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To paraphrase Lou Reed: One chord is fine. Two chords is pushing it. Three chords and you're into jazz. Curt Reply rarely counts above two. Except when he goes to eleven.

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4:48am Buell Kazee - "The Wagoner's Lad" - Anthology of Am Fok Music, Vol 1 Ballads (Folkways)
4:45am Traditional Tohona O'odham Songs - "Echo Song" - Traditional Tohona O'ohham Songs (Canyon)
4:40am Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic zeroes - "PersonA" - Power (Year of the Rabbit)
4:38am Magnetic Fields - "Acoustic Guitar" - 69 Love Songs (Merge)
4:35am Eskimeaux - "Bulldog" - Year of the Rabbit (Double Double Whammy)
4:29am Bleached - "Chemical Air" - Welcome The Worms (Dead Oceans)
4:26am Tancred - "Control Me" - Out of the Garden (Syndicate)
4:23am Quiet Life - "Finally Back" - Foggy (Strange Light)
4:19am The Reducers - "Out of Step" - Reducers (Rave on)
4:14am Hank Williams - "Hey Good Lookin'" - 20 Of Hank Williams' Greatest Hits ()
4:12am Proclaimers - "The Light" - Hit The Highway (Chrysalis)
4:08am Cactus Blossoms - "If I Can't Win" - Your're Dreaming (Reliable)
4:03am Lyres - "Don't Give it Up Now" - On Fyre (Ace of Hearts)
3:59am Monsters - "In Hell" - Jungle Noise (Voodoo Rhythm)
3:56am X - "Adult Books" - Wild Gift (Slash)
3:51am Adult Books - "Nihilism For Beginners" - Running From the Blows ()
3:48am Julie London - "Can't Get Used to Losing You" - Wonderful World of: (Liberty)
3:45am Goon Sax - "Boyfriend" - Up to Anything (Chapter)
3:35am Television - "Marquee Moon" - Marquee Moon (4 Men with Beards)
3:32am Cate Le Bon - "Wonderful" - Crab Day (Drag City)
10:56am Dead Boys - "Ain't Nothin to Do" - Young, Loud and Snotty (Sire)
10:53am Real Kids - "All Kindsa Girls" - The Real Kids (Red Star)
10:50am Underground Cinema - "Where Has Time Gone?" - New England Teen Scene: Unreleased! 1965-1968 (Arf! Arf!)
10:49am -- - "" - ()
10:43am Ty Segall - "Emotional Mugger/ Leopard Priestess" - Emotional Mugger (Drag City)
10:40am Cate Le Bon - "Are You with me now?" - Mug Museum (Wichita)
10:34am Au Pairs - "It's Obvious" - Playing with a different sex (Human)
10:33am -- - "" - ()
10:29am Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros - "No Love Like Yours" - Person A (Rough Trade)
10:26am Undertones - "My Perfect Cousin" - Hypnotised (Sire)
10:23am Hank Williams - "Move it on Over" - I ain't got nothing but time (Polydor)
10:19am Jonathan Richman - "Rockin' Shopping Center" - Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers (Beserkeley)
10:15am Ultravox - "Satday Night in the City of the Dead" - Ultravox (Island)
10:11am Tindersticks - "Hey Lucinda" - The Waiting Room (City Slang)
10:07am Joanna Newsom - "Leaving The City" - Divers (Drag City)
10:04am Buffalo Springfield - "Mr. Soul" - Best of Buffalo Springfield (Atco)
10:00am Nina Simone - "The Other Woman" - Black is The Color Of My True Love's Hair (Get Back)
9:57am Nick Lowe - "I Love The Sound of Breaking Glass" - Jesus of Cool (WEA)
9:55am Lionel Robinson - "Steppin Out" - New Orleans Soul (Soul Jazz)
9:52am -- - "" - ()
9:51am Magnetic Fields - "I think I need a new Heart" - 69 love songs (Merge)
9:47am Beat Happening - "Cat Walk" - Jamboree (Rough Trade)
9:42am Dark Blue - "Delco Runts" - Vicious Romance (12XU)
9:37am Holyesque - "St." - At Hope's Ravine (Beyond the Frequency)
9:34am Pretenders - "Private Life" - Pretenders (Sire)
9:30am Steel Pulse - "Steppin' Out" - Earth Crisis (Elektra)
9:28am -- - "" - ()
9:25am Jacques Brel - "Bruxelles" - Jacques Brel is alive and living in Paris (ATLANTIC)
9:22am Hinds - "Castigadas En El Granero" - Leave Me Alone (Mom + Pop)
9:17am Reiko Mari - "Seiki Na Machi" - Nippon Girls 2 (Ace)