simulacra)
8:55am Higher Authorities - "The Clone" - Neptune (Domino)
8:53am Duds - "Signal, Sign" - Of A Nature Or A Degree (Castle Face)
8:51am Hash Redactor - "Down The Tubes" - Drecksound (Goner)
8:49am The Hecks - "Chopper" - My Star (Trouble In Mind)
8:43am Chris Weeks - "Spiders & Plugholes" - The Grey Ghost of Morning (Archives)
8:36am Ami Dang - "Auberjinn" - Parted Plains (Leaving)
8:33am Angel Olsen - "New Love Cassette" - All Mirrors (Jagjaguwar)
8:28am somesurprises - "Airport" - somesurprises (Drawing Room)
8:20am Inhalt - "Commerce" - Commerce (Dark Entries)
8:16am Fad Gadget - "State of the Nation" - Fireside Favourites (Mute)
8:14am Ceramic Hello - "Symphony Of Shudders" - The Absence Of A Canary (Mannequin)
8:08am Claire - "Breathless" - Acoustic Division Sampler (Acoustic Division)
7:55am Front 242 - "Conditionnel Humain" - Geography (Art & Strategy)
7:49am Chelique Sarabia - "Barlovento" - Revolucion Electronica En Musica Venezolana (Pharaway Sounds)
7:45am KOKOKO! - "Likolo" - Fongola (Transgressive)
7:42am Los Disco Duro - "Cumbia Sumpuesana" - Cumbia Sumpuesana (Discos Mas)
7:38am Os Kiezos - "Comboio" - Angola Soundtrack (Analog Africa)
7:35am Edu Lobo - "Casa Forte" - Cantiga de Longe (Elenco)
7:24am Arthur Lyman - "Sea Breeze" - Taboo (HiFi)
7:21am Tim Presley's White Fence - "Fog City" - I Have To Feed Larry's Hawk (Drag City)
7:18am Dick Campbell - "Like The Wind That's Free" - You're Not From Around Here (Numero Group)
7:15am Ulrika Spacek - "Modern English Decoration" - Modern English Decoration (Tough Love)
7:11am Cate Le Bon - "Daylight Matters" - Reward (Mexican Summer)
7:05am Automatic - "Calling It" - Signal (Stones Throw)
7:01am The Slits - "New Town" - Cut (Island)
6:57am Scientist - "The Voodoo Curse" - Scientist Rids The World of The Evil Curse Of The Vampires (Jah Guidance)
6:53am Kim Gordon - "Don't Play It" - No Home Record (Matador)
6:45am Lorn - "Burdens" - Rarities (Wednesday Sound)
6:42am Kutmah - "The Crunch" - Warm Like The Sunshine (Poobah)
6:38am Helm - "Lizard In Fear" - Chemical Flowers (Pan)
6:31am Evan Caminiti - "Collapse" - Meridian (Thrill Jockey)