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Modern, avant-garde, esoteric and rare classical. Every other Monday night / Tuesday morning from midnight to 1 am.

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Tuesday, February 7, 2023 - 12:00am to 1:00am

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12:29am John Tavener - "Funeral Canticle" - Eternity's Sunrise (Harmonia Mundi USA)
12:14am Masaoka Orchestra - "24,000 Years Is Forever" - What is the Difference Between Stripping and Playing the Violin? (Victo)
12:03am Tokyo String Quartet - "Toru Takemitsu: A Way A Lone" - A Way A Lone (RCA Victor)
12:53am Michael Nyman - "Images Were Introduced" - The Kiss and Other Movements (EG)
12:46am Walter Ross - "Concerto for Double Bass and Orchestra, 3rd mvt." - Triumvirate (Ravello)
12:29am Steve Reich - "Radio Rewrite I-III" - Radio Rewrite (Nonesuch)
12:25am Vocal Constructivists - "Pauline Oliveros: Sound Patterns" - Waking Still (Innova)
12:03am Giya Kancheli - "Magnum Ignotum" - Magnum Ignotum (ECM New Series)
12:50am Dorothy Hindman - "Magic City" - Tapping the Furnace (Innova)
12:25am Robert Erickson - "Corfu" - Complete String Quartets (New World)
12:03am Einojuhani Rautavaara - "String Quartet No. 4" - Cantus Arcticus (Catalyst)
12:54am Pierre Boulez - "Le Soleil des Eaux" - Le Soleil des Eaux (Angel)
12:31am Vladimir Godar - "Stala Matka" - Mater (ECM New Series)
12:04am Michael Nyman - "Double Concerto for Saxophone, Cello and Orchestra" - Edition No. 1: Concertos (EMI Classics)
12:57am Kronos Quartet - "Arvo Part: Psalom" - Early Music (Nonesuch)
12:24am Arvo Part - "Miserere" - Miserere (ECM)
12:11am Arvo Part - "Da Pacem" - Da Pacem (Harmonia Mundi)
12:03am Arvo Part - "De Profundis" - De Profundis (Harmonia Mundi)
12:53am Gyorgy Kurtag - "Quartetto per archi, mvts. V and VI" - Musik fuer Streichinstrumente (ECM New Series)
12:41am Bela Bartok - "Hungarian Sketches" - Divertimento, etc. (Deutsche Grammophon)
12:22am Kaija Saariaho - "Six Japanese Gardens" - Private Gardens (Ondine)
12:03am Kronos Quartet - "George Crumb: Black Angels" - Black Angels (Elektra Nonesuch)
12:02am Gavin Bryars - "The Sinking of the Titanic (excerpt)" - The Sinking of the Titanic (Point)
12:52am Arvo Part - "Pari intervallo" - Annum per Annum (New Albion)
12:41am Schola Cantorum Dublin - "Da Pacem organ improvisation" - Canticle of the Sun (Songway Music)
12:32am Hilliard Ensemble - "William Byrd: Ne irascaris Domine / Civitas sancti tui" - Sacred and Secular Music from Six Centuries (Hyperion)
12:28am Alberto Iglesias - "La identidad inaccesible" - The Skin I Live In (Lakeshore)
12:24am Mychael and Jeff Danna - "Parnassus Alone" - The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus (Sony Classics)
12:04am Valentin Silvestrov - "Misterioso" - Misterioso (ECM New Series)
12:54am Valentin Silvestrov - "Allegro Moderato" - Requiem for Larissa (ECM New Series)
12:46am John Cage - "Five" - Litany for the Whale (Harmonia Mundi)
12:41am David Rosenboom - "In the Beginning: Etude II" - Gravikords, Whirlies & Pyrophones (Ellipsis Arts)
12:21am David Tudor - "Pulsers" - Pulsers/Untitled (Lovely)
12:04am Galina Ustvolskaya - "Trio" - Misterioso (ECM New Series)
12:58am Karl Stockhausen - "Birds Of Passage" - Birds Of Passage (Chrysalis)
12:55am P.D.Q Bach - "Ich Gene Am Kruppel Baxh Ninauf ( I Go Up Cripple Creek)" - Black Forest Bluegrass (Vanguard)
12:30am Lynn Harrell & Vladimar Ashkenazy - "Sonata No.1 In F Major" - Beethoven Cello Sonatas 1-5 (London)
12:19am Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra & Chorus - "Scene Two" - Serge Prokofiev The Fiery Angel (Deutsche Grammonphon)
12:10am Maurizio Pollini - "La Semaine" - Iror Stravinsky Prokofier Sonate No.7 "Petrouchka" (Polygram)
12:01am Berliner Philharmonic With Renne Fleming - "Symphony No.4 Finale "We Enjoy Heaven's Delights"" - Mahler Symphony No. 4 (Deutsche Grammonphon)
12:47am Gyorgy Kurtag - "Officium brave in memoriam Andreae Szervanszky" - Musik für Streichinstrumente (ECM New Series)
12:29am Lukas Ligeti - "Delta Space" - Mystery System (Tzadik)
12:07am Gyorgy Ligeti - "Lux Aeterna ; 3 Fantasies" - Lux Aeterna, etc. (EMI)
12:52am Zoe Keating - "Exurgency" - One cello x 16 (ep) (S/R)
12:46am Lydia Kakabadse - "The Song of the Shirt" - The Phantom Listeners (NAXOS)
12:24am Karl Amadeus Hartmann - "Concerto funebre" - Funebre (ECM New Series)
12:02am Hillary Herndon - "Marcelle Soulage: Sonata for Solo Viola, Op. 43" - La Viola (MSR Classics)
12:53am Zoe Keating - "Exurgency" - One Cello x 16 (ep) (S/R)
12:40am Ned Rifle and Jeffrey Taylor - "various cues" - Amateur (Matador)
12:34am Piffaro and the Concord Ensemble - "Quis dabit capiti meo aquam?" - Trionfo d'Amore e della Morte (Dorian)