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To paraphrase Lou Reed: One chord is fine. Two chords is pushing it. Three chords and you're into jazz. Curt Reply rarely counts above two. Except when he goes to eleven.

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5:17am Chet Atkins - "Hidden Charm" - The Guitar Genius (RCA Camden)
5:14am Cactus Blossoms - "You're Dreaming" - You're Dreaming (Red House)
5:11am -- - "mic break" - ()
5:09am Reducers - "Maximum Depression" - Let's Go (Rave On)
5:06am Hellacopters - "Electrocute" - Head Off (Psychout)
5:04am Classic Ruins - "Labatts" - Classic Ruins (Throbbing Lobster)
5:01am Audacity - "Umbrellas" - Hyper Vessels (Suicide Squeeze)
4:58am -- - "mic break" - ()
4:52am Clash - "Charlie Don't Surf" - Sandinista (Epic)
4:49am Eek-A-Mouse - "Do You Remember" - Skidip! (Shanachie)
4:45am Dr. John - "World I Never Made" - Our New Orleans 2005 (Nonesuch)
4:43am Dub Syndicate - "Hey Ho" - Strike the Balance (On U-Sound)
4:40am -- - "mic break" - ()
4:37am Christie Laume - "Rouge Rouge" - Toujours Chic! (Ace)
4:33am The Jacques - "Pretty DJ" - Pretty DJ (EP) (25 Hour Convenience Store)
4:29am Los Campesinos - "Hello Sadness" - Hello Sadness (Arts and Crafts)
4:25am Popguns - "Really Gone" - XXX (Midnight Music)
4:22am Eskimeaux - "Power" - Year of the Rabbit (Double Double Whammy)
4:20am -- - "mic break" - ()
4:18am Dramatics - "Watcha See Is What You Get" - Best of the Dramatics (Fantasy)
4:14am Curtis Salgado - "Hard to Feel The Same About Love" - The Beautiful Lowdown (Alligator)
4:10am Graham Parker - "Don't Get Excited" - Squeezing Out Sparks (Arista)
4:06am Limeliters - "Western Wind" - Slightly Fabulous Limeliters (RCA)
4:04am Kitten Forever - "200X" - 7 Hearts (Atlas Chair)
4:01am Misty Miller - "Happy" - The Whole Family Is Worried (Sony (UK))
3:58am The Goon Sax - "Maggie" - Up to Anything (Chapter)
3:51am Fleetwood Mac - "Sands of Time" - Future Games (Reprise)
3:49am -- - "mic break" - ()
3:47am Missing Persons - "Mental Hopscotch" - Missing Persons (Capitol)
3:43am Foxtails Brigade - "No Fate" - Foxtails Brigade (OIM)
3:39am Exsonvaldes - "Days" - Lights (Interference/Le Periscope)
3:32am Sonic Youth - "Teen Age Riot" - Day Dream Nation (Enigma)
5:57am Cate Le Bon - "I can't help you" - Mug Museum (Turnstile)
5:52am Beverly - "Lake House" - The Blue Swell (Kanine)
5:50am Flamin' Groovies - "You Tore Me Down" - Shake Some Action (Sire)
5:45am Maurice Tani - "The Cheap Seats" - The White Water (Western Independent Recording)
5:39am Bob Dylan - "Ballad of a Thin Man" - Hwy 61 Revisited (Columbia)
5:36am Johnny Cash - "It Ain't Me Babe" - Orange Blossom Special (CBS)
5:30am Elvis Costello - "Welcome to the Working Week" - My Aim is True (Stiff)
5:28am Kingsmen - "Long Green" - The Kingsmen Volume II (Wand)
5:26am Coathangers - "Perfume" - Nosebleed Weekend (Suicid Squeeze)
5:22am Nick Lowe - "Switchboard Susan" - Labor of Lust (Columbia)
5:19am Ty Segall - "Rumble" - Traditional Fools ()
5:15am Hot Tuna - "Water Song" - Burgers (Grunt)
5:09am Natty Nation - "Intimidation" - Divine Spark (iNatty)
5:05am Scientist meets the Roots Radics - "Jah is Love" - Scientists meets the Roots Radics (Selena)
5:01am Toots and the Maytals - "My Love is so Strong" - Pass the Pipe (Mango)
4:57am Bob Mould - "You Say You" - Patch the Sky (Merge)
4:54am Lurkers - "Shut out the Light" - This Dirty Town (Clay)
4:52am New Resistants - "Calling All the Engines" - Hey New York (599813 Records DK)