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Eclectic and enthusiastic listening to get you through your commute.
Jangly guitars washed in reverb; jazzy noodlings and the racket of horns; sensual, soulful vocals from a 45” from yesteryear; grimy dance blast beats recorded from a basement on the other side of town; earthy, folky meanderings written in a cabin; and musical traditions from any culture imaginable. There’s no telling how every show will be. Tune in for surprises.

Recently Played

These times are shown in Pacific time

10:46am Giulio Aldinucci - "Come un immenso specchio d'inverno" - Spazio Sacro (Time Released Sound)
10:37am Jilala - "Darba del Hamemi" - Morocco: The Crossroads of Time (Musical Expeditions)
10:32am Brian Eno and David Byrne - "Mea Culpa" - My Life in the Bush of Ghosts (Nonesuch)
10:28am Missing Brazilians - "Ace of Wands" - Trevor Jackson Presents: Science Fiction Dance Hall Classics (On-U Sound)
10:25am Stereolab - "Super Falling Star" - Peng! (Too Pure)
10:21am Beach House - "Majorette" - Thank Your Lucky Stars (Sub Pop)
10:03am The Necks - "Vertigo [Excerpt]" - Vertigo (Northern Spy)
9:59am Apprentice Destroyer - "Chrome Temple" - Glass Ceiling Universe (Castle Face)
9:54am Scott Walker - "Rosary" - Tilt (Drag City)
9:52am Scratoa! - "IX" - Live en San Anton (Killer Pimp)
9:47am U.S. Girls - "Window Shades" - Half Free (4AD)
9:42am Deerhunter - "Leather and Wood" - Fading Frontier (4AD)
9:27am Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan - "Shamas-ud-Doha, Badar-ud-Doja" - Qawwal and Party (Realworld)
9:20am Jerusalem in My Heart - "Al Affaq, Lau Mat, Lau Lau Lau Lau Lau Lau (The Hypocrite, If He Dies, If If If If If If" - If He Dies, If If If If If If (Constellation)
9:05am Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra - "What We Loved Was Not Enough" - Fuck Off Get Free We Pour Light on Everything (Constellation)
2:26pm Potty Mouth - "Creeper Weed" - Potty Mouth EP (Planet Whatever)
2:24pm Childbirth - "Tech Bro" - Women's Rights (Suicide Squeeze)
2:21pm The Atom Age - "It's a Mess" - Hot Shame (Asian Man)
2:18pm Royal Headache - "My Own Fantasy" - High (What's Your Rupture?)
2:12pm Fanfare Ciocarlia - "Manea tiganilor" - Baro Biao: World Wide Wedding (Piranha)
2:10pm Scenic - "The Kelso Moon" - The Kelso Moon 7" (IPR)
2:06pm Norman Yamada - "One, Two, Three: Two" - Being and Time (Tzadik)
2:03pm Little Sister - "Stanga" - I'm Just Like You: Sly's Stone Flower 1969-70 (Light in the Attic)
1:55pm The Zodiac - "Aries - The Fire-Fighter" - Cosmic Sounds (Water)
1:53pm Harvey Sid Fisher - "Capricorn" - Astrology Songs (Amarillo)
1:50pm El General - "Una Vez Mas" - El Poder de el General (BMG)
1:46pm Andrea Day - "Forever Mine" - Cheers to the Fall (Warner Bros.)
1:37pm The Mae Trio - "Walking" - Housewarming (S/R)
1:35pm Zombies - "Hung Up on a Dream" - Odessey and Oracle (Big Beat)
1:33pm Margo Guryan - "Sun" - Take a Picture (Franklin Castle)
1:25pm Jane Antonia Cornish - "Portrait" - Continuum (Innova)
1:15pm Jon Schott - "Eria" - Actual Trio (Tzadik)
1:04pm Melvins - "Hung Bunny" - Lysol (Boner)
1:00pm Fuzz - "Burning Wreath" - II (In the Red)
12:56pm Killing Joke - "Empire Song" - Laugh? I Nearly Bought One! (Caroline)
12:53pm The Fall - "Mountain" - The Real New Fall LP (Narnack)
12:50pm Girls Names - "Reticence" - Arms Around a Vision (Tough Love)
12:43pm Rebekah del Rio - "Llorando" - Mulholland Drive: Original Motion Picture Score (Milan)
12:39pm Eva Ybarra y su Conjunto - "Dora" - Romance Inolvidable (Rounder)
12:36pm Monolita de Jerez - "Bulerias" - Early Cante Flamenco (Arhoolie)
12:33pm Elephant Revival - "Shadows Passed" - Sands of Now (Itz Evolving)
12:28pm Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell - "If I Could Build My Whole World Around You" - Greatest Hits (Motown)
12:25pm Alan Parker and Alan Hawkshaw - "Move Move Move" - Exclusive Blend, Vol. 1 (Blow Up)
12:22pm Madlib - "Dimples" - Slim's Return (Blue Note)
12:18pm Big Grams - "Lights On" - Big Grams (Epic)
12:11pm Slowdive - "Celia's Dream" - Just for a Day (SBK Records)
12:07pm Serge Gainsbourg - "L'hotel particulier" - Histoire de Melody Nelson (Mercury)
12:03pm U.S. Girls - "Window Shades" - Half Free (4AD)
3:02pm Queen - "You're My Best Friend" - A Night at the Opera (Parlophone)
2:53pm Francis Babey - "Tumu Pakara" - Psychedelic Sanza (Born Bad)