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2:53pm Rufus Harley - "Bagpipe Blues" - Bagpipe Blues (Atlantic)
2:51pm PackFM - "Kilt It" - WhutduzFMstand4? (QN5)
2:48pm Paul & Barry Ryan - "I Love How You Love Me" - Have Pity on the Boys! The Pop Hits and More (Teensville)
2:47pm Rik Palieri - "Polish Bagpipes" - Panning for Gold (s/r)
2:43pm Billy Woods - "Great Fires" - Terror Management (Backwoodz Studioz)
2:41pm Nappy Nina - "Half a Clip" - Dumb Doubt (s/r)
2:39pm Secret Sidewalk - "Channel 9" - Primal Dap (Primal Dap Sound)
2:34pm Lapalux - "Thin Air (feat. JFDR)" - Amnioverse (Brainfeeder)
2:27pm Blue Sky Black Death - "And Stars, Ringed" - Noir (Fake Four Inc)
2:23pm Kali Uchis - "Loner" - Por Vida (s/r)
2:19pm Peanut Butter Wolf - "Lunar Props" - Lunar Props EP (2 Kool)
2:13pm Bop Alloy - "Hottest Christmas On Record" - Winter Breaks (s/r)
2:11pm Les Baxter - "Wotuka" - Tamboo! (Capitol)
2:08pm Alan Lorber Orchestra - "The Flute Thing" - The Lotus Palace (Modern Harmonic)
2:06pm Nicky Roberts - "Spaceman (Out of Nowhere)" - You're Not From Around Here (Numero Group)
2:04pm Saib. - "Mermaid Dreams" - Sailing (Cold Busted)
1:57pm MC Eleven & the Karma Kids - "Man Vs. Machine (feat. Gruff Lion)" - Kombinations (Karma Kids)
1:55pm Chris Conde - "Year of the Queer (feat. K Death)" - Conde Digital (Fake Four Inc)
1:50pm Jonwayne - "Eggknock" - Yuletide Bangerz (Authors)
1:46pm Chromatics - "You're No Good" - Closer to Grey (Italians Do It Better)
1:42pm Black Marble - "Feels" - Feels (Sacred Bones)
1:38pm Serengeti - "Rats on Mars" - Quail (Geti Enterprises)
1:37pm Christopher Logue - "Rat, O Rat" - Selected Poems (AudioLogue)
1:30pm Eddy Senay - "Shakedown" - Step by Step (Modern Harmonic)
1:27pm Pharcyde - "Moment In Time" - Labcabincalifornia (Delicious Vinyl)
1:24pm Mass Production - "Keep My Heart Together" - Believe (Cotillion)
1:20pm Willie Hutch - "Mother's Theme (Mama)" - The Mack OST (Motown)
1:13pm Sadistik - "Russian Roulette (feat. Cage & Yes Alexander)" - Flowers for My Father (Fake Four Inc.)
1:12pm Perry Botkin - "Scary Time" - Silent Night Deadly Night OST (Death Waltz)
1:10pm Jean-Felix Lalanne - "La Mort u Reve" - 36-15 Code Pere Noel (Calane)
1:09pm Jerry Goldsmith - "The Box" - Gremlins OST (Warner Bros.)
1:08pm Nicholas Carras - "Dirty Politics" - High School Caesar (Modern Harmonic)
1:06pm Don Christenson, Joel Harris & Julia Heywood - "Sequence 9" - Christmas Evil OST (Death Waltz)
1:00pm Carl Zittrer - "Silent Night" - Black Christmas OST (Waxwork)
12:58pm Seablite - "Woolly Sweater" - Positive Times Infinity (Emotional Response)
12:56pm Horrible/Adorable - "Merry Christmas, Baby" - Merry Holiday (s/r)
12:54pm Buscrates - "Pillars of Strength" - Home Again (Thrash Flow)
12:50pm Dillon & Paten Locke - "Pigs In the Pen" - Side Dishes (Full Plate)
12:45pm Diamond Street Players - "How Many Lies, How Many Times (feat. Adryon de Leon)" - Diamond Street Players (Gemco)
12:41pm Religious Souls - "Condition That the World Is In" - The Time for Peace Is Now (Luaka Bop)
12:40pm Various Artists - "Reactions/Street Interviews" - Malcolm X OST (Warner Bros.)
12:35pm Brothers 4 the Struggle - "All Rise" - Frantic In the Inner City Ghetto (Rampage)
12:33pm The Dudley Moore Trio - "Sunspot" - Dudley Down Under - Unabridged (Martine Avenue)
12:28pm k-the-i??? - "Visit the Beginning" - Broken Love Letter (Mush)
12:25pm Broadcast - "Before We Begin" - Haha Sound (Warp)
12:20pm Stratis - "Birds In a Cage" - New Face (Dark Entries)
12:16pm Milo - "Magician (Suture)" - Who Told You to Think??!!??!?!?!? (Ruby Yacht)
12:14pm Patrick Cowley - "Broken Dishes" - Mechanical Fantasy Box (Dark Entries)
12:13pm Harry Sukman - "Evil Presence" - Salem's Lot OST (Waxwork)
12:09pm Motoko & Myers - "Plover" - Plover / Whimbrel (Future Times)