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6:37pm El Radio Fantastique - "We Lie" - Outside of Space and time (S/R)
11:55pm Funeral In Heaven - "The Origins Of Evil (Abhawaya)" - Dai Waye Haaskam Saha Paralowa Sapathay (Legion Of Death)
11:48pm Nu Age Of Lau - "Feeling Of Philosophy" - A Good Word, A Good Tree (S/R)
11:44pm Pyramids - "Koombiyo (theme to Sri Lankan Crime Drama)" - Koombiyo (S/R)
11:42pm Indrani Perera - "Eka Dawasak" - Sri Lanka: The Golden Age of Sinhalese & Tamil Folk Pop (AkuPhone)
11:37pm Sanuka - "Ciao Malli" - Ciao Malli (Singha)
11:35pm Local - "Ratak Athi" - Ratak Athi (S/R)
11:31pm Xacin - "Graze" - Militia EP (S/R)
11:26pm Yuno - "No Going Back" - Moodie (Sub Pop)
11:22pm Graham Parker and the Figs - "Obsessed With Aretha" - The Last Rock 'N' Roll Tour (Razor & Tie)
11:16pm Scritti Politti - "Wood Beez (Pray Like Aretha Franklin)" - Single (Warner Bros.)
11:09pm Aretha Franklin - "Today I Sing The Blues" - The Queen Is Waiting (Sony Legacy)
11:05pm Ruby Velle & the Soulphonics - "I Tried" - State Of All Things (S/R)
11:01pm Tok Tok Tok - "Day Tripper" - 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover (ZYX Music)
10:52pm Nicholas Vines - "Skinny, Skinny Jeans" - Hipster Zombies From Mars (Navona)
10:50pm Tanzania Albinism Collective - "Swimming in Sorrow" - Our Skin May Be Different But Our Blood Is the Same (Six Degrees)
10:45pm Parquet Courts - "Stoned and Starving" - Light Up Gold (What's Your Rupture?)
10:41pm Bad Brains - "Leaving Babylon" - Bad Brains (Roir)
10:37pm Twins - "Stuck" - That Which Is Not Said (2 MR)
10:33pm Subsonics - "I Must Be Poisoned" - Flesh Colored Paint (Slovenly)
10:29pm Step Dads - "La Croix" - Memento (Life Vest)
10:27pm Greg Ashley - "Gabriella Has Another Dance" - Fiction Is Non-Fiction (Dusty Medical)
10:18pm Lloyd Cole & the Commotions - "Perfect Skin" - Rattlesnakes (Polydor)
10:16pm Barrence Whitfield & the Savages - "Edie Please" - Soul Flowers of Titan (Bloodshot)
10:07pm Fania AllStars - "Son, Cuero y Boogaloo" - Rough Guide to Boogaloo (World Music Network)
10:03pm Orquesta Sensacion - "Alla En El Rancho Grande" - El Cha-Cha-Cha De Cuba (Milan Latino)
9:52pm Orquesta Aragon - "Son Al Son" - El Son No Ha Muerto (Rhino)
9:49pm Gone Beyond & Mumbles - "The Knight's Gambit" - Notes From The Underground (Content (L)abel)
9:43pm K Scope - "The Setup" - Earth (Good Looking)
9:38pm Une Ane Gonflable - "Stupid Kids" - Un Ane Gonflable (S/R)
9:35pm Stereo Explosion - "Body & Soul" - Made Of Music (S/R)
3:27am Sister Mantos - "Fin Del Mundo" - single (Discos Mas)
3:21am Nick Heyward - "I Got A Lot" - Woodland Echoes (Red River)
3:18am Madison Turner - "New Year's Eve" - A Comprehensive Guide to Burning Out (Close By Air)
3:10am Fishbone - "Slick Nick, You Devil You" - Slick Nick, You Devil You (Legacy)
3:07am Miles Davis - "Blue Xmas (To Whom It May Concern)" - Jingle Bell Jazz (Columbia)
3:03am Gentle People - "Gentle Xmas" - Gentle Christmas (I Records)
3:02am Animals & Giraffes - "Instruction Manual" - July (Edgetone)
2:56am The Cravats - "Jingo Bells" - Dustbin Of Sound (Overground)
2:42am James Chance - "Christmas With Satan" - Irrestable Impulse (Tiger Style)
2:34am The Outta Sorts - "Snow Covered Dreams" - The Trouble With Love (S/R)
2:32am Jimmy - "White Christmas" - White Christmas 2000 (Fatima)
2:28am Egrets on Ergot - "Wrapped" - Surfeit of Gemutlich (Cleopatra)
2:24am PC Van Tassel - "Thrift Store Politico" - Hope And Fear (S.R.)
2:13am Yumi Zouma - "December" - Willowbank (Cascine)
2:10am Miami Dolphins - "Map Off" - Water Your Waiting For (FPE)
2:05am The Space Negros - "Jingle Hell + We Wish You a Lousy Christmas" - Have a Lousy Christmas wid de Space Negros (Arf Arf)
1:53am Kurtis Blow - "Christmas Rappin'" - The Best of Kurtis Blow (Mercury)
1:50am Timi Terrific & the Redheads - "Black (Soul) Christmas" - single (Ocean)
1:42am Creamers - "Bob Kringle" - Happy Birthday, Baby Jesus (Sympathy For The Record Industry)