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3:12am Magik Markers - "Psychosomatic" - Balf Quarry (Drag City)
3:09am Fruit Bats - "Gold Past Life" - Gold Past Life (Merge)
3:06am Michael O - "Orobouros Blues" - Really? (Fruits and Flowers)
3:01am Scott Hirsch - "Rose's Song" - Lost Time Behind the Moon (Scissor Tail)
2:58am Violet Vector and the Lovely Lovelies - "Technicolor Electric" - EP II (Color Wheel)
2:53am Joe South - "Mirror of Your Mind" - Introspect (Capitol)
2:45am Usha Uthup & Chorus - "Hari Om Hari" - Bombay Disco (Cultures of Soul)
2:40am Elisa Luu - "Slowbeat" - Chromatic Sigh (Hidden Shoal)
2:37am Cindy - "Don't Try" - Cindy (S/R)
2:33am Tess Roby - "Glimpse" - Ballad 5 (Italians do it Better)
2:26am Los Sospechos - "Fading Embers" - Postales Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Colemine)
2:18am Stan Getz Quartet - "It's Alright With Me" - Getz at the Gate (Verve)
2:15am Alvarenga - "Sabia Cantador" - Tudo Azul (Estero)
2:10am Crumb - "M.K." - Jinx (S/R)
2:06am Jerry Goldsmith - "First Day at Work" - Sebastian (Soundtrack) (Dot)
2:01am Quantic - "Orquidea" - Atlantic Oscillations ()
1:54am Fantastic Plastic Machine - "I Love FPM" - Attractions! Konishi Yasuharu Remixes 1996-2010 (Victor)
1:51am 50 Cent - "If I Can't" - Get Rich or Die Tryin/ ()
1:45am Com Truise - "Privilege Escalation" - Persuasion System (Ghostly)
1:40am Male Gaze - "Mr. Wrong" - Gale Maze (Castleface)
1:37am Lush - "Thoughtforms" - Mad Love (4AD)
1:29am Sarah Bethe Nelson - "8th & Hooper" - Weird Glow (Burger)
1:24am Ingram Marshall - "Inbal" - Savage Altars (New Albion)
1:17am Washed Out - "Paracosm" - Paracosm (Sub Pop)
1:04am Light Conductor - "Far From the Warming Sun/When the Robot Hits the Water" - Sequence One (Constellation Tatsu)
3:04am Paul Giger - "O Ignis" - Ignis (ECM)
3:01am Baroness - "Can Oscura" - Gold and Grey (Abaraxan Hymns)
2:58am Spikes - "Ain't No Friend of Mine" - 6 Sharp Cuts (Bigtime)
2:54am Get Up Kids - "Waking Up Alone" - Problems (Polyvinyl)
2:47am Desolate Moon Phases - "The Loneliest Forest" - Heathenstones (Stick Figure)
2:44am Charles Wright and The Watts 103rd Street Band - "What Can You Bring Me?" - You're So Beautiful (Warner Bros.)
2:39am A.A. Bondy - "Killers 3" - Enderness (Fat Possum)
2:34am Cochemea - "Al-Mu'tasim" - All My Relations (Daptone)
2:30am Cucina Povera - "Zoom0003" - Zoom (Night School)
2:27am Gypsophile - "Some Days More With Circe" - Sons of a 1000 Nights (Radio Khartoum)
2:22am Helms Alee - "Interachnid" - Noctiluca (Sargent House)
2:13am Carter Tutti Void - "v3" - Transverse (Mute)
2:08am Bell's Atlas - "Downpour" - The Mystic (Tender Loving Empire)
2:04am GrndNtl Brnds - "Everyday" - The Great Dumbeing (Vaccination)
1:59am Leonard Cohen - "The Partisan" - Sons From a Room (Columbia)
1:45am Gosta Berlings Saga - "Island" - Glue Works (Cuneiform)
1:38am Cloud Becomes Your Hand - "Bridge of Ignorance Returns" - Rest in Fleas (Northern Spy)
1:35am Justus Proffit - "Split Into" - LA's Got Me Down (Bar None)
1:32am Grin - "Lost a Number" - 1 + 1 (Spindizzy)
1:27am Choosey & Exile - "Low Low" - Black Beans (Dirty Science)
1:22am Sea Urchin - "Mish Hara'ref tesHa?" - Tahtib (Bokeh Versions)
1:12am Rakta - "Fim Do Mundo" - Falha Comum (Iron Lung)
1:07am Houssam Gania - "Moulay Lhacham" - Mosawi Swiri (Hive Mind)
1:05am Damien Jurado - "The Shape of a Storm" - In the Shape of a Storm (Mama Bird)
1:00am Neko Case - "I Wish I Was The Moon" - Blacklisted (Bloodshot)