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Modern, avant-garde, esoteric and rare classical. Every other Monday night / Tuesday morning from midnight to 1 am.

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Tuesday, January 28, 2020 - 12:00am to 1:00am

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12:50am Maya Beiser - "All Vows" - Tranceclassical (Innova)
12:18am Maya Beiser interview - "" - ()
12:13am Maya Beiser - "Air" - Tranceclassical (Innova)
12:03am Bang On A Can - "Cheating, Lying, Stealing" - Cheating, Lying, Stealing (Sony Classical)
12:50am Einojuhani Rautavaara - "Cantus Arcticus mvt. 2-3" - Cantus Arcticus (Catlyst)
12:34am Michael Nicolas - "Jaime E. Oliver La Rosa: flexura" - Transitions (Sono Luminus)
12:27am Ora - "Byrd: Quomodo Cantabimus" - Upheld By Stillness (Harmonia Mundi)
12:02am Dmitri Shostakovich - "Symphony for Strings, Op. 118a" - Written With The Heart's Blood (New Albion)
12:41am Tony Conrad - "The Heterophony Of The Avenging Democrats, Outside, Cheers The Incineration Of The Pythagorean Elite, Whose Shrill Harmonic Agonies Merge And Shimmer Inside Their Torched Meeting House" - Slapping Pythagoras (Table of the Elements)
12:17am Morton Feldman - "Rothko Chapel" - Rothko Chapel / Why Patterns? (New Albion)
12:04am Kronos Quartet - "Scott Johnson: Soliloquy from How It Happens (The Voice of I. F. Stone)" - Short Stories (Elektra Nonesuch)
12:57am Sebastiano Meioni - "Dark and Gloomy" - Moods and Sketches (Big Round)
12:40am Yves Ramette - "String Quartet, Op. 20" - In Times of Torment: Chamber Works 1941-1944 (Navona)
12:29am Michael Nicolas - "Steve Reich: Cello Counterpoint" - Transitions (Sono Luminus)
12:18am Henryk Gorecki - "Symphony No 4; 4th Movement" - Symphony No. 4 (Nonesuch)
12:46am eighth blackbird - "Honstein: Conduit" - Hand Eye (Cedille)
12:33am Stars of the Lid - "Requiem for Dying Mothers" - The Tired Sounds of Stars of the Lid (Kranky)
12:01am Kronos Quartet - "Riley: Cadenza on the Night Plain" - One Earth, One People, One Love: Kronos Plays Terry Riley (Noensuch)
12:53am Michael Nicolas - "...and a Five Spot" - Transitions (Sono Luminus)
12:31am Michael Gordon - "Weather One" - Weather (Nonesuch)
12:23am Lisa Bielawa - "Wait" - The Lay Of The Love (Innova)
12:13am Invert - "Flight of the Killer Bees" - Between The Seconds (Capstone)
12:03am Laura Metcalf - "Pampeana No. 2, Op. 21" - First Day (Sono Luminus)
12:57am Anna Thorvaldsdottir - "Hidden - Stay" - Rhizoma (Innova)
12:37am Terry Riley - "Cadenza on the Night Plain (excerpt)" - One Earth, One People, One Love: Kronos Plays Terry Riley (Nonesuch)
12:03am Henryk Gorecki - "Symphony No. 4" - Symphony No. 4 (Nonesuch)
12:51am Kronos Quartet - "Riley: One Earth, One People, One Love" - Sunrise of the Planetary Dream Collector (ECM)
12:20am Kronos Quartet - "Riley: Cadenza on the Night Plain" - Sunrise of the Planetary Dream Collector (Nonesuch)
12:00am Meredith Monk - "Dolmen Music" - Dolmen Music (ECM)
12:48am William Susman - "Piano Concerto" - Scatter My Ashes (Belarca)
12:40am Adrian Willaert - "Pater noster" - Motets (Nonesuch)
12:24am Steve Reich - "Phase Patterns" - Four Organs / Phase Patterns (Superior Viaduct)
12:04am Stacey Bowers - "Pattern Study" - Zeitgeist (Sound Environment)
12:21am African Express - "In C Mali" - African Express Presents... In C Mali (Transgressive)
12:01am International Contemporary Ensemble - "On the Nature of Thingness" - On the Nature of Thingness (Starkland)
12:53am Spektral Quartet - "Many Many Cadences" - Serious Business (Sono Luminus)
12:34am Steve Reich - "Phase Patterns" - Four Organs / Phase Patterns (Superior Viaduct)
12:25am Gustav Holst - "The Planets: Neptune, the Mystic" - Holst: The Planets / Walton: Facade (Sony Classical)
12:02am Kim Kashkashian - "Ligeti: Sonata for Viola Solo" - Kurtag / Ligeti: Music for Viola (ECM New Series)
12:57am Sylvain Chauveau - "Neuf cents lunes" - Un autre decembre (Fatcat)
12:00am Steve Reich & Musicians - "Music for 18 Musicians" - Music for 18 Musicians (ECM New Series)
12:55am Arvo Part - "Psalom" - Creator Spiritus (Harmonia Mundi)
12:49am Alexina Louie - "Towards Light" - Last Night (Sony Classical)
12:40am Zoran Scekic - "Autumn Fantasy of Martin the Mouse" - Just Music (Ravello)
12:20am Michael Nyman - "The Photography of Chance" - Piano Trios 1992-2010 (MN)
12:12am Kronos Quartet - "Osvaldo Golijov: K'vakarat" - Night Prayers (Elektra Nonesuch)
12:04am Mariana Sadovska - "Farewell" - The Rusalka Cycle (Diaphonica)
12:41am Max Richter - "Nor Earth, Nor Boundless Sea" - Sleep (Deutsche Grammophon)
12:39am Nicholas Jaar - "Nothingness" - Pomegranates (s/r)
12:33am Federico Albanese - "Time Has Changed" - The Blue Hour (Edel Germany GmbH)