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Monday, December 13, 2021 - 12:00pm to 3:00pm

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8:36am Girl Ray - "Don't Go Back At Ten" - Earl Grey (Moshi Moshi)
8:28am The KVB - "Across The Sea" - Out of Body (A)
8:24am Ghosts Of Dance - "Calling" - Walking Through Gardens (Dark Entries)
8:22am Sad Lovers & Giants - "Clocktower Lodge" - Epic Garden Music (Midnight Music)
8:17am Reptaliens - "Changing" - Vails (Captured Tracks)
8:13am Cindy - "Book In Heaven" - Cindy (S/R)
8:08am Ghoulfive - "Illuminati" - Ghoul6ix (Dolfin)
8:02am Plaid - "Drowned Sea" - Polymer (Warp)
7:54am Marielle V Jakobsons - "Dusty Trails" - Glass Canyon (Students Of Decay)
7:50am Dean Hurley - "Far Boundaries" - Anthology Resource Vol. 2: Philosophy of Beyond (Sacred Bones)
7:43am Hash Redactor - "Bad Advice" - Drecksound (Goner)
7:43am Neon - "Neon" - New Deutsch (Gigolo)
7:37am Crash Course In Science - "Second Glance" - Near Marineland (Schematic)
7:35am Words And Actions - "Omaggio a N." - Senza Veleno (Detriti)
7:22am Body Without Organs - "Vanishing Pentagram" - Isis And Thoth (Dark Entries)
7:13am Stringtronics - "Tropicola" - Unusual Sounds: The Hidden History of Library Music (Anthology)
7:11am Funsun Onal - "Kara Sevda" - Oh Olsun (Diskotur)
7:05am M. Ashraf (feat. Nahid Akhtar) - "Dil Dil Dil Sambhala Na Jaye" - Disco Dildar (Finders Keepers)
7:03am Os Quentes de Terra Alta - "Praia Do Algodoal" - Jambu e Os Miticos Sons Da Amazonia (Analog Africa)
6:59am Sessa - "Grandeza" - Grandeza (Boiled)
6:53am Juan Wauters - "Dos" - Introducing Juan Pablo (Captured Tracks)
6:48am Tim Presley's White Fence - "Indisposed" - I Have to Feed Larry's Hawk (Drag City)
6:44am Cate Le Bon - "Here It Comes Again" - Reward (Mexican Summer)
6:41am Facit - "Dans Le Pacifique" - Mandag Mon Amour (Waving Hands)
6:36am Purple Pilgrims - "False Friend (Pythia)" - Eternal Delight (Not Not Fun)
6:29am Chi - "Dance" - The Original Recordings (Astral Industries)
6:23am Jonny Greenwood - "Phantom Thread II" - Phantom Thread (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Nonesuch)
6:18am Mary Lattimore & Maxwell August Croy - "Caroline" - Terelan Canyon (Constellation Tatsu)
6:09am Loscil - "Equivalent 4" - Equivalents (Kranky)
8:55am Eric Wallo - "The Near Future" - Sources (Smalltown Supertown)
8:49am Jacco Gardner - "Rain" - Levania (Polyvinyl)
8:44am Death And Vanilla - "Mercier" - Are You A Dreamer? (Fire)
8:41am Beaks Plinth - "Louis & Arthur's Theme" - Organo Saturado (Gigante Sound)
8:35am Lorn - "Sega Sunset" - Rarities (Wednesday Sound)
8:28am Karen Gwyer - "Ribbon On Neck" - Man On Mountain (Don't Be Afraid)
8:22am Minimal Compact - "To Get Inside" - Minimal Compact (Crammed Discs)
8:19am Stratis - "Birds In A Cage" - New Face (Dark Entries)
8:14am Moderne - "Mercenaire Solitaire" - Moderne / L'Espionne Aimait La Musique (Minimal Wave)
8:09am Broadcast - "Poem Of A Dead Song" - The Future Crayon (Warp)
8:05am Vanishing Twin - "Language Is A City (Let Me Out)" - The Age of Immunology (Fire)
8:01am Gestalt - "Truly A Great Night Like Many Other Nights" - Gestalt (S/R)
7:59am Dequinha E Zava - "Preposicoes" - Outro Tempo II: Electronic And Contemporary Music From Brazil, 1984-1996 (Music From Memory)
7:54am Julie Coker - "Re Hese" - A Life In The Limelight (Lagos Disco & Itsekiri Highlife 1976-1981) (Kalita)
7:44am Quakers - "Russia With Love" - Quakers (FTD)
7:41am Mono/Poly - "Euphoria" - Golden Skies (Brainfeeder)
7:37am Mr. Lif - "Elektro" - Sleepyheads (Thought Wizard)
7:33am Com Truise - "Laconism" - Persuasion System (Ghostly)
7:28am Jardin - "Lulu" - Maqui de Hierro (Buh)
7:19am Prettiest Eyes - "Another Earth" - Vol. 3 (Castle Face)
7:15am Foster Body - "You Were Not You" - Moving Display (Diabolical)