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10:51pm El Radio Fantastique - "Right In Front Of You" - Shine EP (S/R)
10:47pm Burnt Palms - "Come Back" - Back On My Wall (We Were Never Being Boring)
10:40pm Romeo Void - "A Girl In Trouble" - The Best of 415 Records (415)
10:33pm They Might Be Giants - "Call You Mom" - Nanobots (Idlewild)
10:30pm Eerie Wanda - "Angel Hair" - Hum (Beyond Beyond Is Beyond)
10:26pm The Donkeys - "Star Bird" - Midnight Palms (Easy Sound)
10:22pm Hungry Skinny - "Jellybean Boogie" - Hungry Skinny (S/R)
10:19pm Night Beats - "Burn To Breathe" - Who Sold My Generation (Heavenly)
10:07pm Trio - "Da Da Da I Don't Love You You Don't Love Me" - Da Da Da (Mercury)
10:02pm Follin - "Memories" - Follin (Father/Daughter)
10:00pm Audacity - "Baseball" - Hyper Vessels (Suicide Squeee)
11:57pm Prince - "Sometimes It Snows In April, live version, show 2" - Piano & a Microphone, recorded 1/21/16 at Paisley Park Studios (S/R)
11:52pm M. Nero Nava - "Monologue - On the passing of Prince" - -- (--)
11:46pm Prince - "Computer Blue" - Purple Rain (Warner Bros)
11:41pm The Crypt - "Love I'll Never Know" - Psychedelic States: Florida Vol. 4 (Gear Fab)
11:34pm Prince - "Condition of the Heart" - Around the World in a Day (Warner)
11:31pm Caetano Velhoso & Gilberto Gil - "Nine Out Of Ten" - Dois Amigos, Um Seculo De Musica (Nonesuch)
11:26pm Ensemble Mik Nawooj - "Last Donut" - The Future Of Hip-Hop (S/R)
11:20pm Prince And The New Power Generation - "Cream" - Diamonds And Pearls (Warner Bros.)
11:09pm Prince and the Revolution - "Automatic" - 1999 (Warner Bros)
11:04pm El Radio Fantastique - "Shine" - Shine EP (S/R)
11:00pm Esperanza Spaulding - "Elevate Or Operate" - Emily's D+Evolution (Concord)
10:53pm Negative Scanner - "Fan Vs. Wild" - Negative Scanner (Trouble In Mind)
10:47pm City Of Women - "Seance" - City Of Women (S/R)
10:38pm Prince and the Revolution - "DMSR" - 1999 (Warner Brothers)
10:30pm Bazooka - "They Travel" - Useless Generation (Slovenly)
10:27pm Death By Unga Bunga - "I Can't Believe That We're Together" - Pineapple Pizza (Jansen)
10:26pm Lower 48 - "Transition 1" - Hot Fool (S/R)
10:21pm Kerry Pastine & the Crime Spree - "Acapulco Bay" - Let's Do This Thing (Wipe It Off!)
10:15pm The Cure - "This Twilight Garden" - High (Elektra)
10:10pm Fol Chen - "The Beautiful Ones" - SPIN Presents Purplish Rain (SPIN Magazine)
10:00pm Prince - "Crimson And Clover" - Lotusflow3r (Warner Bros.)
8:57pm Diana Ross - "Touch Me in the Morning" - Diana Ross' Greatest Hits (Motown)
8:49pm Teddy Pendergrass - "Medley: If You Don't Know Me By Now, The Love I Lost, Bad Luck, Wake Up Everybody" - ()
8:40pm Thao & The Get Down Stay Down - "Meticulous Bird" - A Man Alive (Ribbon Music)
8:37pm Razteria - "Change" - Aventurera (Asteria)
8:29pm Los Van Van - "Muevete" - Songo (Mango)
8:17pm La Orquesta Sinfonietta - "La Propaganda de Hoy" - Canto America (Patois)
8:17pm Campus Calendar - "" - ()
8:14pm Mamak Kedem - "High Sea" - The Road (Innova)
8:11pm Immigrant Suns - "Surfin' Albania" - Balkans Without Borders (Omnium)
8:08pm El Radio Fantastique - "Poppy" - Shine EP (S/R)
8:05pm Night Beats - "Shangri Lah" - Who Sold My Generation (Heavenly)
7:56pm Felsen - "Tokyo Electric Power" - ()
7:52pm Kostas Bezos - "Ta Sapra Toulia Sta Vouna" - Steeling Around The World (Harlequin)
7:50pm Kahauanu Lake Trio - "Waikiki Hula" - At the Kaimana Beach Hotel (Hula)
7:40pm Nap Eyes - "Lion In Chains" - Thought Rock Fish Scale (Paradise Of Bachelors)
7:37pm Naked Giants - "Easy Eating" - Easy Eating (Votiv)
7:30pm Deva Budjana - "Borra's Ballad" - Joged Kahyangan (MoonJune)
7:30pm Entertainment Calendar - "" - ()