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2:26am Dancer - "Do Ya Blame Me" - My Car Drives Fast (Guitars and Bongos)
2:21am The Gories - "Hate" - The Shaw Tapes (Third Man)
2:19am The Blobs - "Murder" - Brazilian Nuggets (Groovie)
2:14am Ausmuteants - "Bad Day" - Amusements (Aarght!)
2:11am The Plimsouls - "Zero Hour" - ...Plus (Rhino)
2:10am Fuzz - "Till The End Of The Day" - split with CCR Headcleaner (LAMC)
2:03am Rat Columns - "This Night Mocks Lovers" - Sceptre Hole (SmartGuy)
2:00am The Courtneys - "KC Reeves" - s/t (Hockey Dad)
1:59am The Julie Ruin - "Goodnight Goodbye" - Run Fast (TJR)
1:57am The Only Ones - "Babys Got A Gun" - Remains (Closer)
1:53am Television - "Little Johnny Jewel" - The Great New York Singles Scene (Roir)
1:50am Glaxo Babies - "Maximum Sexual Joy" - Nine Months To The Disco (Superior Viaduct)
1:47am Flagland - "Monster" - Love Hard (Father Daughter)
1:43am Giorgio Murderer - "Theme From Star Trek" - split (Holotrash)
1:39am Daedelus - "Greatly Exaggerated Our Demise" - Rethinking The Wather (Mush)
1:36am Pete Seeger - "Tomorrow is A Highway" - Gazette Vol. 2 (Folkways)
1:32am Pussy Galore - "Dedication" - Historia de la Musica Rock (Caroline)
1:31am Spray Paint - "Real Good Smile" - Rodeo Songs (SS Records)
1:26am The Copy Scams - "Stuff & Things" - Copy & Destroy ()
1:23am Sissybar - "Gin & Juice" - Statutory Grape (Sugar Fix)
1:20am Dee Dee King - "2 Much 2 Drink" - Standing In the Spotlight (Sire)
1:17am Cocktails - "Friday" - Friday (Grazer)
1:12am The Pampers - "T.H.T.F." - s/t (In The Red)
1:07am The Bunny Brains - "GG's Dead (And I'm Not Feeling Too Good Myself)" - Sin Gulls (Goring St. Eddy) (Menlo Park)
1:06am The Gears - "Don't Be Afraid To Pogo" - Rockin' At Ground Zero (Iloki)
1:05am The Germs - "What We Do is Secret" - (MIA) (Slash)
1:02am The Slits - "Instant Hit" - The Peel Sessions (Dutch East India)
10:57am X-Ray Spex - "Oh Bondage Up Yours!" - Germ Free Adolescents (Virgin)
10:52am Black Bug - "Reflecting The Light" - Reflecting The Light (Hozac)
10:49am Mirror Travel - "I Want You To Know" - Mexico (Modern Outsider)
10:46am Louis Logic - "The Don't Make 'Em Like They Used To" - Look On The Blight Side (Fake Four Inc)
10:40am Cheap Time - "Modern Taste" - Exit Smiles (In the Red)
10:34am Dancer - "My Car Drives Fast" - My Car Drives Fast (Guitars & Bongos)
10:31am The Cramps - "Tear It Up" - Songs the Lord Taught Us (IRS)
10:29am Gories - "Hate" - The Shaw Tapes: Live In Detroit 5/27/88 (Third Man)
10:26am Fuzz - "You Won't See Me" - Live At the Eagle (Castleface)
10:23am Mike Donovan - "Fly Them Youself" - Wot (Drag City)
10:17am Los Culitos - "Estoy aqui por error" - Estoy aqui por error (s/r)
10:14am Neo Boys - "Empty My Head" - Sooner or Later (K)
10:12am Violent Vickie - "Drugs" - Monster Alley (s/r)
10:09am The Users - "Sick Of You" - Killed By Death Vol 1 (Redrum)
10:06am The Courtneys - "Dead Dog" - s/t (Hockey Dad)
9:59am Melt Banana - "Candy Gun" - Fetch (A-zap)
9:56am Nervous Eaters - "Rock With Me baby" - Eaterville (Penniman)
9:54am Harris Peppermint - "I Got To Go" - Houston can't Be Heaven (Ace)
9:52am Icky Boyfriends - "Nervous Guy" - A Love Obscene (Menlo Park)
9:48am Vex Ruffin - "Down In the Basement" - s/t (Stones Throw)
9:43am Life Stinks - "Endless Drag" - s/t (SS)
9:41am Gizmos - "Jumpin' On the Bandwagon" - Never Mind The Gizmos (Gulcher)
9:38am The Chuckleberries - "No No Song" - KALX Live (KALX)