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12:36am La Luz - "Weirdo Shrine" - Weirdo Shrine (Hardly Art)
12:34am Dancer - "Ma Babies Uh Monkee" - Rootbeer Station (Chocolate Covered)
12:31am Everyone Is Dirty - "California" - Dying Is Fun (Tricycle)
12:26am Gardens & Villa - "Maximize Results" - Music For Dogs (Secretly Canadian)
12:13am Loz Netto - "We Touch" - Loz Netto (Atlantic)
12:08am Thousand - "Eden" - Thousand (Talitres)
12:07am Loz Netto - "Dance To The Music" - Loz Netto (Atlantic)
12:03am Electronic - "Get The Message (DNA Groove Mix)" - Get The Message (WB)
3:28am Maxiwagon - "Buzz Aldrin" - Calls In Sick (Omnibus)
3:24am Elvis Depressedly - "Thou Shalt Not Murder" - New Alhambra (Run For Cover)
3:20am Savages - "Husbands" - Silence Yourself (Matador)
3:14am Thee Tsunamis - "Female Trouble" - Saturday Night Sweetheart (Magnetic South)
3:11am Jeremy and the Harlequins - "Sunlight in the Rain" - American Dreamer (S/R)
3:10am Low Cut Connie - "Who The Hell Is Tina?" - Hi Honey (Contender)
3:07am Marina - "Snob Ye-Ye" - Chicas Vol. 2 (Vampi Soul)
3:04am Ramones - "Danny Says" - Anthology (Rhino)
2:49am King Sunny Ade and His African Beats - "Ire" - Aura (Mango)
2:46am Smiley Culture - "Can't Stop the Rap (Instrumental)" - Can't Stop the Rap (SBK)
2:35am Bhangra Dimension - "Here Come the Hindustanis" - Bhangra Beat (Multitone)
2:31am Atchanak - "AJ Bhangra Punjabi Na Pauna" - Bhangra: The Best Asian Beats from the Streets (Manteca)
2:28am Mazhur Ve Fuat - "Sur Efem Atini" - Turkuz Turku Cagiririz (Normal)
2:21am Etran Finatawa - "Aitimani" - Tarkat Taaje/Let's Go! (Riverboat)
2:16am Los Guapos Sensibles - "El Jarabe Loco" - El Bolero (Discos Mas)
2:12am The Rebirth - "Got Your Madness" - This Journey In (Matador)
2:08am Les Nubians - "Embrasse-Moi" - Princesses Nubiennes (Higher Octave)
2:04am Ex's With Benefits - "Hey You" - Bad Hotel (Stone Boat)
2:00am Vinnie and the Stardusters - "Bake My Pie" - When I'm Hungry I Eat (Gourmandizer)
1:55am The Church - "Under the Milky Way" - Starfish (Arista)
1:48am Lunachicks - "The Passenger" - We Will Fall: The Iggy Pop Tribute (Royalty)
1:39am Savage Resurrection - "Jammin'" - Savage Resurrection (Mod Lang)
1:35am Robert Pollard - "Love Is Stronger Than Witchcraft" - From A Compound Eye (Merge)
1:24am Roisin Murphy - "Gone Fishing" - Hairless Toys (Play It Again Sam)
1:18am Eskimo - "The Light of One Thousand Furnaces" - Sol (Apollo)
1:15am Celestial Shore - "Creation Myth" - Enter Ghost (Hometapes)
3:27am De'Anza - "Despertar" - Despertar (S/R)
3:20am Batagoye - "Mbazabugabo" - Musique Traditionelle de Burundi (Molodija)
3:16am Lion Story Reggae Family - "Ico Twipfuza" - Ico Twipfuza (S/R)
3:12am Q-Boy, featuring Big Fizzo - "Chinette" - Chinette (Lizer)
3:09am Omodot Nana - "Marisela" - Marisela (S/R)
3:05am Sat-B - "Satura Amabafle" - Satura Amabafle (S/R)
3:00am Radioactivity - "Naughty" - Tonight (It's working now, so I'll post log soon!)
3:00am Burundi Black - "Second Part" - Burundi Black (Barclay)
2:57am -- - "" - ()
2:53am ColourSpaceColour - "Ocean Floor" - ColourSpaceColour (S/R)
2:49am Human League - "The Sign" - Hysteria (A&M)
2:45am Adam and The Ants - "Ant Music" - Kings of the World (Sony)
2:42am Hippie Sabotage - "Sunny" - The Sunny Album (S/R)
2:39am -- - "" - ()
2:36am Bangles - "Following" - Different Light (CBS)
2:32am Jerry David DeCicca - "29th of June" - Understanding Land (Electric Ragtime)