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11:29pm Darkside - "Metatron" - Psychic (Matador)
11:28pm Polygon Window - "Quino-Phec" - Warp Routine (Warp)
11:27pm Sebastian - "Motor" - Total (Ed Banger)
11:26pm Chachi Jones - "Black as Hell" - Dymaxion Daydream (LunaticWorks)
11:25pm Autechre - "Bladelores" - Exai (Warp)
11:24pm Lorn - "Debris" - Debris EP (Ninja Tune)
11:23pm Dade Elderon - "Careful Plan" - Party Effects Compilation (s/r)
11:17pm Louie Austen - "Amore (August Entkilde Dub)" - Amore (Kitty-Yo)
11:12pm 4 Hero - "9x9 (King Britt Scuba Remix)" - King Britt Presents Scuba - Hidden Treasures (Om)
11:03pm Arcade Fire - "Afterlife (Flume Remix)" - Afterlife (Merge)
10:58pm Dimond Saints - "Howler" - Howler (s/r)
10:52pm Meridian Brothers - "La Tristeza - Invitando A Salvadora" - Salvadora Robot (Soundway)
10:48pm Funkadelic - "You and Your Folks, Me and My Folks" - Maggot Brain (Westbound)
10:44pm Mariachi El Bronx - "Valya" - III (ATO / White Drugs)
10:36pm Mary Jane Girls - "All Night Long" - Mary Jane Girls (Motown)
10:34pm Alias - "Place of No More Questions" - Resurgam (Anticon)
10:32pm LCD Soundsystem - "Dance Yrself Clean" - This is Happening (DFA)
10:27pm Kate Tempest - "Lonely Daze" - Lonely Daze (Big Dada)
10:25pm Dels - "RGB" - RGB (Big Dada)
10:20pm Peaches - "Lose You (Matt Walsh & Alex Jones Remix)" - Lose You (XL)
10:17pm Kele - "Doubt" - Trick (Lilac)
10:13pm Kiki - "It's So Easy To Forget (Kiki Remix)" - Camping 2 (bPitch Control)
10:10pm Yppah - "Happy to See You" - Eighty One (Ninja Tune)
10:05pm Redinho - "Stay Together" - Redinho (Numbers)
10:00pm Miss Kittin - "Dub About Me" - I Com (Astralwerks)
9:57pm Goapele - "Undertow" - Break of Dawn (Skyblaze)
9:53pm Sir Mix-a-lot - "Romantic Interlude" - Swass (American)
9:50pm Daedelus - "The Open Hand Avows" - Righteous Fists of Harmony (Brainfeeder)
9:46pm DJ Smokestack - "Dance Music Pt. 2" - Shitala (Giving Tree)
9:44pm DJ Smokestack - "Chand Mera Dil Pt. 2" - Shitala (Giving Tree)
9:42pm DJ Smokestack - "Kis Ne Dekha - Kai Kal" - Shitala (Giving Tree)
9:40pm DJ Smokestack - "Cabaret Dance Music - Dharmata" - Shitala (Giving Tree)
9:38pm DJ Smokestack - "Dance Music Bairaag" - Shitala (Giving Tree)
9:36pm DJ Smokestack - "Janu Meri Jaan" - Shitala (Giving Tree)
9:34pm DJ Smokestack - "Chand Mera Dil" - Shitala (Giving Tree)
9:32pm DJ Smokestack - "Dancing Drums" - Shitala (Giving Tree)
9:30pm DJ Smokestack - "Pyar Zindagi Hai" - Shitala (Giving Tree)
8:52pm DJ Smokestack - "mix CD first few tracks" - Necessary Whackness (s/r)
8:47pm Letherette - "After Dawn" - After Dawn (Ninja Tune)
8:46pm Violens - "So Hard to See" - True (TBA)
8:41pm Montag - "True Love feat. James Bay" - Phases (Carpark)
8:37pm Emika - "Sing to Me" - DVA (Ninja Tune)
8:34pm Federico Aubele - "Ojala feat. Natalia Clavier" - Berlin 13 (TBA)
8:30pm Pale Sketcher - "Plans that Fade (Faded Dub)" - Jesu: Pale Sketches Demixed (TBA)
8:27pm Mutabaruka - "Check It" - Check It (TBA)
8:24pm Max Romeo - "I Chase the Devil" - Babylon Central Soundtrack (Eighteenth Street Lounge)
8:20pm Funkadelic - "You and Your Folks, Me and My Folks" - Maggot Brain (Westbound)
8:15pm Burial - "Rival Dealer" - Rival Dealer EP (Hyperdub)
8:13pm The Mission - "Real Grind feat. WIley" - Real Grind (TBA)
8:10pm Steffaloo - "Don't Wanna Cry" - Heartbeats (TBA)