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6:16am The Traps - "All Night" - Boom Pow Awesome Wow (Castle Face)
6:14am The Shadows - "Apache" - Shadows Are Go! (Scamp)
6:10am The Invaders - "Best Thing I Ever Did" - Shake Some Action Vol. 1 (Shake Some Action Records)
6:08am The Damned - "Neat Neat Neat" - Damned Damned Damned (Stiff)
6:06am The Outlets - "Knock Me Down" - Boy's Life vs. The Outlets (Modern Method)
6:02am The Saints - "(I'm) Stranded" - (I'm) Stranded (Sire Records)
3:27am The Baseball Project - "Box Scores" - 3rd (Yep Roc)
3:23am Chastity Belt - "Evil" - No Regrets (Help Yourself)
3:20am The Riot Squad - "I Wanna Talk About My Baby" - The Go Go Train (Castle Face)
3:18am The Distractions - "It Doesn't Bother Me" - The Distractions ()
3:15am The Zippers - "Some Pay The Price (Some Never Will)" - s/t (Rhino)
3:11am Bad Daddies - "You Ain't Right" - You Ain't Right (Negative Fun)
3:08am Sultan Bathery - "Dead Leaves" - s/t (Slovenly)
3:03am Ghetto Ghouls - "Simple C" - s/t ()
3:00am Twinkeyz - "Aliens In Your Midst" - Alpha Jerk (Plurex 1000)
2:55am Dark Beach - "Swamp Girl" - Scream Queen (Unicorn Power)
2:53am Halo Of Flies - "You Get Nothing" - Music For Insect Minds (Amphetamine Rertile)
2:51am Perfect Pussy - "Big Stars" - Say Yes To Love (Captured Tracks)
2:45am Gentlemen - "Military Style Massage" - Sex Tape (Homeless)
2:41am Today's Hits - "Why Can't You?" - Sex Boys (Randy)
2:38am Anteenagers MC - "(The) Future (Is Coming Tomorrow)" - Campo-logy ()
2:35am Shoes This High - "Tic Toc" - Straight To Hell (Siltbreeze)
2:31am Bleeding Rainbow - "So You Know" - Interupt (Kanine)
2:25am Gangstagrass - "All For One" - Broekn Hearts and Stolen Money (Rench Audio)
2:22am Felix's Krazy Kat Orchestra - "Mama Call The Fire Brigade" - Calypso (RCA)
2:18am Los Waves - "Got A Feeling" - Got A Feeling (Summer Filth)
2:17am Horrible/Adorable - "37th Street" - Amy Understands (s/r)
2:15am New Bad Things - "Josh Has A Crush On A Femme From Reed" - Freewheel (Candy-Ass)
2:13am Nox Boys - "Take My Heart And Break It" - s/t (Get Hip)
2:08am Damaged Bug - "Rope Burn" - Hubba Bubba (Castle Face)
2:06am Zip Code Rapists - "The Best Never Rests" - Zip Code Rapists Sing And Play The Three Doctors And Other Sounds Of Today (Amarillo Records)
2:01am Kraftwerk - "Pocket Calculator" - Computer World (Warner Bros.)
1:56am Gyorgy Ligeti - "Musica Ricercata, II" - Eyes Wide Shut soundtrack (Reprise)
1:54am France Gall - "Les Sucettes" - Vamps et Vampire (Ace)
1:51am Facts On File - "Got The Message" - Bring It Back (s/r)
1:47am Johnny Ill Band - "Post Office" - Post Office (Dusty Medical)
1:44am Cocktails - "Let It Come Down" - Friday (Grazer)
1:41am Seventeen - "Don't Let Go" - Don't Let Go ()
1:38am The Normals - "Almost Ready" - Your Punk Heritage (Airline 61)
1:36am Scraper - "Landslide" - s/t (Cut Rate)
1:32am The Dynamites - "Tunnel To Heaven" - Sixties Japanese Garage Psych Sampler (Bamboo)
1:27am Dead Prez - "Hell Yeah (Pimp The System)" - Hell Yeah (Columbia)
1:24am Blind Lemon Jefferson - "Match Box Blues" - King Of the Country Blues (Yazoo)
1:18am The Traps - "Get Up" - Boom Pow Awesome Wow (Castle Face)
1:09am PyPy - "She's Gone" - Pagan Day (Black Gladiator)
1:06am Operation S - "Delinquante" - s/t (Broken Rekids)
1:03am The Shivvers - "Teen Line" - Shake Some Action Vol. 2 (Shake Some Action Records)
1:01am Nikki & The Corvettes - "Young & Crazy" - s/t (Bomp)
7:25pm Swell Maps - "Harmony In Your Bathroom" - A Trip To Marineville (Mute)
7:21pm Habibi - "Far From Right" - s/t (Burger)