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12:39pm Teebs - "Holiday (feat. Jonti)" - Estara (Brainfeeder)
12:35pm Musab - "Just Wanna Have Fun" - Sab the Artist EP (self-released)
12:30pm Thievery Corporation - "Decollage" - Saudade (ESL)
12:27pm Joao Donato - "Amazonas" - Queme E Queme? (Odeon)
12:24pm Sonny Knight & His Fabulous Lakers - "I'm Still Here Pt. 1" - I'm Still Here (Secret Stash)
12:21pm Josh Martinez - "Regular Day" - Midriff Music (Camobear)
12:18pm The Expanders - "Merciless Deeds" - s/t (Broken Complex)
12:12pm Rafter - "Hawaiian Moon" - It's Reggae (Asthmatic Kitty)
12:07pm Murs - "18 w/ a Bullet" - The End of the Beginning (Def Jux)
12:03pm Luke Vibert & BJ Cole - "Fly Hawaii" - Stop the Panic (Astralwerks)
12:00pm Jerry Byrd - "Theme From Adventures in Paradise" - Television Theme Songs (Classics)
11:54am Blue Sky Black Death - "Where the Sun Beats" - Noir (Fake Four Inc)
11:49am Wolf Hotel - "The Fates of Wolves" - Goodbye (Member's Only)
11:44am Dynospectrum - "Armor" - Dynospectrum (Rhymesayers)
11:41am Gemma Ray - "Reunion Waltz" - Down Baby Down (Series Aphonos)
11:37am Mestizo - "Knights Seppuku" - Life Like Movie (Galapagos4)
11:31am Thievery Corporation - "Nos Dois" - Saudade (ESL)
11:29am Factor - "Snow Harp" - Old Souls Vol. 2 (Sideroad)
11:26am Joanna Newsom - "'81" - Have One On Me (Drag City)
11:22am Ceschi - "Set In Stone" - Forgotten Forever (Cooler Than Cucumber)
11:14am Corvus Corax - "Qui Nous Demaine" - Venus Vina Musica (Pica Music)
11:12am Elise Melinand - "Indonesia Baby" - Gray Hoodie (n5MD)
11:09am Black Panther - "52 Card Pick Up (feat. Stronghold)" - The Darkest Night Ever!!! (Third Earth)
11:04am Caprice - "Summer Night" - Tales of the Uninvited (Elevenmusic 3) (Prikosnovenie)
11:02am Portland Cello Project - "This Little Babe" - Winter (The Best 9 Months of the Year) (self-released)
10:57am Yuki Kajiura - "Canta Per Me" - Noir OST (Geneon)
10:54am Dessa - "Matches to Paper Dolls" - A Badly Broken Code (Doomtree)
10:48am Aamir - "Love Goddess (feat. Myka 9)" - The Quiet After the Storm (Oooh! That's Heavy!)
10:45am Symbiotic Chamber Orchestra - "Dance" - The Ghost & Mr. Able (Neukraft)
10:39am Roy Orbison - "Shahdaroba" - In Dreams (Legacy)
10:36am Brzowski - "Convenant (feat. Awol One)" - A Fitful Sleep (Milled Pavement)
10:32am For a Minor Reflection - "Dansi Dans" - Live At Iceland Airwaves (FAMR)
10:30am Kizzysztof Komeda - "Main Title" - Dance of the Vampires (Bonzerat/Aphonos)
10:27am The Returners - "First Kill" - Break Up Your Make Up (self-released)
10:23am Basil Poledouris - "Gift of Fury" - Conan the Barbarian OST (Varese Sarabonde)
10:16am Main Flow - "Dark Ages (feat. Neorah Havva)" - Return of the Castle (Wanna Battle)
10:12am Sleep of Oldominion - "Substances (feat. Ceschi & Onry Ozzborn)" - Oregon Failure (self-released)
10:07am Popul Vuh - "Kyrie" - Tantric Songs / Hosianna Mantra (Celestial Harmonies)
10:03am Sondra Sun-Odeon - "Violent Sea" - Aethera (self-released)
9:56am Rhapsody of Fire - "The March of the Swordmaster" - Power of the Dragonflame (LMP)
9:53am Willie Isz - "The Grussle" - Georgianvania (Lex)
9:49am Blackmore's Night - "Loreley" - Ghost of a Rose (Minstrel Hall Music)
9:45am Pumpkinhead - "Mics of the Roundtable" - The Old Testament (Makin)
9:42am Rasputina - "Cage in a Cave" - Oh Perilous World (Virtual)
9:39am Saintseneca - "Only the Young Die Good" - Dark Arc (Anti-)
9:34am Omnia - "Tine Bealtaine" - Pagan Folk (101 Distribution)
9:28am Jonny October - "Brooklyn Bards (feat. Homeboy Sandman)" - The Wheelhouse (self-released)
9:25am Timber Timbre - "The New Tomorrow" - Hot Dreams (Arts & Crafts)
9:21am Corde Oblique - "Kaiowas" - Volanta D'Arte (self-released)
9:17am Dangermouse & Jemini - "Medievil (feat. Pharcyde)" - Ghetto Pop Life (Lex)